30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Domo Arigato: Mystery Man

I'm getting old.  Seriously.  Sometimes, I have the short term memory of Dory from Finding Nemo.

Yesterday, I received this Hanshin Tigers magazine in the mail.  It's over twenty years old, full of awesome photos, and is an awesome addition to my Japanese PC.

Unfortunately, I can't figure out who to thank.  I vaguely remember being contacted a few weeks ago by someone wanting to send me something for my collection.  However, I spent the past hour checking Facebook, reading emails, sifting through comments, and logging into my card collecting forum accounts looking for clues, but have come up empty handed.

The only thing I have is the generous person's name, which I won't reveal out of respect for his privacy.

So thank you Mr. Mystery Man.  I apologize for my memory issues, but wanted to let you know that I love this magazine and have already added it to my Japanese PC.  Drop me an email or leave a comment below, so the mystery can be solved and finally put my mind at ease.

Happy Sunday & sayonara!


  1. we're all getting older, unfortunately haha. sweet magazine.

  2. count me among the older ones, also.

    but i didn't send u the mag this time.