30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, April 11, 2020

It's A Celebration

What do you do when you start running out of blog post ideas?  Me?  I turn to the abundance of holidays celebrated around the worldDid you know that yesterday was National Siblings Day?  Well... that's what one of my friends posted on Facebook.  I did a little research and the internet confirmed it.

Today I decided to look a few holidays we've recently observed (or had no clue existed) and apply some trading cards to them.

1National Siblings Day  4/10/20

1977 Topps #631-634

There are a few different baseball cards that honor brothers out there.  I decided to go with these, but these were the first to pop into my head.

It's a four card subset from 1977 Topps and I'm pretty sure this is how I discovered that George Brett had a brother.

2National Love Our Children Day  4/4/20

2014 Topps Update #153

Glad to see there's a holiday to celebrate loving your children.  Anyways, when I saw this on the calendar I immediately thought of this card.

3National Pet Day  4/11/20

1993 Milk-Bone Super Stars #4

I don't own a pet, but if I did... it would be a dog.  I've written a few dog inspired posts, so I won't bore you with my Bernese Mountain Dog cards again.  Instead I went with one of the most famous oddball issues featuring dogs.

One of the coolest things about these cards are they include information about the dog(s) featured on the card.

4National Beer Day  4/7/20

2001 St. Pauli Girl Set

I told you on Thursday that I'm not a big fan of beer.  However I have no problem with women who enjoy drinking beer or women in beer advertisements.

Meet Neriah Davis.  She was the 2001 St. Pauli Girl and her favorite perfume is Chanel.

5National Cherish an Antique Day  4/9/20

1909-11 T206 #399

I feel like different people have different opinions about what is considered an "antique".  For the sake of this post, I'll go with something that is 100 years or older.

Corky over at Pack War donated this card to my collection several years ago.  It's the first T206 I ever owned.

6National Find a Rainbow Day  4/3/20

1970 Topps Super Glossy #9

I don't have any shiny refractor rainbows for you today, but I picked up this Bart Starr which kinda features a rainbow.

I bought this card back in February.  The original plan was to feature this card on my mom's birthday.  But for one reason or another, it didn't happen.  Anyways, my parents were fans of the Green Bay Packers back in the 50's and 60's.  I'm sure she would have liked this card with the bright colors in the background.

Well... that's it for today.  I hope all of you are enjoying a safe holiday weekend with your families.  

Happy Easter Eve and sayonara!


  1. Hope you are well, Mark. Blog ideas are about all these Facebook holidays are good for. The Starr glossy is really a great card from an insert set that never gets any love.

  2. Excellent idea, and you picked some really great cards for this post.

  3. Those brothers cards are the best cards in that set.

  4. So my son, he's 9, is obsessed with Presidents. We have read books on them, he watches movies about them. He has them memorized in order along with their birth date, place of birth, state they ran from, and their date of death. We have even taken him on road trips to see Presidential things, probably the most unique is Thomas Jefferson's original tombstone is in the middle of the University of Missouri's campus.

    Anyway, lots of time to write this comment....

    Last year he has to do a project on a holiday that our family celebrates. I am not super into having my kid make stuff up for school, but he made a poster claiming we celebrate President's Day. It was funny, so I roll with it. All sorts of details about what we do, and he tops it off by randomly dressing up as George Washington on President's Day, and claims it's part of the tradition. This year, doesn't dress up for President's Day, all the kids notice, and his teacher from last year.

  5. Nope, nope, you don't like beer, you don't get to collect cards of girls with beer. Hand it over.

    Also, ONE of your Facebook friends posted about National Siblings Day? I was inundated!

  6. i was happy when suzuki had such a good year and made the all-star team in '14. that's a great card that he got as a result.

  7. I know all about being stuck on ideas

  8. great post I have a whole collection of cards that are siblings

  9. I didn't realize there were so many brothers in baseball! I like the beer girl card for sure!

  10. National Cherish an Antique Day? That should be every day!

  11. Looks like you've got a card for every occasion! N.O.'s comment about the St. Pauli girl made me chuckle.

    When I run out of ideas for blog posts I try to find something unique to say about every team, or I pick up a binder and find a set I like. Forgetting for a minute that no one else would care, or that it's common knowledge, just jot down some thoughts. You'd be amazed at how many people enjoy stuff like that.

  12. Happy Easter and this was a fascinating post. I learned a lot about the "Holidays" that are out there the cards you've selected were great. Thanks so much!

  13. Fun post! Milkbones is one of my face little sets. POWERS is a nice specimen. How generous of Corky! I'd call it antique and appreciate you going back 100 years for it. At my age, hearing anything 20 years old can be considered antique is upsetting. ;)

  14. commishbob - facebook holidays. i like the term. and i totally agree. had the opportunity to buy a really clean set in january, but it was just outside the price i wanted to pay.

    the lost collector - wish i could claim the idea. there's a blogger out there who has a desk calendar with these holidays. pretty sure he/she was the one who got me started

    the angels in order - thanks. maybe i'll make this a monthly series or something

    johnnys trading spot - they are pretty darn cool. i also like the turn back the clock subset

    the snorting bull - your kid is creative. love that he left a mark on his classmates and teacher. he'll be hearing about that for the rest of his life.

    night owl - i texted my buddy to see if he had an extra set for you, but he doesn't. if i ever find a reasonably priced one at a local flea market, it's yours. she's actually one of my closest friends. it was an opportunity for her to take a photo of her son and three month old daughter

    gcrl - i'm hoping he has at least one more all-star game left in his career

    sport card collectors - feel free to borrow this one ;)

    friend 11 - i actually thought about making that a post in itself, but it involved me digging for sets which quickly changed my mind

    sumomenkoman - there are a bunch. literally 100's of brothers who played professional baseball. i'll keep my eyes peeled for a set for you too.

    nick - totally agree. i also feel that loving your children should be something we celebrate on a daily basis ;)

    chris - me too. he's got a point, but i'm holding onto the set anyways. i'm a sucker for trivia, so i enjoy those types of posts

    peter k steinberg - the number of special days out there is pretty crazy. hope you had a happy easter too.

    acrackedbat - 20 years old? the only people i can even imagine trying to make that argument would be little kids. i've heard 50 years though. not sure who originally told me 100 years, but that's the one i'm sticking with.