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Sunday, March 24, 2013

GCRL + $$$ = Campy 1/1 Auto & Vida Oddball

On October 1st, 1976, Bert "Campy" Campaneris played his final game as an Oakland Athletic.  I was barely four years old, so I'd be lying if I told you I remembered any specific moments of his years with the A's.

But that's what newspapers, magazines, and the internet is for.  Campy is a legend and fan favorite to many Oakland A's fans.  He was a huge part of the Athletics back to back to back World Series Championships in the 70's and still holds these franchise records:

Defensive WAR: 17.5
Games Played: 1,795
At Bats: 7,180
Plate Appearances: 7,895
Hits: 1,882
Singles: 1,472

Plus he's in the top 10 for these franchise records:  Offensive War (8th), Runs Scored (3rd), Total Bases (5th), Doubles (10th), Stolen Bases (2nd), Runs Created (8th), Sacrifice Flies (4th), and Stolen Base % (5th).

2004 UD Legends Timeless Teams Platinum Autographs

Which is why, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to add this 1 of 1, on-card autograph of Campy to my collection.

Last year, GCRL posted this card on his blog and I complimented him on owning this fine piece of cardboard.  We emailed each other a few times and he told me that it was available for me to purchase.

Unfortunately the holiday season was approaching and I had to focus my funds on presents for friends and family.  Then last month, I asked him if the card was still available.  We hammered out a price and as of Friday the card officially has a new owner.

He also threw in this awesome Vida Blue oddball issue:

It's card #3 from the 1976 Isaly Disc set and it's in pristine condition.  According to baseballcardpedia.com, it's a 70 card set that was regionally distributed in the Pittsburgh area at Isaly Dairy and Sweet William Restaurants.

Thanks GCRL for selling me the Campy and throwing in the Vida oddball issue.  I promise to provide both of these cards a nice home.

Happy Sunday & sayonara!

Extra Edition

Everyday I learn something new from all of the amazing bloggers out there.  Sometimes it's cool, oddball issues I've never heard of.  Other times, it's interesting facts about athletes.

Earlier today, I heard about the passing of Virgil "Fire" Trucks after reading foul bunt's touching tribute.  William's posts eventually inspired me to track down one of Mr. Trucks' autographs:

Rest in peace Mr. Trucks.


  1. Very nice!! I love those early 70's A's teams.

  2. Stamped ON TOP OF the auto? Weird. Nice get, tho!

  3. Can't complain about a 1/1 of a legend from your favorite team! Congrats on the acquisition!

  4. That's a verrry sweet card of Campy, Fuji. Nice pick-up!

  5. thanks mark. i'll be showing my end of the deal in a few days. again, sorry vida took so long to show up!

  6. Great Campy card! Nice pick up.

  7. Not the guy I think of when I hear "Campy." But nice card.

  8. ditto Night Owl's comment, I was expecting to be massively jealous haha. a great addition nevertheless, congrats!

    1. Sorry to disappoint you Dodgers fans. As soon as I add a copy of Roy's 56 Topps card, I'll make sure to blog about it in your honor.