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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Brown Bag Lunches

Yesterday was Back to School Night... which was held online due to Covid.  Don't worry.  We're not doing distance learning.  I'm still back in my classroom standing in front of warm blooded 7th graders and loving it.

Yesterday was also the first treat dayWhat's treat day?  Well it's a once a month deal where one department is responsible for providing treats for the staffYesterday's treat day theme was Brown Bag Lunches.  Staff grabbed a brown bag and filled them up with individually wrapped items like Smucker's sandwiches, Lay's potato chips, Quaker granola bars, Welch's fruit snacks, and Capri Suns.

I thought it was a very creative idea... considering most of the staff isn't currently eating lunch in the staff lounge and probably wouldn't enjoy the usual buffet style lunch while in the midst of a pandemic.

It also reminded me of when my mom used to pack me a lunch when I was a kid.  I was more of a lunch pail kid, but every now and then, I'd get my lunch packed in a brown bag.  As for the contents... it'd usually include a sandwich, a bag of chips, a fruit or pudding cup, and a Thermos filled with Kool-Aid or milk.  And when life was really good... Mama Fuji would toss a Hostess treat into the lunch pail or brown bag.

Life was really good back on June 26th of this year.  That day my buddy and I attended the Bay Area Sports Cards & Collectibles Expo in Fairfield, California... which was the greatest card shows I've attended since the 90's.  If interested, you can read more about it here.

To make a long story short... I spent three hours standing around one guy's booth... digging through his 8 for $1, 5 for $1, and 10 for $4 boxes.  There was a ton of cool stuff I purchased from him... but by far the highlight of the haul were these eight 1979 Hostess panels I found sitting in his 5 for $1 boxes:

1979 Hostess Panel #1-3

The first panel features our first hall of famer as well as a nice Oakland Coliseum cameo.

1979 Hostess Panel #4-6

If you don't look at the bottom half of each card... you might think all three cards in this panel were photographed on the same day at the same placeClear blue skies.

1979 Hostess Panel #7-9

This is arguably the best panel in the lotMike Schmidt is the biggest name and Garvey is fan favorite among many of us.

1979 Hostess Panel #10-12

I'm gonna guess that Whitfield was photographed at Candlestick Park... which would mean Denny (Panel #1-3) was too.  Palmer is the third hall of famer in the lot and Moreno is wearing the first pillbox cap.

1979 Hostess Panel #13-15

Not much to say about this panel... other than the fact that Kemp looks pissed off.

1979 Hostess Panel #16-18

This panel contains the lone Oakland Athletic in the lot.  And if you're not familiar with Mitchell Page... he's the guy who was arguably robbed by Eddie Murray back in 1978.

1979 Hostess Panel #19-21

And this panel contains the lone San Diego Padre in the lotTenace was also a key part of those Swingin' A's teams from earlier in the decade.

1979 Hostess Panel #22-24

The Kid is the key to this panel.  He's the fourth and final hall of famer in this lot of Hostess panels.  And that smile on his face is probably very similar to the one on my face when I found this stack of panels sitting in this guy's box.

Although these were the highlight to that card show haul, I still have a few more cards I'll show off in future postsOne of them is scheduled to be published in May of 2022... which is the longest I've ever sat on a post in the history of this blog.  Stay tuned.

Happy Thursday and sayonara!


  1. Hostess panels for 20 cents each? That's less than 7 cents a card! Now that is a 5/$1 box.

  2. Congrats on a very nice haul! Too bad Hostess doesn't do baseball cards anymore.

  3. OMG! Such a fantastic deal. I'd be giddy to find those panels for a buck and more on the Schmidt.

  4. Is it Rickey breaking the steals record on May 1?

  5. Murray voted himself as ROY? Scoundrel!

  6. Oh wow!! Awesome find on those panels!

  7. My kids have to bring snacks in brown paper bags right now for whatever reason. Every other week or so I make sure to snag the bags and do some sort of drawing on them, like a Fortnite or Disney character.

  8. hwut?! 5/$1 hostess panels? Hot damn congrats on that.

  9. The brown bag lunch brings back some memories for sure. We did lunch pails & lunch boxes in elementary school but by junior high & high school we were brown bagging it from time to time. The cards you showed off today look great. Nice pick ups. And at that price! Nice.

  10. I definitely miss these food releases. Some nice pickups for sure.

  11. gtt - 7¢ a card sounds even better than 20¢ a panel. thanks for pointing that out

    bbcardz - i wish they did. i'd definitely buy me some boxes of zingers if they did

    johnnys trading spot - i was truly giddy. wish he had more

    elliptical man - good guess. it's actually a dodger post.

    anonymous - yup. that's the rumor.

    adam - thanks. my best purchase of 2021

    the lost collector - your kids school doesn't allow lunch pails? that's crazy. i wonder why.

    nick vossbrink - thanks. shame i don't come across them more often.

    matt - thanks

    peter k steinberg - i think i switched to brown bags in the upper grade... but middle school for sure.

    sumomenkoman - sure wish there were more card and food collaborations... especially since the hobby is so popular right now.