30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Pull of the Year

Last week, I wrote about the two large brown boxes filled with mystery bags that I purchased off of my friend back in early 2019.

Well... it's been about a week and I've opened up all of the mystery bags from one of the boxes.  It provided a hour's worth of entertainment... but honestly there hadn't been any life altering pulls... until I stumbled across this beauty:

1988 Score #555

BangPowKaboomThis card is straight fire.  Sorry Johnny.  You might have dibs on the majority of the Braves coming out of these mystery packs... but this card won't be headed out to the Florida Georgia Line anytime soon.  It's destined for an old school, one inch screw down.

Happy April Fools' Day and sayonara!


  1. I dunno man, a screw down might not be enough- I think you should get it graded!

  2. Ooh nice card! But I acquired a special version of that same cards (and for less than $100). Check it out:


  3. He looks like a grandpa in that picture. Love it!!!

  4. well what have we here? Niekro's run up the score today!

  5. Good one. And not the only Score Phil Neikro post today: https://30aweekhabit.blogspot.com/2020/04/better-than-1991-fleer.html. I feel left out. I would've posted on this card, too.

  6. Niekro mojo! I just left a similar comment on Brian's blog. He also showed off this 1988 score final tribute.
    I didn't realize today was his birthday so my niekro posts will be a week late (yes I have 2 niekro centric posts scheduled for next week)

  7. Sweet Niekro! That's a keeper!

  8. The third post I’ve seen with this card today. That’s some serendipity!

  9. brian - you're a genius! it's on its way to psa right now

    bbcardz - under $100? i would have figured that to be a four figure card. great find

    sumomenkoman - the thing is... i look back to his early 80's cards and he looked like a grandpa even then. on a positive note... i think he aged more from 20 to 40, than he did from 40 to 80.

    acrackedbat - he's cornered the hobby!

    the angels in order - thank you kind sir

    peter k steinberg & johnnys trading spot - johnny is right. hope you hopped on the niekro train.

    gcrl - after reading all of these different niekro posts, i've kind of found a deep appreciation for him. looking forward to reading your posts.

    matt - sent it off to psa. when it comes back a 10, i'm gonna flip it into something really special

    steve at 1975baseballcards.com - hope you were able to check out the 20-something 88 score niekro posts published on 4/1. even better is if you wrote one yourself

    sport card collectors - definitely my pull of the year