30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, April 28, 2018

On A Roll...

The Oakland A's are currently one of the hottest teams in baseball.  Lol.  It's hard to even type those words without chuckling... but it's true.  They're 9-2 in their last 11 games and have outscored opponents 64 to 34 over that period of time.

I'm sure it's not going to last, but I wanted to give them some props before they start to free-fall back into oblivion.

While I'm on the subject of my favorite sports franchise, Collecting Cutch sent me a nice care package that included my very first autograph of the Athletics' top prospect:

2017 Bowman Chrome Prime Signatures #BIA-AP

After paying good money for Sonny Gray signatures, I've learned my lesson about investing money in Oakland Athletics prospects.  However that doesn't mean that I can't appreciate this awesome card.  Just look at that sweet "Don't Quit" inscription.

Puk was forced to undergo Tommy John surgery earlier in the month and isn't expected back for at least a year... maybe longer.

Many A's fans were hoping to see whether or not he'd eventually be called up this season.  Oh well... at least we have one pitcher who's been pretty entertaining this season.  Sean Manaea has been on a roll as of late.  He no-hit the Boston Red Sox last weekend... and last night he held the Houston Astros hitless through the first three innings.

Speaking of no-hitters... Collecting Cutch sent me an autographed jersey card of Vida Blue:

2011 Panini Limited Monikers #5

Blue is the only pitcher in franchise history to throw more than one no-hitter while representing the Oakland Athletics.

In addition to these two autographs, he also sent me this Topps online only card of Rickey Henderson:

2018 Topps Throwback Thursday #10

I hadn't heard or seen this card before, but after doing a little homework, I found out that there were only 592 of these produced.  This card honors The Man of Steal for being MLB's all-time stolen base leader... as well as being the all-time leader in runs scored.

Rounded out Collecting Cutch's package was a stack of cards for a variety of collections:

Thank you Brian for this very generous care package!  I'm not sure what I'm suppose to get for the guy who has 99% of the Andrew McCutchen cards in existence.  But don't worry... I'll get some Pirates together.  Worst case scenario, you can share them other Pirates collectors.

Until then...

Go A's, happy Saturday, and sayonara!


  1. Happy Saturday! Great care package for sure.

  2. Oy. Hard to believe Sonny Gray commanded big bucks. He hasn't been what the Yanks signed up for, although I know he's got it in him somewhere.

  3. Sonny who? I know Buster Olney is a fan since he went to Vandi. Favorite Vida Blue card is the one he did with Bud Black-the title was Black and Blue Fleer 1983 when they were both with the Royals

  4. Nice job Cutch! Great mail day!

  5. Very cool Vida Blue card, and I love inscriptions like Puk's. I hope the A's can keep it up (my high school best friend is a fan, too)

  6. Very cool stuff. Since I have no stakes on the AL side of things, here's hoping the A's can continue to defy expectations.

  7. Sorry for the super late reply. This past week has been crazy for me. Im glad you liked the assortment. May the 4th be with you today my yoda like friend.

  8. SumoMenkoMan - Happy Sunday (Apologize for being a few weeks late)

    The Lost Collector - Well... I was paying $5 to $8 for his signatures, when he's worth $2 to $3.

    Brady - Love those Black and Blue cards from 1983 Fleer. Heck I like all of those two card puzzle/combo cards that Fleer produced in the mid 80's.

    Sport Card Collectors - Yeah... He really hooked it up.

    Chris - I'm amazed that they're still only one game under .500 and have held their own against the Yankees so far this weekend.

    Community Gum - I sure hope so too.

    Collecting Cutch - Sorry for the super late reply myself. Loved the package! Thank you.