30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Friday, March 8, 2013

Blog Trade #28: Emerald City Diamond Gems

Tony Gwynn is my all-time favorite baseball player.  However... things might have turned out differently had the Oakland Athletics held onto Rickey Henderson, instead of shipping him off to New York back in 1984.  Up until that time, The Man of Steal had been my favorite player.  And although Gwynn reigns supreme in my baseball hierarchy, Henderson is next in line.

Which is why, I was pretty excited to hear from Mariner1 who authors the cardboard blog:  Emerald City Diamond Gems.  He contacted me about this 2013 Topps insert he pulled from the hobby box he won off of Twitter and wanted to know if I was interested:

2013 Topps "The Greats" #TG9

Well... of course I was.  I put together a Seattle Mariners package for him and shipped it off.  Then a few days ago the Henderson insert arrived, but he wasn't alone.  Mariner1 included a bunch of cards I didn't have.
2013 Topps "Chasing History" #CH8

Both of these Henderson inserts are awesome.  I love the photo selection for these cards, because it takes me back to the days of him swiping second and third.

He also threw in the complete 2013 Topps Series 1 Oakland Athletics team set, which has the famous Reddick card:

But there's more.  He added this Darren Lewis autograph.

Back in the early 90's, Lewis was pretty popular in the Bay Area.  He also holds the MLB record for consecutive errorless games played by a positional player.

Finally there were a pair of Steve Carltons I didn't have:

2010 Topps "Cards Your Mom Threw Out" #CMT89

2009 Topps #650b

It seems like every time I get a package from a fellow blogger, I learn something new.  This time, I learned about the rare "Blackless" 1982 Topps cards.  I might just have to crack open that box I picked up a few months ago from the card show and see if I'm lucky enough to pull one.

Thanks Mariner1 for the awesome blind trade.  I hope you're able to use some of the cards I sent you.

Happy Friday and sayonara!


  1. Love Rickey! I may have a few for you from his A's days.

  2. Rickey is somehow still underrated.

  3. Hey, can't go wrong with a few Phillies in any trade!!

  4. TLC - Thanks for keeping me in mind... I recently purchased a collection. I'll have to see if there were any Tino inserts/parallels you need.

    Greg - Not in my household... I've always held him on a pedestal ;-)

    Richard - I will always picture Carlton as a Phillie.

  5. Great trade! I always love seeing other Rickey fans post their cards...i agree with Greg though, he seems to be underrated and i'm not really sure why? He was an enigma i guess, but his greatness should overshadow his eccentricities.

    Run Rickey Run!

    I'm hitting up our Portland show today, hoping to find some new Rickey cards to add to the PC.

  6. Get down with Rickey Henderson. I collect him myself.
    Fuji - that RH "The Greats" card is awesome.

  7. This reminds me, I may have something for your Japanese player collection. How do you want me to go about setting up a trade with you?

  8. cardboardhogs - i hope you find some cool rickeys.

    stealing home - thanks... i love the photo selection.

    jamicfin - just email me (address is on the left towards the top). look forward to seeing what you have to offer.

  9. I'm glad you liked them. I always try to take care of guys that have been good to me. It always helps that you live in the city of my favorite hockey team. I picked up the auto when I bought a 5000 count box of miscellaneous cards and thought of you when I saw it. I did find a few Mariners I needed. Thanks again!!

    1. I totally forgot that you're a Sharks fan. The next time, I'll throw in some Sharks. Thanks again for the trade.