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Monday, September 13, 2021

A Quartet of Modern Wonders

Now here's a little blog post I'd like to tell about four modern wonders you know so well...

The first three are members of my favorite group of musicians... the Beastie Boys.

Gregory over a Nine Pockets is another one of those talented custom card creators and recently he held a giveaway for some his creations:

The giveaway was simple.  Look over his 2019 and 2020 custom card galleries and be one of the first twenty commenters (as I am writing this post... fifteen people had responded) to respond.  You could choose up to three cards from his list (with the exception of his stained glass Sadaharu Oh and Mr. Bean Topps Giant cards).

1982 Topps #21

I instantly knew two of the cards I wanted.  The first one is the Beastie Boys card shown above that was inspired by the 1982 Topps Future Stars card design made famous by The Iron Man.  The other card was another Beastie Boys card:

This one was inspired by the 1984 Topps Highlights subset design and mentions their popular Hey Ladies single and one of Japan's most famous baseball playersSadaharu Oh.

With these two cards... my Beastie Boys collection has officially grown to six cards.

Before I move on to the third custom card I picked... I wanted to quickly shoutout one of my 6th period students.

She hooked me up with this Beastie Boys mug for my birthdayThanks KM!

The final card I requested was this 1976 Topps inspired card of Harry Callahan:

I chose this card, because I've been a Bay Area resident my entire life and I enjoy collecting cards representing it.  It fits perfectly into that collection as Clint Eastwood played a San Francisco Police Department inspector in the 1971 classicDirty Harry.

Gregory's custom has expanded that collection to six cards as well.  Actually I have seven cards for this collection, but last card doesn't fit into a standard nine pocket page.

It's this gigantic box loader of The Golden Gate Bridge... which represents the fourth modern wonder I referred to in the title of this post:

2013 Topps A&G Wonders of the World Cabinet #WOW-11

This card was a COMC purchase I made back in June.  I've been wanting to add this card for a long time and I finally bit the bullet spent $3.50 of my credit to land it.  But this isn't a COMC haul post.  I'll save the rest of the cards I picked up for another day.  Getting back to Gregory...

Thank you for this very generous giveaway!  Let me know when that Sadaharu Oh stained glass custom is available for purchase, I'd love to first in line to buy one.

Yes... Gregory has a store where he sells these customsCheck ch check check check it out here.

By the way... if you want to read more about the Beastie Boys and Harry Callahan customs shown above, just click on the links.  They'll take you to his awesome blog where he breaks down each of the customs he makes.

I'll go ahead and wrap things up with this Beastie Boys video:

An Open Letter to NYC is a song off of their To the 5 Boroughs album which honors New York City and all of its citizens.  Towards the beginning of the song... MCA raps...

Dear New York, I hope you're doing well...
I know a lot's happened and you've been through hell.
So we give thanks for providing a home...
through the gates at Ellis Island we passed in droves.

Later on Ad Rock spits these powerful lines...

Since 9/11, we're still livin'...
and lovin' life we've been given.
Ain't nothing gonna take that away from us...
We're lookin' pretty and gritty cause in the city we trust.

And rounding out the trio... Mike D comes in with these rhymes...

Dear New York, I know a lot has changed...
2 towers down, but you're still in the game.
Home to the many, rejecting no one...
Accepting peoples of all places... wherever they're from.

Moving forward, but never forgetting.  Have a great week.  Happy Monday and sayonara!


  1. Ah, ah. I know what you're thinkin'...did he fill ten pockets or only nine? Well you've just gotta ask yourself one question...

  2. Professor, What's another name for Pirate Treasure?
    Looking forward to seeing your haul from Comc! Those Custom B-Boy Cards have a License To ill as Well as Being Whatcha Whatcha Whatcha Want. Definitely in the Market for those Yo MTV raps cards as well as any Beastie Boys Lp's. Favorite Beastie Boys Album: Paul's Boutique
    Have you ever seen Fahrenheit 9/11?
    God Bless us All!

  3. I like NY cards for the same reason you like SF cards. I assume you have some A's and Giants from '92 Leaf in that collection?

  4. Awesome, Fuji! I got some freebies too in the comments, and also placed a small order since I really liked quite a few others. Will be putting up a video on YouTube soon...

  5. Thanks for mentioning the blog and the shop, Fuji! Glad the cards made it across the country so quickly. There are still a few spots remaining for the giveaway, and I'm going to leave it open for now. (If any commenters here are interested, please check it out.)

  6. gca - nice. i should have made a dirty hairy reference. thanks for stepping in and taking care of that for me ;D

    johnny trading spot - do i feel lucky? well do you punk?

    xavier higgins - they started releasing beastie boys lps agains of their main albums a few years ago. the only original i have is a licensed to ill... and the lp is cracked. my favorite album is check your head followed closely by ill communication

    bo - i'm building both the 1992 leaf and 1992 leaf black sets, so i have some a's and giants. didn't realize they have golden gate bridge photos in the background though. i'll have to double check

    shoebox legends - very nice of you to support gregory. he's got some really cool stuff. can't wait to see what you picked up.

    gregory - that's awesome! thanks again for these awesome cards and additions to my beastie boys and san francisco collections