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Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Big Heart

A few months back, I mentioned that my mother slipped and broke her hip.  What I don't think I mentioned is that before the surgery, an electrocardiogram (EKG) was performed on her to make sure her heart could handle the anesthesia.

The results revealed that there was a valve that needed to be replaced to prevent her suffering a heart attack in the very near future.

Fast forward to today... and my mother has worked hard to rehabilitate her hip and the family has been very happy with her progress.

She was set to undergo her valve replacement surgery this morning, which on a positive note is suppose to be minimally invasive with a very high success rate.  However after running a few more tests this morning, it looks like she's going to need to see one more specialist before rescheduling the surgery.

Unfortunately, I don't think my principal is gonna allow me to take another week off from work, so hopefully one of my siblings will be able to go down and support them in a few weeks when they set a new date.

Worst case scenario... I'll go down for one or two days.

Anyways... while writing this up, I kept drawing a blank in regards to which direction I was going to take this post.  I thought about writing about caring athletes, because "caring" is probably the best word to describe my mom.

I considered writing a post on athletes born and raised in Hawaii... because that's where she grew up.

Then I remembered Rod Carew and his successful heart surgery that took place back in December 2016.  So I figured I'd go ahead and write about some recent additions to my Rod Carew collection:

1977-79 Sportcaster Italy #10-07

After publishing My Plastic Fetish post, I discovered that many of you aren't big fans of slabbed cards.  I'm okay with that.  We all collect in our own unique way and to be honest... I'm not a die-hard graded card collector either.  The vast majority of my collection is not graded and won't be as long as the cards are in my possession.

However I grabbed this card because it was cheap ($4.34) and part of a bulk shipment from 4 Sharp Corners.

As soon as I received the package, I was blown away by how big this holder is.  Sportscasters are huge (4 3/4" x 6 1/4")!  Not exactly sure how I'll display or store this card.  It's currently sitting on my desk off to the side.

For $8.79... I also grabbed this card from 4 Sharp Corners:

1974 Kellogg's #30

I'm definitely part of the 70's and 80's Kellogg's lenticular baseball card fan club... which seems to have a cult-like following among us bloggers.  Although I realize it's blasphemous to some for keeping Carew locked up in this plastic cell, but for the time being... that's where he's staying.

Last, but not least...

2016 Museum Collection Archival Autographs #AA-RC

I have no idea when or where I purchased this card... nor do I know how much I spent... but I scanned it back in February, so I consider this a new addition.  I've been a fan of Museum Collection Archival Autographs the past few years and this is my favorite design.

For being one of the greatest contact hitters of his generation, Carew's autographs are very affordable.  If I were to guess, I probably paid anywhere from $15 to $25 for this card.

The final card in this post isn't a new addition... it's an oldie, but goodie:

1997 Leaf Thomas The Big Heart Leukemia #1

I've written about this card before.  Leaf produced these back in the day to help raise money for The Frank Thomas Charitable Foundation.  The foundation was established to honor Frank's sister whom he lost to Leukemia.  Carew's daughter (Michelle) passed away from Leukemia as well.

Although Leukemia is cancer of the blood cells, I thought I'd share this card in honor of my mother and her big heart.

That's it for today.  I hope all of you are enjoying your week.

Happy Thursday and sayonara!


  1. A very honorable post! I like the 1997 card...am going to keep my eye out.

    Hope all goes well with your Mom. Moms are the best!

  2. All best wishes for your Mom and her upcoming surgery.

    Carew was always one of my favorite opponent players. He's never gotten the respect he earned as a hitter. Not sure why.

  3. All the best wishes to your mom. Hope things go smoothly from here on out

  4. Wishing all the best for your mom... and the rest of your family too, as I would imagine that this has been trying for everyone involved.

  5. Great cards. Sending good vibes to Mama Fuji!

  6. Positive thoughts to your mom.
    Great cardboard selection btw

  7. Hoping for smooth sailing and recovery for your mom!

    Carew was a favorite of mine growing up in socal. It's oddly cool to see him in the Disney era Angel gear

  8. Hope your mom is back on her chopper eluding the cops in no time! (jk)

    Love that '16 Museum Collection. I've picked up some Oriole guys for $15 or so and they're gorgeous. Will probably get more online sometime.

  9. Best wishes for your mom's surgery Fuji. Count me among the few who, like you, enjoy a good graded card!

  10. Thank you for the update-I hope all goes well-there is aways Family Medial Leaves Act-if needed. Momma Fuji in my thoughts

  11. I love graded cards..and I love 4 Sharp Corners. And Rod Carew is a great tie-in to your mom. I hope everything goes smoothly for her. Hope she's 110% better soon!

  12. Hoping for the best for Mama Fuji!

  13. I am a Carew fan, nice pick ups!

    Wishing the best to your mom and your family.

  14. Love those Kelloggs cards. Hope everything goes well with your mother's surgery.

  15. Thank you for all of the kind comments. Although the surgery is kind of scary... everyone I've spoken to has said my mom will walk away with more energy and will be glad she had it performed. I'll share the results in a future post.

    SumoMenkoMan - If you're patient, you should be able to find it for a few bucks. Maybe even a quarter bin.

    Commishbob - Not sure either. Maybe because he played in Anaheim and Minnesota?

    Jon - Lol. As crazy as this sounds... my mom is the most relaxed about the whole thing.

    gcrl - I didn't really catch that until I read your comment. That is weird.

    GCA - Yeah... I have two more of those signatures: Jose Altuve and Kurt Suzuki. Plus I have a UFC autograph of a ring girl with that design.

    shoeboxlegends - Based on the post I wrote... we're in the minority. But 100% okay with that.

    B Man - Thanks for the info. Hope you find some really cool stuff at TriStar today. Wish I was there.

    Chris - 4 Sharp Corners can be dangerous. I try to only look at their stuff once a month... otherwise I end up blowing my whole budget in one purchase.