30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Blog Trade #31: Dion's IP Autos Only

March has been a record setting month for me as I recently wrapped up my 5th cardboard transaction with a fellow blogger.  This time I was contacted by Dion over at Dion's IP Autos Only.

If you're a fan of autographs, then Dion is your man.  He sent me a trade list with over 1,000 autographs... most of which, he acquired in person.

I ended up sending him autographed cards of Kelly Johnson, Carlos Zambrano, and Thaddeus Young for the following...

I'm a huge fan of 1986 Topps baseball cards signed in black Sharpie.  I ended up choosing these four from his list, because I remembered watching them shine during my childhood.  The Baltimore Orioles starting rotation was awesome when I was a kid and two of the reasons are shown above.  Flanagan was the 1979 AL Cy Young Award Winner, while McGregor had eleven or more wins from 1978 to 1986.

Hargrove was the 1974 AL Rookie of the Year and hit .285 or higher in nine of his twelve seasons in the MLB.  And finally there was Mr. Johnstone, who also had a few solid years at the plate.  However, I tend to remember him more for the pranks he played on fellow ballplayers.

Cross was a Pro Bowl offensive lineman for those San Francisco 49ers teams that won a bunch of Super Bowls in the 80's.  I'm not a 49ers fan, but most of my friends are.  I'm sure one of them will give Cross a nice home.

And finally... my favorite autograph is this 1974 Topps Ken Singleton.  He's probably most remembered for his years in Baltimore, but this card is a nice addition to my Montreal Expos PC.

In addition to the autographs, Dion also helped me finish off three sets I had been working on:

1983 Donruss Action All-Stars

1984 Donruss Action All-Stars

1985 Topps Baseball

Thanks for the trade, Dion.  Happy Sunday & sayonara!


  1. Sweet cards. 1986 Topps always look great signed. Perfect card stock.

  2. congrats on the set completions!

  3. I have a Whitey Herzog 1986 Topps Black Sharpie auto! It's for trade since I also have a 1986 All-Star Herzog auto, haha.

    I really want to get some IP autos some day. It may have to wait until my son is older, but such a happening is definitely on my bucket list!

    1. Thanks for the offer. Actually, I typically don't collect IP or TTM autographs, unless I acquire them myself. This particular trade was an isolated situation.

      On the flipside... I came close to buying a Herzog Panini autograph this weekend at the flea market. The guy ended up wanting $15... which I felt was high, so I passed.

  4. good looking stuff, nice variety for your collections.

  5. Thanks guys... if you're a fan of autographs, you might want to contact Dion. His list of autographs for trade is pretty impressive.