30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Things I Like, But You Don't

One of the most coolest things about our hobby is the diversity among collectors.  It's truly beautiful.  In fact, if we all found the exact same things to be interesting, I'm guessing things would get a little boring around here.  That's why I have really enjoyed reading everyone's Things You Like, But I Don't posts.

When I wrote mine, I mentioned how I kept accidentally adding Things I Like, But You Don't items.  That's why I opened up and started writing a separate post while working on the first one... and today I'll be sharing those items with you.

Since these posts tend to get long, I'll go ahead and get started... and I'll do my best to keep my explanations short and simple.

#1Graded Cards

1955 Red Man #7

I feel like these are one of the most polarizing items in our hobby and I realize that there are plenty of collectors out there who enjoy collecting them.  However among other card bloggers, I definitely feel like I'm in the minority.

#21991 Fleer Baseball

1991 Fleer #118

I really, really disliked this set for decades.  Then I opened up a couple of boxes and it grew on me.  Part of it has to do with some stellar photography.  I don't love this set... but I like it.

#3Barry Bonds

2001 Fleer Home Run King #BB-HRK

I won't even begin to waste my breath trying to defend Barry's choices and actions, but I'm not going to forget the excitement he brought to the Bay Area and baseball fans around the world either.  In the early to mid 2000's, I'd get excited every time he stepped into the batter's box.  As a baseball fan, that's worth something to me.

#41986 Sportflics

1986 Sportflics #13

These cards scan like $hit and don't receive a lot of hobby love... or if they do... I don't really hear it.  But I have a sentimental soft spot for this set.  At 65¢ for a three card pack, this was the first high end product I ever opened.  Not 1991 Stadium Club.  Not 1990 Leaf.   Not even 1989 Upper Deck.

#5Kenner Starting Lineups

1994 Kenner Cooperstown Collection SLU

Due to limited space, I don't buy SLU's as much as I used to.  But that doesn't mean I don't love them.  There was a time when I was just as excited to see these things hanging up on pegs in the toy aisle as finding boxes of baseball cards in the candy aisle.

#6Oakland Coliseum

2019 Topps #126

It might be considered a giant cesspool to most of baseball, but this cesspool is the home to my favorite baseball team and tons of great memories stemming back to my childhood.

#7Pete Rose

1968 Topps Game #30

Okay.  He's a liar and he broke one of baseball's golden rules.  And for that I couldn't stand the guy for decades.  Actually... I still don't like him as a person.  But as a ball player, he played hard and is the MLB's Hit King.  And that's what I focus on when I collect his cards.

#8Wax Stains

1983 Topps #319

When I was a kid, I hated opening up a pack and seeing a giant wax stain.  I'd often put them in their own stack and attempt to trade them away.  Today, I embrace their character.  In fact, I'd love to one day own a 1983 Topps Tony Gwynn rookie card with a big fat wax stain on the back.

#9Sports Busts

1996 Leaf Signature Series Autograph #NNO

Love it or not, rookie cards of popular athletes will always have a following in our hobbySports busts?  Not so much.  But back in 2010, instead of focusing on Mike Trout cards... I started building my Sports Card Bust PC.  Probably not the wisest investment decisionBut who the heck is in this hobby for investment purposes?

#10Collecting Wax Packs

1991 BBM Baseball

Yeah.  Yeah.  Yeah.  Packs are meant to be openedI know, I know.  But I enjoy collecting them too.  Like I said at the beginning of this post... diversity is beautiful.

We're different colors and different breeds.  Different people with different needs.  People should collect what they want to collect.  If they did, they'd probably enjoy it moreAnd isn't that one of the goals of having a hobby?

Happy Tuesday and sayonara!


  1. I agree on 1,2(we called it the banana set),3(put him in the HOF),4(liked sportflics sets 86-88),6(saw my first american league game there 1972),7(put him in the HOF too,he has waited long enough).

  2. I agree with you on:

    1. Barry Bonds
    2. Sportsflics
    3. Oakland Coliseum
    4. Wax Stains
    5. Sports Busts
    6. Depeche Mode

    You should have woven these into your own version of the Crash Davis "I Believe Speech" from Bull Durham

  3. I like most of your list, if not all of it. Sports Busts PC is fantastic. Well done!

  4. I agree on #4 and #7.

    I never really got into the starting lineups but I don't know why, they are kind of right up my alley. I might have to start looking for those.

  5. Cool that you collect unopened packs!

  6. Yup, you're right. I don't like ANY of these things.

  7. I almost put '91 Fleer on my list, but figured including it with '95 Fleer would've been pushing it. Can't say I like Starting Lineup figures, but I love those cards that came with 'em. Always exciting to find one of those at a card show.

    I've found myself picking up more and more rookie/minor league cards of failed prospects when I see them in dime boxes. It's a fun little collection to have for kicks, although a little part of me dies inside every time I see a Corey Patterson rookie in there.

  8. Another fun post. I've said it many times - I am not a Pete Rose apologist but I remain a fan.

  9. You have an interesting list here.

    As much as people rip the Coliseum, it was the Stick where a pitcher got blown off the mound. LOL

  10. I think I can only agree with Pete Rose and Sports Busts. Not totally a bust, but the 1988 Donruss Gregg Jefferies is an iconic card in that category in my opinion. And I seriously didn't think anyone in the world liked 91 Fleer. At least you don't love it. Fun list.

  11. Not a bad list. Sportsflics, I feel like there is a comeback waiting to happen with those cards.

  12. I like Sportflics too.

    And as an Expos fan who saw all his live games as a kid at Olympic Stadium, I can empathize with holding dear a stadium that everyone else hates!

  13. I definitely agree with you on Sportflics, Rose and Starting Lineups!

  14. I agree with you on the bust collection. Love some of the '90's guys like Travis Lee, Matt Anderson, and Jose Cruz, Jr. who were hyped back when their rookie cards came out. Never been to the Coliseum, but I can definitely relate with all of the hate that people show Tropicana Field. I'd see a game at the Trop before I went back to KC, Comiskey Park, Houston, or Atlanta.

  15. I agree with you on wax stains. Just seeing that picture takes me back to the big sticks of gum. I can smell it and taste it. I've tried gum from a pack that was about 25 years old - I can still taste that too.

  16. I love 91 Fleer. I have been trying to get the Pirates team set signed TTM or In Person for nearly a decade.

    I had close to 50 Starting Lineups as a kid. Now I only have loose ones for any Pittsburgh guys that I hang on my mini sports Christmas tree each year.

  17. sg488 - 86-88 and one of the years from the 90's were the four years i bought sportflics. wish i stumbled across boxes of the other years at shows and flea markets, because i'd love to check out the other stuff they produced. as for bonds and rose, it seems like if you're cool with one, you're cool with the other

    the snorting bull - lol. that would have been cool, but i'm not creative enough for that.

    johnnys trading spot - for the sake of this post, i was actually hoping my batting average would be lower. i was trying to pick things i didn't things people would enjoy. i guess in your case, it's a glass is half empty or half filled.

    peter k steinberg - lol. guess i failed at picking items i thought people would not like.

    jeff laws - kenner slus are fun to collect. the problem is they take up a ton of space. that's why i mostly collect the cards only these days.

    the lost collector - it's mainly non-sports and japanese baseball packs, but i'd love to one day pick up an unopened pack of topps from 1972 to present. but that probably won't happen unless i win the lottery

    night owl - FINALLY. i was surprised at how many people have commented that they liked items on this list. oh well... we all like or dislike different things.

    nick - if i had to pick a favorite thing about starting lineups, it'd be the cards. as for the busts, i hadn't looked for any in a few years. maybe i was giving guys like brady aiken and mark appel a chance to flop

    gcrl - the older i get... the less i hold things against pete.

    elliptical man - i love candlestick too!

    jeff b - only two for ten, i'll take that. i tried picking things that i thought people wouldn't like. pretty surprised you and a few others appreciate busts. as for jefferies, he definitely didn't live up to his original card values... but he had a "respectable" career

    sumomenkoman - i hope so. they're really cool cards. but when it comes to lenticular trading cards, they're the red headed stepchild

    sean - wow. way more love for sportflics than i would have thought. i'm totally jealous that you got to attend expos games there. i think the nationals should play 10 games in olympic stadium each season wearing expos uniforms to give back to expos fans.

    reds card collector - very surprised to see so much love for sportflics. but i'm not complaining... they're very cool cards

    jeremya1um - dang... the a's and rays do have a lot in common ;D

    runforekelloggs - i had to really, really dig to find a card with wax stains in my collection. i have a couple from the 70's, but you couldn't really see them. i finally found this one sitting in my 1983 topps set. it stuck out like a sore thumb.

    collecting cutch - that's a pretty cool 91 fleer project. black sharpie would really stand out on those cards. how many do you have signed so far? hanging slus on a christmas tree? that's an awesome idea!

  18. 1. Graded cards – see the allure to validate authenticity and I have gotten a few over the year but not really a fan
    2. 1991 Fleer – don’t hate it but I don’t really like it, at least they are easy to spot in a box!
    3. Barry Bonds – I LOVE Barry Bonds, we are aligned here – best player in baseball history
    4. 1986 Sportflics – I really enjoy this set and have the full set from 1987. I thought I had the 86 set but can’t find it right now
    5. Kenner SLU – I only have a few of these for my player collections, kind of on the fence leaning towards don’t like
    6. Oakland Coliseum – was more of a Candlestick fan growing up but enjoyed A’s games – at least it wasn’t as cold
    7. Pete Rose – big fan of Pete as a player too, he should be the HOF hands down
    8. Wax Stains – hate them
    9. Sports Busts – if they are Giants I still collect them but don’t really like them
    10. Collecting Wax Packs – I prefer opening, have thought about collecting a run from either my birth year (1971) or the year I started collecting (1979) but haven’t pulled the trigger. I just know one day I would be weak and crack them all looking for that Dave Winfield rookie I just know is in my 1974 pack

    We aren’t that aligned but not that far off.

    1. arpsmith - my interest in graded cards started off with the authenticity, but gotta say it's evolved into something bigger. i really do enjoy grabbing psa 10 copies of rookie cards of players i like. even though i don't sell cards, i like seeing the jump in value as their star power rises. as for candlestick, i loved going there too. probably went to just as many games there as i did the coliseum in the 70's and 80's.