Friday, July 1, 2016

The Baddest Man On The Planet

Okay... maybe not anymore.  But he's still pretty much the only boxer I have ever followed religiously... and he's the only boxer I've ever spent money on to watch (on PPV... not in person).  I can't say the same thing in terms of autographs.  Three years ago, I picked up a Manny Pacquiao signed 8x10 at the Tristar Show.  Since then, I've been looking to add Iron Mike's signature to my collection and now I have.

My buddy purchased a lot of ten miscellaneous signed 16x20's on eBay to resell at shows and gave me first choice.  I laid down my $40 and decided to go with the Mike Tyson's Punch-out photo, because it's such an iconic game from my youth.

Eventually I'll have it custom framed and matted with an original video game cartridge and NES controller.  Both of those items are high on my flea market search list.  I've seen plenty of used controllers and games over the years, but now that I'm actively pursuing them... the inventory has seemed to dry up.

Happy 50th Birthday Mr. Tyson!  Thank you for all of the wonderful memories you produced for me and my buddies back in high school and college.

As for everyone else... here are today's questions of the day...

Who's your favorite boxer of all-time?


What are some of your favorite NES games?

I'm pretty sure this post answers my first question.  My favorite NES games?   Punch-Out would definitely be on the list... along with Metroid, Super Mario Bros., Kid Icarus, Tecmo Bowl, Castlevania, Blaster Master, and The Legend of Zelda.

Looking forward to reading your responses.  I hope all of you have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend.  Happy Friday and sayonara!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Cheap Cool Cards #28: Beastie Boys Rookie Card???

1991 Pro Set Yo! MTV Raps #102

A few weeks ago, I received some Yo! MTV Raps cards from Tiny over on CCW, which took me down Memory Lane and motivated me to track down some cheap boxes on eBay.  Unfortunately there weren't any within my budget, but I did happen to find this thirty-seven card lot on eBay:

The vendor was asking $1.99 (+ free shipping), which is probably a fair price considering it cost them nearly that much in shipping alone.  But since there was a "best offer" option, I decided to see if he'd take a buck.

He did.  The main card I wanted was the Beastie Boys card at the top of the post.  They've been one of my favorite groups for close to three decades and I've slowly been picking up pieces of their memorabilia.

Last month it was a Star Wars figure that honored their 1998 album Hello Nasty.  

Back in March I grabbed this limited edition skateboard deck that's a tribute to Spike Jonze who directed several Beastie Boys music videos, including one of the most iconic music videos ever made:

Sorry... due to copyright issues... I had to use the Beavis and Butthead version of Sabotage.  I'm not allowed to show you the actual music video on my site... but you can click here and watch it over on YouTube.

Or you can wrap up this post by checking out this pair of rap classics instead:

Happy Thursday and sayonara!

Monday, June 27, 2016

1 Chicken... 2 Chicken... Red Chicken... Blue Chicken

We've all had our fair share of killer deals... but today I wanted to share one of the coolest internet bargains around.  Last weekend I finally found a copy of the 2016 Donruss San Diego Chicken card at the flea market, which motivated me to search for his autographed relic card on eBay.  Unfortunately... those are going for ridiculous prices.

I eventually discovered that Ted Giannoulas (a.k.a the San Diego Chicken) has his own website with an online store.  He sells a variety of items like t-shirts, magnets, and posters.  However one of the best bargains on the site are signed 8x10's:

Mr. Giannoulas only charges $4 for each signed photo and that includes free personalization and shipping.  Is that a steal or what?  That's a bargain compared to his Donruss autograph that routinely sells in the $40 to $65 range.

If photographs aren't your thing, Mr. Giannoulas also offers signed bobbleheads for $22:

These bobbleheads are replicas of the stadium giveaways handed out at the Chicken's final performance at Qualcomm Stadium in 2003.  I actually own an original SGA and couldn't tell the difference between the two... with the exception that one of them is signed and the other isn't.

By the way... shipping is free on the bobblehead too.  Actually I'm pretty sure every item on his site includes free shipping.

If $22 is too much... Mr. Giannoulas also offers a statue version that is exactly like the bobblehead except that it doesn't bobble.  He sells those for $16 and will sign and personalize them for free as well.

Last... but not least... he'll throw in a personalized thank you card with every order:

So what are you waiting for?  Head on over to and check out his stuff.

Happy Monday and sayonara!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Polar Opposites

One of the greatest things about our hobby is the variety of trading cards accessible to us.  There's just about every imaginable thing out there for us to collect.  Politicians, musicians, trees, birds, food, cartoon characters, movie stars... as well as a plethora of popular sports.

I enjoy collecting a little bit of everything.  But if I had to pick a favorite sport to collect in terms of cards, I'd go with baseball.  It's the sport I enjoyed playing the most as a kid and it's also the sport I started collecting back in the early 80's.

And if you thought there were a variety of trading cards available to collectors... just think about the variety of trading cards within one particular sport.  Today I figured we'd look at six cards that were sent to me by Steve over at 1975 Baseball Cards. and see the diversity that exists among baseball cards.

1976 SSPC #624 and 2005 BBM Touch the Game

First off... you'll notice that the card on the left is nearly thirty years older than the card on the right.  But what you can't see is how much thicker the Johjima is compared to the Winkles.  You would probably need to stack 6 to 8 SSPC cards to match the single BBM.

1976 SSPC #587 and 2000 BBM Diamond Heroes #8

Another thing that stands out between the two cards is abundance of foil on one card and the lack of foil on the other.  I remember jumping all over Fleer Metal cards in the mid 90's.  The 2000 BBM Diamond Heroes set is very similar to that product line.

1976 SSPC #501 and 2001 BBM Diamond Heroes #130

The final thing I'd like to compare is trading card's country of origin.  When I first started collecting I had no idea that people collected trading cards all around the world and that cards were printed in different languages.  These days... I have an entire collection dedicated to trading cards written in Japanese.

And thanks to Steve... I just added three new Kenji Johjima cards to that collection, along with three forty-year old pieces of cardboard.

So what about you...

Where do you fall on the SSPC/BBM trading card spectrum?

I'm a fan of both... but since that's kind of a cop out... I'll say I'm slightly leaning on the SSPC side, because vintage oddball issues are one of my favorite things to collect.

Well that's it for tonight.  Stay tuned for my next post which will go over what I picked up earlier today at the Serramonte Mall Card and Collectibles Show.

Happy Saturday and sayonara!

Thursday, June 23, 2016


If you've purchased enough sports cards off of eBay, then I'm sure you've received the occasional freebie.  Sometimes it's a handful of base cards from a recent product.  Maybe it's a free pack of 1988 Score baseball.  I've even received a complimentary memorabilia card before.

Today's post isn't about those kinds of freebies.  It's about two unique situations that have taken place over the past five weeks.

Last Thursday, I submitted a "Best Offer" for a five card 2016 Archives autographed card lot over on eBay.  The guy countered my offer and I accepted.  Later that afternoon, I received this message:

At first, I was disappointed because I needed four of the five cards for my set.  But it was a harmless mistake... and 2016 Archives is still pretty fresh, which means that there are plenty of autograph lots to be had.  So it didn't take long for me to move on with my life and card collection.

Earlier in the week, I received this 2016 Bowman Chrome refractor of Yoan Moncada:

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not much of a prospector... but I do love me some shiny refractors.  I did a little research and it looks like Moncada has a solid shot at making the Bigs.  If not, I feel bad for the Red Sox and the sixty-three million dollars spent on their top prospect.  Only time will tell.  The good news is I don't have much invested in this card.

A few weeks earlier, I purchased this 2012 Exquisite Legacy Signatures card of Archie Griffin:

Griffin is the only person to ever win the Heisman Trophy twice... and based on what I've read... this feat may be hard to repeat.

I have been wanting to add one of his Press Pass signatures to my collection for several years, but I recently discovered that he has a few Upper Deck autographs as well.  Last month, I won this on-card autographed #'d to 60 card with a bid of $19.50 (+ $4.70 shipping).

A week later... the seller sent me a eBay message letting me know that the card had been shipped, but the tracking kept showing up as "In Transit".  I wasn't too worried and told him I appreciated him following up on the sale.

Five days later, the seller sent me a full refund with this message:

I was honestly a little bummed, because I really excited to add this card to my collection.  At least I got my money back and I knew there would be other Griffins to be had.

A little over a week later... a padded envelope arrived in my mailbox.  I sent the seller a message on eBay offering to resend the money... but he never replied.  I left him positive feedback and a nice note.  Figured it was the least I could do, since he essentially gave me an autograph that had been sitting on my Top 10 list for several years.

Two cool freebies from eBay vendors in five weeks.  Not bad considering the coolest Free-Bay item before that was a Eric Chavez jersey card I received a few years ago.

What about you...

What are some of the coolest Free-Bay items you've received?

Happy Thursday and sayonara!