30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Monday, April 6, 2020

Crossing Off Cards

When it comes to collecting cards, I don't think many people consider me a "set builder".  Heck... I wouldn't even call myself one.  That's because if there's a set out there that I really want to own... nine out of ten times, I'll try to find one for sale online.

But that hasn't always been the case.  Five or six years ago, I enjoyed the challenge of putting together sets piece by piece.  In fact, my website lists over forty different sets I'm in the process of building.  Am I actively building them?  Some of them... yes.  Most of them... no.

That being said... back in February I had placed a few orders on Sportlots and started to nibble away at these set builds in an effort to clear out some clutter in my office.

I've gotta say... round one was quite successful.  I haven't sat down and attempted to put together my second shopping list, but it's only a matter of time and when I do... I'm hoping to wrap up at least five to seven more sets.

In the meantime, Greg over at The Collective Mind sent me a PWE that allowed me to cross off three items on my wantlists.

The first card was a 2011 Topps Diamond Duos insert of Joe Mauer and Buster Posey:

This was the last card I needed to complete the insert set:

I honestly have no idea when or why I decided to build this set.  I'm guessing there was a nice starter set included in one of the collections I purchased.

Greg also sent me this card which finished another set I was building:

2002 Donruss Estrellas Precision De Lanzamiento #PL-2

I'm actually building a few of the 2002 Donruss Estrellas insert sets:

Once again.  No clue on when or why I decided to build these sets. I think I busted a box of this stuff or something.  Greg also sent me this Ichiro poster:

2002 Posters De Jugadores #20

I've somehow managed to misplace this poster set, and I'm not exactly sure why I need two Manny Ramirez posters.  Regardless, I'm happy to be able to cross off Ichiro.

The last two cards he sent my way aren't part of set builds, but they are desired cards nonetheless.

2020 Heritage #165

I'm always excited to add a new Kurt Suzuki to my collection.  I'm one of those collectors who don't have any interest in opening this year's Heritage, so this was really cool to see.

And the final card is this Jeff Kent framed parallel:

2003 Diamond Kings Framed Parallel #141

Last year... Greg purchased a collection consisting of fifteen monster boxes and was looking for collectors to trade with.  On one of his posts, he mentioned having some parallels from this Diamond King set, so I left him a comment and he emailed me a list of what he had. 

None of the ones he had really fit my collection, but I asked if I could get this card for my brother.  He's not a card collector, but he's a San Francisco Giants fan and these cards look so cool... I figured even a non-collector would appreciate it.

Thank you Greg for this generous care package!  I'll definitely shoot you a PWE in the near future with some Nationals and Redskins for your collection.

Happy Monday everyone... and sayonara!


  1. I always was a set builder. Last night while sorting some 1970s duplicates it was fun to turn over the team checklists to see if the boxes were filled in. I always kept track that way. On some of them the last card that I got was still not filled in. If I find them all I will post something about it.

  2. Happy Monday! Always great to complete a set no matter how big or small. And always nice when folks are peeking at your need lists!

  3. Congrats on getting some final pieces! Stay safe!

  4. Congrats on finishing. As a kid I was a set builder just not a set completer. Something nice about having a big set and just being able to add more cards to the pile.

  5. I have to agree with Tom here on both accounts.

  6. I’m a set builder through and through! Cool cards and congrats on knocking some of those sets off hour list.

  7. There is so much joy in crossing off card numbers on a want list, especially the last one.

  8. Not much on set building except to have the cards in someone else needs them.

  9. Glad to help. If shows were still going on, I'd have sent the other Suzuki Heritage World Series card, but alas...
    I just got a huge SportLots order too. I should stick to set building, because I got 52 cards for my main football player collection, and already had 21 of them. I don't know how that happens. Where am I missing checking them off? Posting about it soon.

  10. I have always been a set builder/collector,I enjoy the sense of completeness.Congrats on finishing off a few.

  11. runforekelloggs - i don't remember writing on my checklists... but then again... i didn't start collecting until the early 80's. and i think by then people were starting to treat their cards more as collectibles

    the angels in order & johnnys trading spot - yeah, there are a few people out there who take the time to go through wantlists. sad thing is... i probably need to update mine on a more frequent basis

    peter k steinberg - thanks. it was nice to set two more completed sets aside.

    nick vossbrink - i was in the same boat in the early to mid 80's. totally built the sets.. but never finished them (until either 1986 or 1987).

    sumomenkoman - thanks. i think the older i get... the less i attempt to build new sets. although i did just start the holiday relic and the 1970 kelloggs set builds

    gcrl - the last one is definitely the most satisfying (especially if you've been waiting years to wrap up that set)

    friend11 - yeah... even though i did just start a pair of new set builds. with each passing year, i'm building less and less sets

    gca - thanks for the care package. no worries on the world series heritage suzuki. rod sent me one last week or the week before. and i totally order duplicates on sportlots more often than i'd like to admit, so you're not alone

    sg488 - i wish i could rekindle my love for set building... but i've lost that loving feeling.