30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, March 30, 2013

I Overpaid & I Liked It

I haven't asked my friends to describe me lately, but I'm sure at some point the word "cheap" would be mentioned.

The fact is... I've been "stingy" ever since I moved out of my parent's house and entered the real world.  That doesn't mean I don't buy nice things for myself.  I just make sure that I'm getting the best price or at the very least a good deal.

On the other hand, every now & then, I'll climb out of my shell to splurge on something I really want.  One of those things was this Hiroyuki Nakajima's 2001 BBM rookie card.  If you're not familiar with Nakajima, he's the latest Japanese baseball player to cross the Pacific and enter the MLB.

I was pretty excited when I heard the Oakland A's signed him to a two year contract back in December.  Unfortunately, the odds of him becoming the next Ichiro are next to none.  He's struggle at the plate and on the field this Spring, so there's a chance he won't start on an every day basis, which means I'll never recover the $4.99 I paid for this card.

Oh well... worst case scenarios... everyone can use a Hiro in their life.

Happy Saturday and sayonara!

Extra Edition

Almost forgot.  Only two days left in March.  Check back on Monday to see who won this month's contest.  Plus there'll be details on April's contest.


  1. If the card is one you really wanted, the price was right.

  2. Cool card, Fuji. It's not about $$$, it's about adding a neat item to your collection.

    And it's a real coincidence, I just finished scanning about a dozen Japanese cards for my blog. I'd been meaning to post about them since I started but never found the inspiration until I drafted the Dodger's Korean prospect to stash on my fantasy team and tried to find a card of him (not easy).

  3. Still, that is a really cool card.
    I'm a sucker for foreign stuff, I most likely would've paid the same amount if I was an A's fan, lol.
    That being said, I've done a lot of overpaying in my time.

  4. It's definitely a good looking card.
    I especially like the English titles on the rear of the card, which show me what's written in Japanese below. "did You Know?" is especially frustrating, because I still don't know! LOL

    1. Lol... I know, right. I've seen that on several Japanese products like bags of chips, drinks, etc.

  5. Great stuff! I love Japanese cards for past or future Major Leaguers, whether for a Japanese player who came here, or one of our "gaijin" who went over there.

    1. I've been actually meaning to do a post on MLB players who left to play in Japan. Right now, I only have a handful of cards... Bob Horner, Tuffy Rhodes, Alex Cabrera, and Warren Cromartie to name a few.

  6. If $4.99 is overpaying, you did juuuuust fine.