30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

This Bud's for You!

Today is National Drink Beer Day, so I figured I'd show off a few Tony Gwynn collectibles that are related to the world's most popular alcoholic beverage.  So grab yourself some suds, sit back, and check these out...

#11996 Pinnacle Summit Ballparks #18

I feel like beer advertisements are fairly common on trading cards, but I only found found a handful of Gwynns featuring them in my binders.

If you look right above Gwynn's butt and to the right, you'll see a Budweiser ad within the Jack Murphy Stadium scoreboard.

#21997 Score #535

I'm not 100% sure what beer company is featured on the outfield wall behind Gwynn, but it's some kind of light beerAnyone recognize this beer logo?

#31984 Miller Lite #NNO

I've featured this oversized Gwynn a few times on this blog over the years.

You guys like beer.  I like oversized Tony Gwynn oddball cards.

#41984 Smokey San Diego Padres #NNO

Another Budweiser ad embedded in a scoreboard.  This time Gwynn has a drinking buddySmokey the Bear.

The last item isn't a trading card...

#5Ale Smith .394 Pale Ale Bottle & Carrier

Two years ago, Mr. Haverkamp hooked me up with this bottle and carrier for my Tony Gwynn PC.  I'm not sure about the shelf life of beer, but this unopened bottle is still sitting on my book shelf, while the carrier has been stored flat underneath it.

Even though I'm not really a beer drinker, I actually regret not opening this up and giving it a try.  But the next time I'm down in San Diego, I'll make sure to buy a bottle for consumption.

As for National Drink Beer Day... I'll have to celebrate it with a swig of Smartwater... since I don't have any root beer on hand.  What about you?

Did you celebrate the special day with a malt beverage?

Happy Tuesday and sayonara!


  1. Well, I don't drink, but I'd hoist a ,394 in honor of Mr. PADRE.

    Good Job. šŸ‘

  2. I think those are the colors of Bud Light.

    The most interesting thing I had to drink today was a coconut-flavored Bai.

  3. I did not have a beer today but this is a rare occasion where I have some in the fridge: Summit EPA (my favorite and it is brewed in St Paul) and spotted cow from Wisconsin. The dodger telecast a week or so ago happened to mention spotted cow because Gavin Lux is from Wisconsin and I guess you can’t talk about that state without bringing up beer.

  4. Yeah, I don't drink either, but I agree with Elliptical Man--that's a Bud Light billboard.

  5. I'm drinking a beer right now and didn't even know.

    Funny enough, I used to say "this Bud's for you" as a 5 year old play tee ball. In the late 80s when a Yankee hit a HR, the announcer (usually Rizzuto) would have to say "Don Mattingly, this bud's for you." Probably not the best think for a small kid to run around saying!

  6. I very seldom drink (last time was in April for my sister's B-Day). I'd rather spend my money on cards than alcohol.

  7. john sharp - i'm gonna hoist a .394 one day. one day.

    elliptical man - thanks. that's what i was thinking... but i couldn't find the exact add using that font and color outline. never had a bai, but i see them at the grocery store. maybe i'll give it a try

    gcrl - i used to have a six pack of corona in my fridge for friends and family who wanted a beer. but that was pre-pandemic.

    brett alan - thanks for the confirmation. knew it said light. just couldn't figure out the brand

    the lost collector - times have changed. don't think people cared as much when we were kids. pretty sure my friends and i would shout out "tastes great" and "less filling" as kids. don't remember ever being scolded for that ;D

    bbcardz - me too. i might drink 3x a year... and it's usually a jack and coke.

  8. That Gwynn and Smokey card is fantastic. As far as beer goes, it’s as good as it’s ever been in its history, and there are so many amazing tastes available now. I’m about 2-3x per week, IPAs and sours mostly. This is also why I run…

  9. I've got to get me some Smokey the Bear cards!

  10. That Smokey and the Bear card is awesome!!! I don't drink at all and it's probably a good thing the way my liver is

  11. Had a cherry Pepsi today. And yes, Smokey is cool.

  12. jay - i watch beer reviews from time to time on youtube and i'm often tempted to try some of them. but not sure i want to add one more expense to my grocery list. plus... i already have a gut and don't ever run. not sure i could afford the extra calories

    jongudmund - yeah, they're pretty cool. looks like ebay dealers are trying to cash in on them right now. i wouldn't pay their asking prices. wait for an auction and i'm sure you'll be able to snag the entire set for under ten bucks

    matt - stay healthy matt. the world needs designated drivers like us

    anonymous - haven't had a cherry pepsi in a long time, but it sounds delicious. i drank a mandarin jarritos yesterday though.

  13. I used to drink all the time in college, but nowadays I might have maybe one or two a year. Now that autumn is here I may enjoy a hard cider.

  14. Asian flush kicked in something fierce like a half-dozen years ago to the point where even a single beer isn't enjoyable anymore.

  15. Good post. Beer goes together will baseball well. That pale ale box is pretty cool.

  16. I want to check out the .394 beer! Great post!