30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Monday, April 1, 2013

One Contest Ends & Another Begins!

Happy April Fools' Day!  Let's get started by announcing the March contest winner.  Congratulations to DOC!  Email me your favorite team and I'll start building your prize package.

I'll review the contest process for those who care.  There were three different ways to participate:

1.  Respond to the March 2nd post.  Everyone who did received one entry.
2.  Promote my contest on your blog.  Everyone who did received an additional two entries.
3.  Respond to any or all of my posts during the month of March.  I used random.org to select one of my posts.  Anyone who left a comment, received four additional entries.  Here's the randomization for the post of the month:

In case you're wondering, I will always click "randomize" five times and will always choose the item on top of the sixth list.  So March's post of the month was The Awesome Athletics post which was published on 3/17/13.

There were nine people who left comments and each of those people received four extra entries.  All entries were entered into random.org.  I clicked "randomize" five times and DOC's name was on top.

I know... it's confusing.  Now you know how my students feel.  Anyways... hopefully DOC is reading this.  If you are, you need to email me your favorite team, so I can start pulling your cards and fill up your Priority Mail box.

Okay... let's get to this April's contest.  

This month, I'm going to give away the famous 1989 Fleer Billy Ripken error card.  Merriam-Webster defines "fool" as a person lacking in judgement.  And since Billy refused to take responsibility for his actions for nearly 20 years, I decided to make him the focus of this month's contest.

Don't worry... I'll throw in a few other "fools" to make it worth your while.  How about these guys...

The guy who bit off a chunk of Holyfield's ear.

The guy who almost changed his name to Hachi Go.

The guy who shot himself in the leg.

The guy who forgot how to speak English.

A pair of guys who don't know how to celebrate.

We'll be using the same format as last month:

A.  Respond to today's question of the day below.


B.  Promote this contest on your blog, and leave a link below.


C.  Leave comments in my posts throughout the month of April.

May 1st, I will put everyone's names from today's post into the list randomizer on www.random.org.  If you promote this contest on your blog, I'll add your name two additional times.

As a bonus, I will randomly select one of my posts from the month of April using the same website.  Anybody who left a comment on that particular post will have their name added four additional times.  That means if you play your cards right, you could end up with seven possible entries.

Let's get this started.  Here's today's question:

Who's the biggest fool enshrined on cardboard?

Leave your comments and/or contest plugs below.

Thanks to everyone who participated last month and congratulations DOC on winning March's contest.

Happy Monday and sayonara!


Spiegel83 said...

Thanks for another contest. Daryl Strawberry has to be the biggest fool on cardboard. The man had a chance to become one of the all time greats and chose to screw around with non-performance enhancers. Foolish move, Strawberry.

Doc said...

Winner winner chicken dinner? Sweet. I will email you!

Spankee said...

Well, it's a homer pick, but I gotta go with Marcus Vick. Sure, the elder Vick is more famous, but Marcus was far more foolish.

Stealing Home said...

Great contest idea.
My pick will be the biggest fool I have in my collection:
Jose Canseco.
Need I say more?

cynicalbuddha said...

I'm going to go with a guy we both collect Fuji, Brett Favre, sexting your wang really Brett, you're smarter than that!

Greg Zakwin said...

Biggest fool, I'll go with Billy for the simple fact that not owning up to something that amazing is ludicrous.

Rosenort said...

Michael Westbrook, both for punching a teammate and taking his helmet off against the Giants, probably costing Washington a playoff berth.

Dion's IP Autos only said...

Easy with out a doubt 1st guy that came to mind, Rae Carruth! In jail for hiring his friends to kill his pregnant girlfriend, WHAT A FOOL!

Dion's IP Autos only said...


oops, also pimped on my blog. Thanks for the contest, Dion

gcrl said...

Those are all fools for sure. I have a card of Fred merkle so ill go with him. You've got to touch second base, especially with the pennant on the line.

Roy-Z said...

Does Brian Burke have any cards? If so, I vote Brian Burke.

Commishbob said...

Lots of fine candidates to be sure. I'll throw my support to John Daly. Biggest waste of phenomenal talent I think I've ever seen. Check out a google image page of Good Ol John.

Chuck's Used Cards said...

For me it has got to be Josh Wick - DC United goal keeper who purposely tripped the player who just scored on him. He was ejected from the Open Cup Final and Seattle Sounders went on to win the first of a three-peat in Championships. It also ended his career in the MLS.

Great idea for a contest - CHUCKS USED CARDS

Mariner1 said...

One guy I remember from my younger days was Steve Howe. Dude had like seven chances in baseball but couldn't stay away from the nose candy. Sadly it would eventually cost home is life, but if he pitched they would continue to give him cards every year.

Napkin Doon said...

Lots of good choices but I'll go with John Rocker.

Unknown said...

You've been pimped

Wonder if Bill Ripken ever made it?

Play at the Plate said...

Brian Wilson. Meh.

The Lost Collector said...

Wow, shocked no A-Rod yet. I'll have to go with him. Or Kevin Brown.

Dawgbones said...

Speaking of Mikey, one of my pups has earned the nickname "Lefty", mainly due to the older one getting tired of Lefty's crap one day and earning the nickname "Tyson" for herself!!

to the contest: I respectfully disagree with Spankee, the elder Vick was WAY more foolish, but he's had more than enough time in the "hate-light", I'd probably pick that football player with the made-up, dead girlfriend if I knew his name or whether he actually had carboard... SO...

How about a little fraudulent foolishness: Lenny Dykstra, currently serving 3 years for grand theft auto!!

oh, and I'm generally good for a little pimpin..

AdamE said...

I'll say Pete Rose because his gambling problem got him locked out of the HOF.

Drew said...

Haha great contest! Definitely Canseco, if that guy was signing down the road from my house I wouldn't go to it. Trying to make himself look better by tattling a bunch of players is not the way to go about business. Thanks!

Fuji said...

Love the responses. I'll try to add a few of these guys to the prize package to sweeten the pot.

Richard, Dion, & Martyn - Thanks for plugging the contest!

Anonymous said...

Mike Huckabee 2008 Topps

Anonymous said...

Azdbacks1998 from CCW:
Sports biggest fool: Barry Bonds for being a big crybaby!!

Thx for the contest!

PenceNixPierre said...

My biggest cardboard fool is Roger McDowell. Every card I own of the former Phillies pitcher has a goofy picture!

Plug: http://pencenixpierre2012.blogspot.com/2013/04/remember-to-see-fujis-may-contest.html

JediJeff said...

Crap - I forgot to enter last month, so let me get on this month.

Biggest fool on cardboard? Tie Domi. Could that guy even skate?

Jafronius said...

Thanks for the contest! Third vote for Canseco. He was such a force when he started out, now his cards just disappoint.