Friday, September 4, 2015

Need More Cowbell

He has one of the most recognizable voices in Hollywood...

He has given some of the most memorable two minute movie speeches...

He was a part of one of my favorite Saturday Night Live skits...

And now he is an official member of my card collection...

1953 Bowman TV and Radio Stars #58

I'm sure as collectors... most of you have found yourself in a similar situation.  You stumble across a card you've never seen before and knew it was destined to be in your collection.  That's exactly what happened when I found this card on COMC back in May.

Happy Friday and sayonara!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Bad News = Awesome News

I try my best to have a positive attitude towards life.  That's why I avoid watching the news and discussing politics unless absolutely necessary.  And even when I can't avoid "negativity", I try my best to find something positive in even the darkest issues.

Let's take Panini baseball products.  For the most part... I steer my wallet clear of their logo-less products.  However that doesn't mean I dislike everything they produce.  I've picked up a few of their Hometown Heroes autographs, because they tend to be an affordable way to find pick up on-card signatures of fan favorites.

I even stepped out of my comfort zone and started building the 2013 Hometown Hero base set, because I love the overall design and solid player selection.  However the greatest decision Panini made to get guys like me to consider purchasing their cards was securing The Bad News Bears license.

Ever since I discovered you could pull baseball cards of Amanda Whurlizer, Mike Engelberg, and Kelly Leak from packs of 2013 Panini Golden Age... I've been pumped.  It started off with me picking up the team set, a few minis, and an insert.

But I eventually purchased some of the lower end signatures...

Ahmad Abdul-Rahim (Outfield)

Mike Engelberg (Catcher)

Rudi Stein (Relief Pitcher)

I picked up these three autographs for less than ten bucks a piece on eBay... back in 2013 within a few months of the product's release.  Then the project sort of hit a wall.  Sales for the two larger names (Haley and O'Neal) were fetching well over $50 each and I just wasn't willing to reach that deep into my wallet.

Fast forward to this past April... and I decided to look up their current prices.  Like with 99% of all cardboard values... they dropped after collectors moved on to the current flavor or the month.

I was able to pick up the O'Neal for $32.05 on COMC...

Amanda Whurlizer (Pitcher)

That purchase motivated me to pick up the Haley too...

Kelly Leak (Outfielder)

This was the most expensive autograph out of the lot.  It set me back forty dollars, but at least the money went to a fellow blogger... The Daily Dimwit.

At the time, I thought I was finished with the set.  But after checking The Cardboard Connection's checklist, I discovered I was still missing Toby...

Toby Whitewood (First Base)

Two weeks later, I snatched one up on COMC for $7.75 and wrapped up one of my favorite autograph projects.

They look super cool individually... but the Bears just wouldn't be the Bears unless they stood together as a team:

It's a shame they didn't have other key members of the Bears on the checklist.  Panini... if you're reading this... why don't you make this a "living set" and add signatures of Tanner, Timmy, and Ogilvie using the same card design in a future Golden Age product.

If you did... maybe I'd go out and buy a few packs or possibly even a blaster of Panini Golden Age (which you may or may not have discontinued).  At the very least, you'd have me looking forward to some of your cards.

Happy Wednesday and sayonara!

Oh one more thing... thank you to everyone who left the thoughtful "happy birthday" messages on my blog and over at Facebook.  Very much appreciated.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Blowing Out The Candles

Did your parents brainwash you into believing it's taboo to celebrate your birthday early?  Mine did.  I guess it's a good thing that I don't really celebrate my birthday anymore.  I mean... yes... I'll be going out to dinner tomorrow with my best friend and I'm sure I'll receive a few scattered birthday cards from family members, friends, co-workers, and students.

But I don't do the whole birthday cake and candles tradition anymore.  I prefer to keep things on the DL... which makes me think that the prophecy is true and I'm actually turning into my father.  Oh well.  That's not necessarily a bad thing.  Papa Fuji just happens to be a rock star (figuratively) and my hero.

However one thing that does separate the two of us is my obsession with collecting things.  And even though I don't actively celebrate my birthday anymore, I do enjoy adding new sports cards to my Birthday PC.

First up is my 1973 Topps rookie card of Garry Maddox...

Yup.  This card is taped, trimmed, peeled, stained, and off-centered.  But that's okay... because Garry spells his first name with two R's, was a free swinging batter, and was born on September 1st:

Next up are a pair of guys who terrorized NFL quarterbacks during their careers...

Each of these guys played in six Pro Bowls each and were three-time 1st Team All-Pro selections.  Together they had a combined total of 218.5 quarterback sacks.

My most recent purchase is a guy I knew nothing about until about a month ago.  I was listening to some soccer news when this guy's name popped up.  I recognized his name from a list of September 1st birthdays and ran over to COMC to see if he had any autographs.

They didn't have any at the time, but I was able to snag this memorabilia card for $1.50.  It's a nice place holder until I can pick up an affordable certified autograph.

Wrapping things up is a copy of National Geographic from September 1972... the month that I was born in:

I found this in a stack of magazines that a teacher had donated.  I have two other magazines in this particular PC, but I'm not 100% committed to collecting magazines from my birth month.

See ya in a couple of days.  In the meantime, I want to wish my other best friend a happy 45th birthday.

Happy Monday and sayonara!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Twenty-three Thousand Words

A few years ago, Ryan over at This Card is Cool offered to help me out with my Japanese trading card collection.  It's a fairly simple process.  He picks up items he thinks I'd enjoy over the course of a year or two... and after he has enough stuff worthy of a package... I pay him and he ships them across the Pacific.

I paid $125 for the most recent package and it was worth every penny.  To put things into perspective... I spent almost three hours sifting through all of these goodies and scanning the images in this post.  That's three hours of pure entertainment.

You know the old adage... a picture is worth a thousand words... so tonight I'll keep the writing to a minimum... and let the pictures do the talking.

1991 BBM Baseball

Three down.  One card to go.

Hideki Matsui Sticker Sheet

Godzilla has landed in San Jose.

2002 Japan National Team Set

2001 Kirin Cup Pin Set

Two huge additions to my Samurai Blue PC.

2011 and 2014 Real Venus Sets

Japanese women and sports.  Two of my favorite things in life.

More Japanese women.  Newscasters?  Love 'em!

1997 Bandai Mr. C.B. Set

Mr. Ed has nothin' on Mr. C.B.

Hello kitty.

Round one of unopened packs.  More ladies.  Yes!

Round two of unopened packs.  Ryan gets the chips.  I get the cards

Round three of unopened packs.  Two of my students' favorite things:  video games and anime.

More anime... although not quite sure if this calendar is classroom appropriate.

1994 The Petty Girl Set

More ladies and definitely not classroom appropriate.

Round four of unopened packs.  Four new additions to my unopened baseball card pack collection.

Smells old.  Looks old.  Feels old.  I'm gonna guess that this huge disc is old.  By the way... in case you forgot... old = awesome.

2012 Panini Cooperstown #15

Speaking of awesome.  Meet the newest addition to my Gwynn binder.

2014 BBM Wings of Gold Set

Another set filled with lovely Japanese ladies... and some guys who like to wear leotards.

Oh my!  That's Sadaharu himself... and five guys I don't recognize.  Oh well.  This piece of cardboard is sweet!

And wrapping things up are a bunch of random cards ranging from vintage soccer to baseball mascots.

Thanks Ryan for helping me out again.  I had a blast going through this package and flipping through all of these awesome pieces of Japanese cardboard.

If you ever need some American cardboard... just say the word and I'll start gathering up some stuff for you.  But I wouldn't blame you if you prefer ripping packs of BBM and Calbee instead of Topps and Panini.

Happy Saturday and sayonara!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Publish Worthy?

Back in 2010... I started this blog as a way of documenting my hobby experiences and corresponding with others who share a passion for cardboard.  Over those five years, I've built a fair share of friendships online and published over 1,250 posts... which is pretty hard for me to fathom.

It's just crazy.  The amount of time that goes into each post can range from a few minutes to a few hours, with most posts falling in the 15 minute to 75 minute spectrum.  Multiply that by twelve hundred and that's a huge part of my life.

Breaking down this information makes me appreciate everyone else's blogs that much more.  Keep it up guys!

Anyways... over the past year or so, I'm finding myself sitting in front of my laptop with nothing to write about on a more frequent basis.  Combine this factor to a bigger "self-imposed" work load and to be honest...  it's a little scary.  My hopes are that I'll be able to continue writing about cards until I ride off into the sunset of senior citizenship.  However... I've started to wonder if that's actually realistic.

I guess only time will tell.

In the meantime... I'm going to continue to chug along and write posts that I consider "publish" worthy.

Does anyone else have a bunch of "unpublished posts" sitting in their "post depository"?

I'm not talking about the ones that are complete and scheduled to post.  Nor am I talking about the ones waiting for the right moment in time.  I'm talking about the ones you've started... but never completed.  The ones you're still fine-tuning and debating on whether or not you should just push the delete button.

I've slowly been purging my collection of "unpublished posts"... including the one I had scheduled for yesterday.  I'm down to only five.  It actually feels refreshing... almost like coming back to work and sitting down at an uncluttered desk.

Anyways... I've rambled enough.  Here are a pair of updates...

2015 Tier One Acclaimed Autographs #AGA

#1  My COMC order has arrived.  Just need to sort everyone's stuff out and I should have packages in the mail sometime next week.  There were only a handful of cards for myself.  This Galarraga was one of them.  It took awhile, but I've finally added the Big Cat's signature to my Montreal Expos PC.

#2  Tristar still hasn't responded to my public service announcement.  It's been less than two weeks, so I guess there's still hope.  If you collect certified autographs and haven't read this post... you might want to check it out.

Happy Thursday and sayonara!