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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Things You Like, But I Don't

This week, I've read a few different blog posts (the first one was over on Nick's blog) where they lists ten things a lot of people like, but they don't.  Well... I'm a sucker for lists and Blog Bat Arounds... so I immediately started to think of stuff for my list.

It was much more challenging than I anticipated.  First off... I kept on confusing it with things I like, but you don't... which is a completely different list.  Then there's the issue of me liking a lot of stuff.  Even if I don't love something, I usually have an appreciation for it.  And the stuff I really don't like in our hobby... like pack searchers, sticker autographs, and logo-less cards aren't exactly super popular among collectors.

Well... I've had a few days to think and peruse other bloggers' lists and have finally established my very own.  Unfortunately, I had to cast out a wider net and include some non-trading card related things in order to come up with ten items.

Without further ado... here's my list of ten things you like, but I don't.

#1Topps Now

2016 Topps Now #253

I realize these cards are popular with team and player collectors, but I'm just not into them.  The only time I will actively seek them out is if I actually attended the game.  When that occurs it becomes a pretty cool way to preserve a memory.

#2 Panini Chronicles

2018 Panini Chronicles Autographs #CA-CP

There was a time when I couldn't go a day without reading about someone's love for Panini Chronicles.  If my memory serves me correctly, I'd usually leave a positive comment about the Crusade cards... and leave it at that.  But personally... I'd never go out of my way to find unopened product of this stuff.

#3Set Building 

2019 Topps Factory Set

I'll preface things by stating that I once enjoyed building sets.  When I was a kid that was my thing.  I continued to build sets in the 90's and even when I returned to the hobby in 2008.  Heck... I'm still building sets to this day.  But 98% of the time, if I like a set... I'll usually just head over to eBay and buy a completed one.

#4Blaster Boxes

I've definitely opened my fair share of blaster boxes over the years and even have a few waiting for me to open.  But the bargain hunter in me knows that these offer terrible value and so I have vowed to avoid them like the plague.  Sadly... my addiction to cardboard is so strong that sometimes I can't help but rip into one... or two... or six.

#5Sorting Cards

This is another thing I have really enjoyed in the past, but over the years I've grown to love it less and less and less.  What used to provide me therapy... now tends to give me a sore back and sometimes anxiety.  Hopefully I'll eventually rekindle the love, because sorting is obviously a huge part of this hobby.

That wraps up the hobby portion of this list.  I've added a few other things in life that most people seem to like, but I don't.

#6Sports Illustrated Magazine

July 21, 1980

Sorry Night Owl.  Although I enjoy looking at the pictures, there are way too many articles and not enough graphs and charts.  That's why The Sporting News, Baseball Digest, and Sports Illustrated for Kids are more my style.

#7The Rolling Stones

 1985 AGI Rock Star Concert Cards #47

Honestly, there are a lot of popular bands and singers who I could have added to this list... and maybe one day I'll build that list for you.  But today, I figured I'd use one of the most popular rock bands of all-time as my example.  They have a few songs I like (You Can't Always Get What You Want, Paint It Black, and Start Me Up), but as a whole... I have no desire to own any of their albums.


There are a handful of beers I've tasted over the years... that I've tolerated.  But I'm still looking for one that I actually enjoy.  Technically, I'm not a big drinker anyways.  However if it's a social occasion and I need something to sip on, you'll usually find me with a Jack and Coke.

#9In and Out Burger

Every year I survey my students on their favorite fries... and every year 90% of them respond with In and Out.  I'm not a fan.  I'll eat their burgers, but if it's up to me, I'll go to just about any other burger joint in the area.

#10Toyota Prius

I'm not sure how popular these are today, but ten years ago... it seems like everyone I knew was going out and buying one.  I could understand trying to use less fossil fuels.  But in regards to design, I'm still scratching my head.

Well there you have it.  Things you like, but I don't.  I feel like I need to write a disclaimer, so that people won't be offended.  I totally respect that we all have different likes, dislikes, and opinions.  If anything in this post offended you, I assure you... it wasn't intended.  I have friends who are set builders.  I've got friends who drink beer.  And I have friends who drive a Toyota Prius.

But thankfully, I don't think I have any friends who build sets and drink beer while driving around in a Toyota Prius.

Happy Thursday and sayonara!


  1. I know it's not for everybody, but my favorite beer is Guiness

  2. Well, there goes my idea of a bay area blogger meet up at an in-n-out.

  3. I love sorting cards and building sets but I agree with the rest of your choices. I'm not a beer drinker or a Stones fan either, and I'm glad you gave us some non-sports/card topics. I'm going to attempt a list of my own this weekend.

  4. 6, 7 and 8, man ... you're lucky you're on the other side of the country!


    But, really, dude, come on.

  5. I'm not a fan of any of the online sets where you buy cards from them directly, that's mainly because of the cost of the cards. Also not a fan of beer so I'm definitely with you on those 2.

  6. 3. I don't like set building either. Except for custom sets that I make up myself.
    4. I buy too many blaster boxes.
    5. I don't know how you keep track of what you have without sorting.
    6. The Phillies were my favorite team when I cared about baseball. Had a Carlton poster on my wall while growing up. Anyway, the internet really lessened the importance of S.I.
    8. Ha. I went to a few Padres games every year when I first moved to San Diego. Gwynn was a big deal.

  7. Panini Chronicles.
    Panini Chronicles.
    Panini Chronicles.

    I just don't get the fascination with this set. Maybe it's because I don't like any Panini baseball products-- and it's not the lack of logos that bother me, it's the lack of quality.

  8. we be da same on 9 of da 10. Buday neasd sum planin.

    Topps Now, HATE IT, but greatly appreciate any Braves that are sent my way.

    Chronicles: I hate the idea of 30 plus sets all in one product, but I am addicted to building them SLOWLY.

    Blasters: money better sent else where.

    Sorting: I do a lot of it, at least 300 days a year, not a big fan. But.....the "every blue moon monster deal" is exciting to go through and sort.

    Sports Illustrated: Sad story here is I get the whole year with bonuses for less than 10.00, yep I've been offered that every year since I dropped them 2 decades ago. I think the last offer was 8.99. I tell myself I should do it and "lock in' THAT RATE FOR THE LONGEST PERIOD I CAN. But I don't.

    The Rolling Stones, never been a fan. I respect what they done, but not on my ipod, oh yeah I don't have one of those either. lol.

    Beer: I've had my share (here's a good robust one: Killian's Red. No I like my Makers and coke. I switch to that from JD in 2005. Funny story, I have some (6) of those 90% and 87.5% Jack 1.75L bottles (they're worth $350.00 each).

    Can't really say I don't like In-Out Burger, because I've never been in one, heck I've never seen one either.

    Prius, no way. Hell not really into any of the electric cares, either. I just gave a buddy of mine my Eddie Bauer Expedition last year. Now that 's a gas burner.

  9. Oooooh, I'm a set builder and a Rolling Stones fan.

    But I do agree with you about sorting, I get sore backs too. As I've gotten older I've also get that "my life is too short to be spent doing this" feeling, which rings very loud when I am sitting uncomfortably sorting little pieces of cardboard that likely nobody but me will ever have any interest in.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Sorting sucks, In N Out is super overrated, and I don't care at all about The Rolling Stones.

      In N Out is one of the least impressive burgers I've ever had. The cult following makes me like it even less. I also once ate it before a redeye back to NYC. That...was a bad idea.

  11. I love building sets and drinking beer. But we can still be friends. Ha! Great list and fun post!

  12. I went a long time thinking blaster boxes were the best bang for my buck. Then one day I did the math and discovered that they're actually the WORST as far as value goes. I'll only buy one if I'm really itching to open individual packs in a way that a hanger box and/or rack packs won't fulfill.

    I love sorting, and I really liked In 'n Out Burger the one time I had it. I used to not like the Stones much, but lately I've been getting into them more. I still think most of their huge hits are overrated (or maybe I've just heard them too many times) but I like a lot off their early albums.

  13. I should do a post like this Some of the stuff I don't like I can't avoid getting from various sources and I do have some degrees of my "not liking". A few examples are Chrome and shinny parallels I am totally tired of them and all the variations they create, Relics, I have had to adjust my term "Game Used" to Relics since now many jersey cards are not "game used" pieces, and now pieces of other gear are prominent on the cards. For relics I have never liked the idea of cutting up the memorabilia and attaching it to cards, but I have tolerated it and do own some very nice pieces that I will never get rid of. Chrome on the other hand I am starting to get away from. Another item on my don't likes are "book" fold out relic cards I do not have any and never want any. The closest I came to one of these is a two card relic card from a high end Baseball product from a group box break from years ago. Upper Deck "Ball Park Collection" the card has six jersey pieces from 6 players UGH using both sides of the card and a second card that has some more info on it that would normally be the back of the card. Too many players on one card.

  14. I agree with everything on this list. I dont' have an in and out burger so I have no idea there and don't drink dont drive a prius and rest is agreed

  15. Gosh, I love sorting, building sets, and having one flavorful cold one. (BTW, I experienced the 0.394 while San Diego a couple of years ago. It was just okay, but I did bring back a pint glass to display.)
    The rest of your list... yep, I'm pretty much in total agreement.
    Especially the bit about the charts and graphs... Life needs more math!

  16. With you on a lot of these. I'm such a negative person (I consider myself an optimistic pessimist) my list would likely go well beyond 10. Cheers and have a nice, safe weekend.

  17. friend11 - one of my principals loved his black & tan, so i'd drink one every year at our staff christmas party.

    gcrl - if that's where you want to meet up... i'll be there. i just won't waste the calories on their fries. i'll order an extra cheeseburger instead ;)

    chris - i hope that i'll find the joy in sorting cards again. as for set building... it just has to be the right circumstances.

    night owl - lol. i know, i've got issues.

    jeff laws - it wouldn't be too bad if topps produced one or two online sets a year. but they seem to do one or two a week.

    eliptical man - lol. well i do end up sorting... i just don't like to do it. essentially things pile up in my office and then i spend a sunday afternoon sitting down and sorting stuff out. steve carlton was one of my favorite players as a kid. as for that beer... mr. haverkamp hooked me up with it, because i'm a gwynn guy

    base card hero - i don't get it either. but that's what collecting is all about. it'd be pretty boring if we all collected the same thing

    johnnys trading spot - lol. i could write a post just addressing your comments. i'm the same way about topps now. i'll gladly accept any sent my way as well. you just won't see me spending my hard earned money on it. as for sports illustrated... if they offered it to me for $8.99, i might subscribe. we do a collage in my class, so i could use the magazines. i'll wrap things up with the expedition. my brother is a sales manager at a local ford truck dealership and he drove one of those eddie bauer expeditions. it was pretty darn sweet. he now has a ford truck that i think is even bigger (if that's possible).

    sean - i totally have a deep respect for the rolling stones. i just never got into them. although when i was a kid, i pretended to like them ;)

    the lost collector - lol that sounds like a great topic for a post.

    sumomenkoman - did you ever go back to that one brewery we went to?

    nick - you're not alone. i still buy blasters too. it's not worth the money, but i've got to scratch that itch.

    captkirk42 - i'm saving my discussion on relics/game used cards for another post ;) but it sounds like you and are are on the same page. well... kinda.

    sport card collectors - what's the saying? great minds...

    p-town tom - i started watching sports and collecting cards because of the math ;)

    peter k steinberg - you should write up a post. it might be more challenging than you think. have a great weekend too!

  18. Only one I really disagree with you on is the beer. Not a huge fan of Topps Now but I like the Japanese version (Epoch One) quite a bit - especially since the cards are half the price. Never been a Stones fan.

    And "In-N-Out" is the most over-hyped fast food restaurant I've ever been to. The burgers aren't bad but the fries are horrible. Give me Culvers any day (not that either place is available to me here in Maryland).

  19. Marylanders late to the party...
    I love set building (and my next post will show why it's easier than player or team collecting), and I still like sorting as long as I haven't filled both desks to overflowing.
    I agree with most everything else. Still don't like the taste of beer. Prefer Kamikazes or fruity mixed drinks, but only usually have one a week at the pool hall.
    I subscribed to SI in the late 90's or so, but was horrified that they abandoned NFL football coverage to focus on college basketball. WTF?
    I did see the Stones live at RFK Stadium, but I was there more for Living Colour, who opened without many people paying attention.
    I drive a Charger, have a big '66 Ford, and would love to own something larger from the 50's. Sorry environmentalists...

  20. Never a fan of Prius or Shitus as I call it

  21. npb card guy - never had culvers, but now that you mentioned it... i want to. doesn't look like they have any locations in california, but i'll try it out the next time i'm in arizona

    gca - i'd love to one day own a muscle car. actually i'd love to get a vw ghia. not quite the gas guzzler, but not exactly easy on the environment either ;)

    rebel coyote - don't tell all of my prius buddies ;D

  22. This was a fun read. I am going to agree on:

    1. I still haven't forgiven Topps for mangling my Aledmys Diaz rookie in the mail and not replacing it.
    2. I avoid Panini like I avoid crowded social gatherings at the moment.
    6. I can't collect everything. Not into magazines.
    8. Sometimes. It's got to be really hot for me to enjoy beer, and nothing heavy.
    10. I am a Toyota Camry owner. I owned one for 14 years. My wife bugged me about driving a 3 year old around in a car with 200K miles on it. I got a new Camry.

  23. Also Whataburger better than In and Out. Go Texas!

  24. Save for #'s 7 and 8, this very easily could've been my list!