Sunday, April 29, 2018

Enter to Win

I'm not sure how long you've been reading this blog, but if you're an old school reader than you might remember the annual contest I used to run.  It spanned a few months and involved an Olympic style medal count that inspired a lot of friendly competition with a variety of prize packages to be won.  I can't speak for the participants... but as the guy running the contest... I had a lot of fun.

The downside?  It was very time consuming.  And so the tradition ended and was eventually forgotten.

Well... I'm bringing it back.  Only this time... it'll be on a much smaller scale.  Trust me.  It's better this way.

How do you play?  It's simple.  Comment on specific posts.

I've recently embarked on a mission to build a bunch of All Autograph Teams (inspired by Kenny's Blog Bat Around).  All you need to do is comment on those posts.  Each time you do, you'll be given one contest entry.

Sorry.  Multiple comments within a single post will not result in multiple entries.

Although the contest will focus around All Autograph Team posts, there will be bonus entries in other posts scattered throughout the month of May.

At the end of the contest, I will count up all of the entries.  For every entry you have, your name will be entered once into

What's the prize?  Actually there will be six prize packages:  one grand prize winner and five runner-up winners.

All six winners will receive a care package centered around their favorite sports teams and players.  Unfortunately, I can't guarantee that I have autographs and relics for every MLB team out there, but I will try my best to include a minimum of two hits per care package plus hook you up with inserts, parallels, and oddball issues.

In addition to the standard care package, the grand prize winner will also receive a certified, pack pulled autograph of a hall of famer plus five 2018 Topps Series One packs.

And who knows... if enough of you enter the contest... maybe I'll add more prize packages.

What's the fine print?  Well there are a few things:

#1:  Due to shipping costs, this contest is open to collectors living in the United States and Canada.  I will make an exception for loyal readers who comment on a regular basis like Ryan (aka SumoMenkoMan).

#2:  I reserve the right to add rules or make amendments if any problems occur.

#3:  All prize packages will be shipped with tracking in padded envelopes.  However I am not responsible for any lost or stolen packages.

#4:  Although I have not chosen a specific end date, it will be sometime within the first week of June.

#5:  After entering all of the entries into the list randomizer on, I will hit the randomize button five times and take the first six names on the list.

#6:  One prize package per person.  If by chance someone's name appears more than once in the top six names, then I will exclude the duplicate(s) and continue down the list.

Can I help you plug your contest on my blog?  Heck yeah, you can.

If you're willing to plug this contest on your blog, you will receive two bonus entries.  Plus... if you're one of the six contest winners, I will throw in three 2018 Topps Series One packs into your care package.

Please leave a link to your contest plug in the comment section below.

When does the contest begin?  It starts now.  I currently have two All Autograph Team posts up at the moment:

Vol. 1 (My Favorites)

Vol. 2 (Greats of the Game)

If you've already commented on those posts, then you're good to go.  If not, there is still time for you to comment and earn contest entries.  The deadline for these two posts will be Tuesday at 3pm (PST).  If you miss the deadline, it's not the end of the world.  There will be several opportunities throughout the month of May for you to earn more entries.

Well that's it for now.  I'm sure there's one or two details I'm forgetting, so if you have any questions... leave them down in the comment section below.

Okay... let the games begin.

Happy Sunday and sayonara!


Chris said...

I missed your original contests but I'm glad you're bringing it back. Thought about doing something like this for my Sports Card Tour posts - but based on the comments I've received so far I think you'd win ;)

SumoMenkoMan said...

Whoop, I love me some contests...the good news if I win is I have a military post box so shipping doesn't cost anymore than mailing anywhere else in the U.S....they ship everything to New York so Priority Mail is the same price. I'll definitely plug your contest on my blog. I follow up with a reply when I do. Thanks for doing this!

The Lost Collector said...

I remember these contests from way back!

acrackedbat said...

thanks for your generosity! hope you have fun with this! sounds fun for the winners!

Bubba said...

Sounds cool! I was not a reader "back in the day". Now I have to go find and check out those posts!

The Angels In Order said...

Yay a Fuji Contest! I read regularly anyhow, so even better! Promoted

Greg Zakwin said...

Count me in!

zman40 said...

Sounds like fun! I mean, who doesn't like posts centered around autographed cards?

Dawgbones said...

nice! Been a past winner of the summer-long blast! and in for sure!
actually made a post too (for the first time in over a year!!)

thanks Fuji!
has your Momma doing? (and the rest of the fam...?)

Dawgbones said...

supposed to be "HOW's"... not has!!!

bbcardz said...

Thanks for a very cool contest!

Dion's IP Autos only said...

Sounds great I’m all in and will be plugging contest tonight when I get home from work Thanks Dion

Steve at said...

Thanks for taking the time to do this. Sounds fun and I almost missed it (need more time in life). I also plugged the contest over at my place at

Dion's IP Autos only said...

Fuji, You've been pimped!
Thanks for running this and the chance to win something.

Man said...

thank you for your thoughtfulness! I am in

Scribbled Ink said...

I linked to your contest. Thanks for the chance!

Greg Zakwin said...

And pimped!

Matt said...

Linked the contest here

SumoMenkoMan said...

Plugged over at the Japanese Sumo Wrestling Cards and Menko blog.

Matt said...

I plugged your contest!

CaptKirk42 said...

sounds like a fun contest. I can tell right now I won't have the time to participate in this detailed a treasure hunt contest. Congratulations in advance to whoever wins.