30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Golden Goose?

One of the cards I'm periodically on the lookout for is the 1981 Granny Goose Dave Revering card, which I wrote about a few years ago.  The story behind this card is Revering was traded to the Yankees and the company destroyed most of the cards.  However there were a few that were released into bags of Granny Goose chips and these days they're pretty tough to find.

Anyways... today's post isn't about the Revering.  It's actually about one of the other cards in the set.  My favorite Oakland Athletic of all-time... Mr. Rickey Henley Henderson:

This morning, I decided to do a quick search for the Revering and I noticed that the Henderson has become a pretty pricey piece of cardboard.  Now I'm not talking about triple digits kind of expensive... but I was surprised to see these recently closed listings on eBay:

January 25th ($50 + $3.25 Shipping)

March 11th ($66.01 + $3 Shipping)

March 22nd ($25 + $3.50 Shipping)

I realize that these were only distributed regionally and Rickey Henderson is pretty popular among collectors, but that doesn't really explain the sudden interest in this card.  If the trend continues, I might just need to send in the stack of Rickeys I've slowly accumulated over the years to PSA to get graded... especially since someone is currently asking $2,806.40 for their PSA 8 copy:

But until I do end up cashing in on these Granny Goose cards, I'm going to consider this Gossage to be the true Golden Goose of my A's collection:

2014 Leaf Best of Baseball
1992 Leaf Buyback Autograph

I picked this up sometime last year on COMC for $7.62.  It's my first and only Gossage autograph where he's featured in an Athletics uniform.

Well that's all I have for you today.  Hope all of you are enjoying your weekend.

Happy Saturday and sayonara!


  1. LOVE that auto Fuji, great grab at $7 and change. I don't collect Gossage or the A's and would've happily shelled that amount out for that on-card beaut'!

  2. Have never heard of the card. Pretty cool Granny Goose card you have. I wonder how the chips tasted?

  3. Thought you already had that Revering...I'll bring one for you to Tri-Star next weekend (going Friday and Saturday). I was watching that Henderson PSA8 on ebay too...it can't be that rare of a card in that condition!

  4. Lookie lookie, you got your Revering. Too Cool!

  5. If I ever manufacture cards I'm going to destroy most of my stock and make bank off of it somehow.

  6. That Gossage is a fantastic card. It’s tempting me and I don’t even collect him.

  7. Man, didn't realize how many teams Goose ended up playing for (9). I saw a spot with David Ross showing off all the jerseys he's kept from the 7 teams he's played with. Goose must have quite the collection (if he was able to keep them). As you know I love when players take the time with their signatures. He's in the top tier.

  8. Gossage spent 1990 in Japan with the Fukuoka Daiei Hawks. I've never seen a card of him with them but I keep hoping it happens.

  9. shoeboxlegends - Thanks. Love that you can see each individual letter in his signature.

    SumoMenkoMan - Living in the Bay Area... I grew up eating Granny Goose potato chips. I'm sure I'll take a lot of crap... but I'm pretty sure they were like Lay's potato chips.

    mr haverkamp - lol. i actually do own it. caught that white whale years ago. but i have a few more sets that need the revering. that card is way too rare for me to accept as a gift. and sadly... i won't be able to make it to tristar this weekend. my mom is having her heart surgery. truly appreciate the offer though. you're such a generous guy!

    john miller - i actually found one on eBay a few years ago. need to find a few more though

    zippy zappy - that seems to be the way to do it ;)

    collecting cutch - now that's a great title for a post

    community gum - it truly is. you can see each individual letter

    commishbob - thanks. i thought i saw another one on comc, but i just checked and it's gone

    hackenbush - i honestly have no recollection of him with the a's... only seeing him on a few cards from the early to mid 90's. as for the signature... i agree. it's definitely top tier

    npb card guy - maybe one day bbm will make a special set to honor all of the foreigners who have come to japan to play in the npb. there's a lot of mlb fan favorites who could be featured in that set.

    1. They actually did a couple sets just like that a few years ago but there's still a lot of guys like Gossage and Don Zimmer who played in Japan but don't have any Japanese cards. There's also guys like Don Newcombe, Larry Doby and a bunch of Japanese-Americans who played in the 1950's (like Fibber Hirayama and Andy Miyamoto) who don't have any modern Japanese cards.

    2. If they ever make a BBM Gossage card... it's gonna be popular among his fans. I'd love to see a Newcombe and Doby BBM cards as well.