30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, August 8, 2020

All About the Benjamins!

August 8th is National Dollar Day. Two hundred thirty-four years ago Congress established the U.S. monetary system. Figured I'd celebrate the day by showing off some collectibles sitting in my collection that are related to money in some cents. I mean sense.

Collectible #1: 2003 Topps Gallery Currency Collection #CC-WM


This is the
only card in the post that actually features U.S. currency. The 1958 Wheat Penny represents Willie's first year in San Francisco. According to Coin Trackers this penny's value ranges between to $5. Looks like I paid high book value, since I purchased this card back in March off of COMC for $5.

Collectible #22003 Topps Gallery Bucks #NNO


Here's another "money" Mays collectible.  These "bucks" were inserted into packs of Topps Gallery and could be used to purchase Topps artwork on eBay.  This was another COMC purchase.  Only this one was much more affordable (55¢) and took place back in 2018.

Collectible #32002 Topps Gallery Bucks #NNO


The year before, Topps used Nolan Ryan on their Gallery Bucks.  It carried the same value and worked the same way as the 2003 Willie Mays.  This card came in a binder I purchased for $5 at the Capitol Flea Market seven years ago.  Gotta say... I sure miss walking around the flea market and finding deals on baseball cards.

Collectible #41962 Topps #NNO

Feast your eyes on a vintage oddball issue that doesn't get enough publicity as it should.  I originally thought these were inserted in packs of baseball cards, but I have since learned they were distributed in packs that sold for back in the day.  If you're interested in learning more about these Sports Collectors Daily write a great article on these oddballs back in 2016.

This Whitey Ford was an eBay freebie that has a story attached.  Sadly I'm running awfully close to my deadline and want to publish this post on time.   But if you want to learn how I got this vintage oddball for free, click here.

Well that's it for today.  Happy National Dollar Day and sayonara!


  1. I’m glad the Ford worked out for you and there there some good sellers back then. Cool post! I’m waiting for the industry to get creative again and start doing this fun stuff.

  2. I’ve never seen that Whitey Ford. Cool!

  3. I like the fake banknotes. More fun that most insert series!

  4. I have always loved the coin baseball cards. I don't have many in my collection, but hang onto them when I get my hands on them. Best one I have is a Gyspy Queen Rick Farrell quarter. Farrell is a North Carolina native who played for the St. Louis Browns in the 1930s. Good connection between my childhood and adult homes.

  5. Pinnacle Mint is a really fun money product to me. I will never get sick of adding those coins

  6. sumomenkoman - i'd love to see topps get creative again too. not sure that'll happen while they have a monopoly though

    the lost collector - yeah, don't see the 1962 bucks talked about much. they're not really rare though. should be able to find the ford in the $10 to $15 range

    johnnys trading spot - dang it. i should have used that as my title

    jongudmund - i know. there was a guy at the flea market who sold fake celebrity money. always wanted to buy some, but i think they were kind of expensive when i asked about them

    the snorting bull - jealous of those gypsy queen currency cards. they had very, very low print runs and are tough to find. congratulations on finding one that relates to your childhood and hometown

    sport card collectors - i thought about adding a pinnacle mint coin, but i only found a football coin laying around and wanted to keep this post baseball themed. but yeah, i enjoyed those pinnacle mint coin and cards too.