30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Monday, August 31, 2020

Brighter and Better Days

A new week. Hopefully this one will be a little brighter.  To do my part, I figured I'd share this colorful card of Jackie Robinson:

2013 Topps Archives Gallery of Heroes #GH-JR

As most of you know, Major League Baseball honored Jackie this past Friday.   I'm one of those fans who found out after the fact, but I still wanted to honor the ballplayer who helped tear down the color barrier.  I also wanted to remember Chadwick Boseman, the forty-three year old actor who passed away on Friday.  I'll remember him for his role as Black Panther, but I'm sure most baseball fans remember him for his portrayal of Jackie in 42Rest in peace Mr. Boseman.

Okay.  Let's brighten things up with a pair of PWE's I received this past week.

First up was
another 9-pocket page from Julie over at A Cracked Bat.  I picked her pockets a few weeks ago, but can't remember which cards I actually picked.   Regardless... all nine of these cards fit my collection and will be given a loving home.

The card that stood out the most was this custom card created by When Topps Had Balls:

2020 @wthballs Baseball Series 1 #8

Gio is right up there among the elite custom card creators and recently decided to start printing and distributing them in packsJulie purchased a few and I'm very glad she was willing to send me this Rickey featured on a 1979 Topps card.

The other card that stood out was a remake of the 1983 Topps Tony Gwynn rookie card:

2004 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites #127

My goal is to take a page out of Night Owl's book and create a 9-pocket page filled with different variations of Gwynn's famous rookie card.  I've been wanting to do this for awhile now, but thanks to Julie, I'm motivated to work on this project.

Next up was a PWE from The Diamond King that contained four phone cards from the 90's:


I must have
left a comment on one of his posts, because he remembered how much I enjoy and appreciate phone cards from the 90's.

For those of you who weren't collecting back in the 90's, phone cards made a brief appearance in our hobby thanks to companies like Classic and Topps.  They have sort of lost their appeal to most collectors over the past twenty years, but I will gladly adopt any unwanted phone cards out there.

Thank you Julie and Kevin for helping me kick this week off on brighter note.  Here's to brighter and better days.  Have a great week.  Happy Monday and sayonara!

Saturday, August 29, 2020

What's in the box?

Anyone else stay up late watching Don West and Eddy Lewis sell sports cards and memorabilia over on Shop at Home?  If yes, how entertaining were those two?  If not, do yourself a favor and look them up on YouTube.  You won't regret it.

On Monday I mentioned that Ryan (SumoMenkoMan) sent me a large, heavy box last week... but hadn't had the opportunity to crack it open.  Well, I just opened it up a few hours ago... and it instantly reminded me of one of those sports card packages that West and Lewis would put together to tear those Social Security checks from all of those loving grandmothers out there looking to buy something cool and collectible for their grandchild.

See for yourself:

Okay.  So he didn't exactly send me a box of 1988 to 1992 Fleer factory sets or a 1,000ct. box of random cards that might contain a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle.

No.  This care package was way, way cooler.  He carefully packaged a little bit of everything into this box.  There were back issues of Tuff Stuff, unopened boxesunopened packs, autographs, super shiny singles, and even some bookmarks.

There was so much stuff, I've made the executive decision to write a few different posts featuring items from this box.  I definitely plan on opening up a couple of the boxes to celebrate my upcoming birthday and I look forward to reading (and possibly reviewing) the three Tuff Stuff issues from 1992.

As for today, I thought I'd take a closer look at a few singles he sent my way and imagine Don and Eddy commentating on each one.

Card #11991 Silver Star Holograms #NNO

EddyEddyEddy.  What the heck is this card?  And are you seeing the numbering on this beauty?  This is a one of a kind card EddyOne of a kind!  You will never find another copy of this card with the number 009804 stamped on it.  This card will easily put your grandchildren through college in a few short years.

Card #21990 Holsum Bread #8

Oh my gosh Eddy!  Do you know how rare this card is?  Do you know how many loaves of bread you'd need to buy in order to guarantee yourself a Rickey Henderson?  It wouldn't surprise me if this is the only Holsum Rickey Henderson in existence.

Card #32019 Archives Fan Favorites Autograph #FFA-JL

In each and every single one of these surprise packages, we're going to guarantee you an autographed card.  Are you sure you can promise that Don?  Do you have the authorityEddy.  I will sit here tonight and personally open each box and insert them if I have to. 

Card #41996 Danbury Mint #46

Eddy.  How would you like to own a card made of 24kt gold?  If this card featured Bip Roberts, it would be worth at least $1000 based on just the value of gold alone.  However.  When you consider that this is Mickey F'n Cochrane... this card is easily worth twice that amount to the right collector

Card #51994 Sport Shots Rancho Cucamonga Quakes #1

Okay.  Sit down folks.  I've saved the best for last.  Are you seated?  Eddy.  Are you ready to bust out your credit card?  Because what I'm about to show you is something so rare, so unique, and so weird... you won't even find it listed in Beckett.

This card features the last known dinosaur on the planet.  Just that fact alone makes this card worth hundreds of dollars.  But when you look at the back, you'll notice that Tremor offers you health tips.  If this isn't a priceless item... I don't know what is.

I cannot recommend this enough.  Don't buy one of these packagesBuy ten and just sit back and watch these items soar in value.  Hey Don... how can Shop at Home afford to sell these packages at such amazing pricesThey can't Eddy.  We're losing money on every single one of these surprise boxes.  In fact, I'm sure we'll be out of a job and out of the hobby within a few years.

But if we're lucky, maybe we can sign on with a wrestling company or something.

Okay... enough of my impersonations.  Here's your question of the day...

Did you every watch Shop at Home?  Did you ever purchase anything from them?

Thanks Ryan for this awesome care package.  It sure took me back to the 90's when Don West and Eddy Lewis were the kings of late night television.

Happy Saturday and sayonara!

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Acclaimed Autograph

2020 Archives hit the hobby last week and it's highly unlikely that I'll be opening any up for a few reasons:

. I doubt I'll find any blasters and refuse to pay inflated box prices.

. I don't love the base set enough to justify busting a hobby box.

. My hobby budget is tight right now.

That being said, I will be
targeting affordable lots of the Archives Fan Favorites autographs.  I don't think I'm the only one, because I haven't landed many over the past year or so.  At the very least, I'd like to purchase the Andy Ashby, Bruce Bochy, Mark Buehrle, John Blue Moon Odom, and Benito Santiago signatures.

These autographs are one of my favorite things to collect year in and year out.  I haven't sat down and actually counted, but I'm guessing I own close to one hundred of theses on-card autographs that have been released annually since 2012.

The most recent addition to this collection was this card:

2019 Topps Archives Fan Favorites Autographs #FFA-KB

If you're a diehard baseball fan, you're familiar with Ken Burns' baseball documentaries.

Personally, I've only seen the 1994 miniseries, but I'll get around to watching the other two eventually.

Normally I try not to pay more than $5 shipped for signatures from this series, but I ended up having to pay $17.69 ($12.35 + $4.20 shipping + $1.14 tax) for this card.  The good news is it actually didn't cost me a penny, since I'm still using up several eBay gift cards that I have laying around.

By the way, the photograph of Burns was taken back on July 29, 2009 at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington where he threw out the first pitch before the Texas Rangers game versus the Detroit Tigers.

2017 Heritage Clubhouse Collection Relic #CCR-JV
2011 Heritage Clubhouse Collection Relic #CCR-MC

The Tigers trounced the Rangers that day.  Justin Verlander won his 12th game of the season and Miguel Cabrera went 4 for 6 at the plate with a double, home run, and four runs batted in.

Well that's it for today.  I'll leave you with today's questions of the day...

Is there a particular set (base, insert, autograph, etc.) you look forward to each and every year?

Do you have a favorite documentary (not necessarily sports related)?

Happy Thursday and sayonara!

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Sports Card Trifecta #33: Dwight Gooden

Free time is being divvied up between writing, reading, eating, walking, watching the telly, listening to music, watering the garden, and sleeping.

So just a heads up... creative content for this blog may be a little subpar until things settle down around here.

1985 Topps #620
1985 OPC #41
1985 Fleer #82

1985 Donruss #190
1985 Donruss Box Bottom #PC1

Today marks the 35th anniversary of Dwight Gooden becoming the youngest player to win 20 games in a season.  I jumped on the Dr. K bandwagon early and rooted for him throughout his tenure with the New York Mets... especially during the first few years of his career.

1983 TCMA Lynchburg Mets #10

Every morning
I'd sit down at the dining room table with the sports section and if he pitched the night before, the Mets boxscore would be one of the first games I'd look for right behind the A's and Giants games.

1985 Topps PSA/DNA Authenticated Auto #620
1985 Leaf PSA/DNA Authenticated Auto #234

It's pretty impressive to see what he accomplished at such a young age.  Before he turned twenty-one, he had won the NL ROY Award, a Cy Young Award, won forty-one games, struck out 544 batters, and was a two-time MLB all-star.

1986 Topps #202

It's just a shame that he didn't end up having the hall of fame career that many of us had predicted back in the mid 80's, when he was arguably the best pitcher in the game1985 was his finest season statistically as he became the 21st pitcher in MLB history to capture the Pitcher Triple Crown by leading the National League in wins, strikeouts, earned run average.  Actually... he led the MLB in all three categories along with WAR.

I thought I'd honor Gooden today and make him the 21st addition to my baseball Sports Card Trifecta collection...

Rookie Card1984 Topps Traded #42T

I'm not exactly sure why I haven't shown off this trifecta before, since I own numerous rookie cards and a handful of autographs and memorabilia cards.  If I had to guess, I'd say that I was waiting to land his 1984 Fleer Update card and use it as the rookie card.

After checking the current market rate on a graded copies, I'm going to assume that ship has sailed.

Memorabilia Card2005 SP Legendary Cuts Legendary Lineage #LE-DG

Nothing too glamorous about this memorabilia card, but at least it doesn't feature a plain white swatch of jersey.

Autographed Card2016 Topps Archives Fan Favorites Autographs #FFA-DG

I've shown this card off on the blog beforeAs a huge fan of Topps Archives Fan Favorites autographs, I'm always looking forward to picking up as many affordable singles as I can, but there are always a handful that I really want.  That year the checklist was loaded, but Gooden was the autograph that sat atop the wantlist.  It took me about a year to track down a copy that fit the price range I set.

Well that's it for today.  Here is today's question of the day...

Who was your favorite pitcher(s) back in the 80's?

It's hard to pick just one.  Gooden is definitely one of them.  But I also really liked Fernando Valenzuela, Dave Stieb, and Dave Stewart.

Oh... and in case you're wondering who held the previous record of being the youngest MLB pitcher to win 20 games.  The answer is... 

1998 UD Retro Sign of the Times #BF

Feller might not hold that MLB record anymore, but he still shares the record of most one-hitters thrown with Nolan Ryan.  And his The Heater from Van Meter nickname is every bit as cool as Dr. K or The Ryan Express.

Happy Tuesday and sayonara!

Monday, August 24, 2020

Holy Cow!

Vegas Dave just made more money off the sale of one card than I've made in twenty-plus years of teaching... and will probably make in my lifetimeHoly cow.  Who says you can't make money off of cards?

The hobby is still hot and it's pretty darn cool to see.  As a collector who has been around the hobby the past four decades, I don't collect for financial reasons... but I'm not against it either.  People collect for different reasons and as long as you're not hurting anyone else... I say collect the way that makes it fun for you... and enjoy.

I missed out on picking up Trout rookie cards, which kinda sucks since I can't use the excuse that I wasn't collecting at the time.  I just completely whiffed and didn't chase any down before he exploded and went nuts.  Oh well.

At least I didn't completely miss the boat on The Black Mamba.  His cards soared back in January after he passed away and they've continue to rise Today I'm just going to focus on his 1996-97 Topps rookie card.  I'm not sure when these exploded in value, but they've been selling in the $250 to $350 price range the past week or so.

To put things into perspective... back in June... my buddy offered to sell me the entire 1996-97 Topps set for $80 and I passed.  That was right about the same timewrote about how his PSA 10 graded rookie card was selling for over $1000.

1996-97 Topps #138

This card has been selling for over $5,000 the last two weeksHoly cow!

Okay enough chit chat about money and cards.  Let's shift the focus to care packages.  I received a pair of padded envelopes and a mystery PWE.


Let's start with a padded envelope from the Blogfather... Greg... also known as... Night Owl.  He sent me twelve more cards for my 2017 Stadium Club set build:

He is the fifth blogger to contribute to this project that I completely forgot about until a month ago.

Night Owl joins Bob (The Best Bubble), Alex (Chavez Ravining), Chris (Trouble With The Curve), and Tom (Waiting 'til Next Year...) in lowering my set wantlist from 160 cards needed to less than 40Holy cow.

Plus he hooked me up with a pair of Oakland A's for my collection:

2019 Stadium Club Sepia #174
2019 Stadium Club Black Foil #151

Thanks Night Owl for helping me take twelve steps closer to completing that Stadium Club set.  I'm actually even more excited to add one of the business cards your daughter designed to my Blogger PC.

Next up is the mystery PWE I received that contained a stack of Oakland A's cards:

There was a return address on the envelope, but no name.  Inside the words Ten on the Tenth and Athletics were written on a half sheet of copy paper, but that's it.

2020 Topps NBCD #20

I searched my emails to see if the address listed on the envelope popped up.  It didn't.  Then I looked through emails I recently sent that contained my address and Elliptical Man came up.  A quick search on his blog revealed his Ten on the Tenth post.

According to Merrriam-Webster, the word "elliptical" means "relating to deliberate obscurity".  Now I think I understand his username.  Or maybe he just enjoys working out on an elliptical machine.

Thank you Elliptical Man!  I always enjoy a good mystery.

The third and final care package I will be reviewing today was from Eric over at The Snorting Bull.  He offered to help me out with my 1975 Kellogg's set build:

1975 Kellogg's #10

Although my goal is to build the set with no or minimal cracks, I'll happily use this copy as a place holder until I can eventually find an upgrade.  That probably won't happen any time in the near future, as I have completely stopped looking at any of my eBay saved searches regarding 70's Kellogg's due to the extremely high price tags on individual cards I need.

Eric also included this very cool Durham Bulls minor league card of Hideki Matsui:

2012 Choice Sports Cards Durham Bulls #01

According to Baseball Reference, the Bulls were the last professional team that Matsui played for during his 20 seasons as a professional baseball player.  This card is pretty sweet.  Now I just need a card of Matsui where he's featured with the Athletics.

In addition to the Matsui, he also included a few other Durham Bulls...

Super stoked to see the Jake Cronenworth.  The guy hit a grand slam on Saturday night... the Padres fifth slam in six gamesHoly cow!

That Stephen Vogt is awesome too.  He was a fan favorite with the Athletics a few years ago.  If you want a chuckle watch this:

Thank you Eric for this awesome care package.

Not exactly sure when I'll hit you three back, but I will eventually.  This is by far the busiest time of the year for me... and this year is particularly busy.  I'm gonna predict that I'll get some blogger care packages together sometime around the Thanksgiving break... or maybe during the Christmas break.  So stay tuned.

By the way, I didn't have time this weekend to open the final care package I received last week, but here's a preview:

This huge box was sent to me by Ryan aka SumoMenkoManHoly cow!

This thing was heavy and he gave me a hint of one of the items he was going to send my way, but the rest is a giant mysteryDid I mention I enjoy a good mystery?  Not sure when I'll get around to opening this up.  I'm thinking it'll probably happen this upcoming Friday afternoon after my final class.  Stay tuned.

Happy Monday and sayonara!