30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Chopping Spree

Do you ever sit around and try to come up with cool titles for your posts?  I just spent the last 60 to 90 seconds thinking of the title you see above.

Unfortunately... it's pretty misleading, because I didn't go shopping.  Nor did I go out with my axe to chop down some trees.

Nope... this post is about a nice care package of A's cards sent to me from The Chop Keeper.

Okay... so maybe I'm stretching things a little with the title.  But that's the best I could come up with at 12:32 in the morning.

Enough babbling.  Let's get to the cards...

2011 Topps "Throwback Manufactured Patch" #TLMP-GG

Gio is a stud.  It's a shame he's no longer pitching for the Athletics.  At least he's still tossing the ball to Mr. Suzuki.

2008 Stadium Club #128a

Another superstar no long on the Athletics.  Gonzalez kills the ball at Coors Field.  And now I finally have a rookie card of the 2010 NL Batting Champion.

2010 Bowman Prospects "Orange" #BP61 (#'d 091/250)
2012 Topps Update "Walmart Blue Border" #US34

Two more rookie cards that I don't own.  Both of these guys played key roles in the Athletics' 2012 success.  And both will be counted on if the A's have any shot at repeating last year's performance.

2009 Topps Update "Oakland SP" #UH253c
2010 Topps Update "SP" #US50B

There are those who dislike short print variation cards.  And there are those who love them. These two cards are just two more reasons I fall into the latter category.  Reggie might have chose to be enshrined in Cooperstown as a Yankee... but to me, he'll always be remembered as an Athletic

2010 Topps "Cards Your Mom Threw Out - Original Back" #CMT147

The Cal Ripken Jr. rookie card often overshadows the other 791 cards in the 1982 Topps set.  But not today.  Look at this card and tell me it's not awesome.  I dare you.
I double dog dare you!

I grew up watching Rickey stealing bases and every time I look at this card, I have flashbacks of him wiggling his fingers right before he takes off.

Isn't that what iconic pieces of cardboard are suppose to do?

Thank you Mr. Chop Keeper for these awesome additions to my collection.  Keep an eye on your mailbox, because you have a package of Atlanta Braves cards headed your way.

Happy Thursday and sayonara!


  1. Love that '82 Rickey. Doesn't get much better than that.

  2. that Rickey card is indeed awesome! a great photo.

  3. That A's patch is pretty hideous...in a good way.

  4. 2010 Topps Update card with Jackson in the yellow sleeveless uni.... five shades of awesome picture.

  5. Like the '09 and '10 Hendersons, part of me wishes Topps had continued the "Veteran SP" tradition in '13.

    Also like the Donaldson, I need to pick up some more cards of the guys who went to my high school.

    1. Guess I'll be on the lookout for this years Reggie ;-)

  6. the '82 topps Henderson is actually one of my favorite Rickey cards. love that Topps did a 'reprint' of it for the kids collecting.

  7. Glad you enjoyed the package! And thanks for the stuff in return- greatly appreciated!

    1. Glad you could use some of them. Thanks again!

  8. cool rickey card, and a great observation about what cards do for us as collectors.

  9. I'd prefer the Henderson too.