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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Takes a Licking and Keeps on Ticking!

Past their prime?  Someone forgot to tell these three guys...

2018 Wimbledon Champion:  Novak Djokovic

2008 Ace Authentic Grand Slam II Jersey #JC3

This morning Djokovic defeated Kevin Anderson in straight sets to take home the 2018 Wimbledon title and win his first Grand Slam title in over two years.

WBA Welterweight Champion:  Manny Pacquiao

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Last night, 39 year old Pacquiao knocked down Lucas Matthysse three times to take home the WBA "regular" world welterweight title.

UFC Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight Champion:  Daniel Cormier

2012 Topps UFC Finest Autograph #A-DC

And last weekend, Daniel Cormier (another 39 year old) knocked out Stipe Miocic to become only the 2nd guy in UFC history to hold two weight class titles simultaneously.

Congratulations to all three of these champions!  After seeing what these guys have done over the past 8 days, it's inspired me to man up and try something I haven't done in a while.

Smoked Garlic Habanero Wings

Today I went to Hooters with some friends, ordered twenty wings, and attempted to kill it in one sitting.  Uhh... I failed.  I guess I'm past my prime.  At least I have some delicious leftovers for dinner tonight.

Happy Sunday and sayonara!


  1. There's a place in Lincoln, Nebraska that grills wings on a wood pit and I'm here to tell ya that there is no other way to eat them for me now. Been making them on my grill for while now, tossed with some Korean wing sauce....very tasty.

    Also...Manny Pacquiao is still boxing!?!?!

  2. Those wings look legit. Go PAC-Man!

  3. Commishbob - Korean wing sauce sounds amazing! Not sure I'll be making my way out to Lincoln, but if I do... I'll be reaching out to you for a name.

    The Lost Collector - Yeah. Sad thing is I'm older than all 3 of these dudes.

    SumoMenkoMan - They were amazing! I was amazed at how well they reheated.