30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Monday, April 16, 2018

Following the Leader

One of my favorite blog series is Dime Box Nick's Top Five posts where he chooses a player and shows off his five favorite cards of that player.

2005 UD Mini Jersey Collection Replica Legends Jersey #NNO

I've been meaning to imitate his series for a while now and after watching Major League Baseball and their players honor Jackie Robinson yesterday... I figured today would be the perfect time to start.

Normally... five would be the perfect amount of cards... but since I had most of these already scanned and ready to go, I figured I'd go ahead and share my ten favorite Jackie Robinson cards.

#10:  2009 Topps Tribute Relics #58

I'm pretty sure this was the first memorabilia card I ever purchased of #42.  Not a huge fan of this card's design, but I like the photo selection and how they used a home plate shaped die-cut to show off the game worn uniform swatch.

#9:  2007 UD Masterpieces Green Linen #54

UD Masterpieces framed parallels are some of the best around and this one features Robinson stealing home during Game 1 of the 1955 World Series.

#7 (Tie):  2008 Stadium Club #91 and 2014 Stadium Club #42

When it comes to Robinson's Stadium Club cards, his 2016 card is my favorite.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find it in my Jackie Robinson box.  I was able to dig up both of these cards which easily lived up to my lofty Stadium Club expectations.  I just couldn't decided which on I like more.

#6:  1997 Pinnacle Denny's #29

This card represents three things I truly enjoy collecting:  oddball restaurant issues, cards featuring lenticular technology, and great action shots.  Combine this with Jackie Robinson and you have one heck of a card.

#5:  2009 Topps Magic #TMJR

Beautifully posed shot of Robinson on the gridiron during his time at UCLA, where he lettered in four sports:  baseball, football, basketball, and track.  

#4:  2009 Topps T206 Framed Relics #24

I'm a much bigger fan of jersey cards, than I am of bat cards.  Neither of the ones I own come close to this one in regards to card design.  I really enjoy framed relics and the blue border goes perfectly with the white cardboard design and the portrait shot of Robinson.

#3:  2013 Topps Archives Gallery of Heroes #GH-JR

Gallery of Heroes have always been one of my favorite insert sets and I was very happy to see Topps revive it back in 2013 with some of the game's greatest legends.  It's like holding a piece of art in the palm of your hand.

#2:  2010 Topps National Chicle #235

Speak of art... for years, this card sat within Night Owl's header taunting me with its beauty.  He updated it a while back, but that's okay... I finally was able to acquire my own copy to stare at.  There's only one card of #42 that I'd rather stare at...

#1:  1956 Topps #30

Are you surprised?  If so, you must be pretty new to this blog.  It's my favorite card period... which says a lot since I've been collecting off and on for nearly four decades.

Thank you Jackie Robinson for breaking baseball's color barrier and forever changing the game.  Your bravery as well as guys like Larry Doby, Roy Campanella, Minnie Minoso, and Satchel Paige paved the way for future generations.

Thank you Dime Box Nick for inspiring this post.  I hope you don't mind me borrowing your idea.  Just remember... imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

And thank you to everyone else who took the time to read this post.  I hope all of you have a great week.

Happy Monday and sayonara!

Extra Innings:

Since the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs are well on its way... I thought I'd share one of my favorite hockey cards:

1997-98 Pinnacle Beehive Autograph #75

O'Ree is often referred to as the "Jackie Robinson of ice hockey", because sixty years ago he broke the National Hockey League's color barrier and opened the door for others including two current San Jose Sharks:  Evander Kane and Joel Ward.

Thank you Willie O'Ree!  Go Sharks!


  1. With all the Jackie R. love yesterday I got to thinking that one thing I really need to add to my collection is a career era card of him. Looking thru the available cards on eBay and the '56 stood out. It's just a beauty.

  2. Nice 56'! And modern day Stadium Club rules!

  3. Great stuff! Love the '56. It's a shame he didn't have a '57 Topps card.

  4. Man loving the Jackie. Especially that 56 and relics

  5. Great collection. Never knew he had a Dennys card!

  6. All great cards. That Gallery card is awesome. Love the colors. I thought Chicle was worth at least another year. I liked it.

  7. Dropping knowledge like Galileo dropped the orange. Your posts inspire my desire to attain similar gems of cardboard iconography as well as the jewels of wisdom and tolerance they express.

  8. Awesome Jackie cards. That 56 is a beauty

  9. commishbob - it truly is a beautiful piece of cardboard. haven't done it in awhile, but there have been at least two or three occasions when i'm looking through my 56's... i'll just stare at card #30.

    john miller - love modern day stadium club. honestly the only product i look forward to more is archives, but that's b/c i love the fan favorites autograph set. when it comes to base cards, stadium club is second to none

    defgav - i know. it would have been cool to see his full mlb stats on his sunset card

    sport card collectors - i have another relic... but it didn't make the cut. also have a cool stamp card... but the tribute beat them out

    the lost collector - thanks. good news. they're cheap. i'm sure you can find them in a quarter bin somewhere

    hackenbush - i'm a huge fan of chicle. truly beautiful cards

    xavier higgins - you sure have a way with words. i feel like we could turn your comments into a tribe called quest or digable planets verse.

    collecting cutch - thanks. i really should try to grab a few more of his cards this year. maybe another vintage card.