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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pac-Man Fever

TRISTAR held it's annual Bay Area show this past weekend, but I bit my lip and ended up running errands instead.

Although it was tempting, I talked to my buddy who set up as a vendor and decided it wasn't worth the $20 in gas and parking.

But that doesn't mean I didn't end up spending some money there.  One of the vendors had some amazing prices on autographed items, so my buddy grabbed me a Manny Pacquiao autographed 8x10.  It set me back $25, but I would have spent $15 on the photo and PSA/DNA fees alone.

Now I know he's lost some of his luster and his autographs don't command top dollar anymore.  It also doesn't help that he's flooded the market with his signature, but there's no denying the impact he has left on the sport.

Manny is the only boxer to ever win world titles in eight different weight divisions.  Plus he was named "Fighter of the Decade" for the 2000's by the WBO, WBC, and the BWAA.

And now he's the first and only boxer to have an autographed 8x10 in my collection.

Happy Tuesday and sayonara!


  1. The show really seemed like a 'money-grab' on Saturday especially, $10 parking/$12 admission (raised from the $10 posted), and of course the World Champion Giants and NFC Champ 49ers autograph fees were astronomical. Not much left for the dealers pockets at those prices, but the attendance was strong...hope somebody had some $$ left!

    1. Wow... they were charging $12 at the door? That's crazy. I heard there were a bunch of dealers, but I'm glad I didn't go. I'm sure I would have spent a bunch of money on stuff I don't need.

  2. Nice Pac-Man photo; $25 seems a fair price to pay for it...did it come with a certificate of authenticity?

  3. 25 bucks and it's PSA/DNA'd? daaaaaaamn. I would have jumped on that in a heartbeat.

    fantastic addition!

    1. Check eBay. They sometimes go for less than $25.