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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

All Autograph Team: Vol. 7 (Team USA Alumni)

At the end of May, I thought I had wrapped up my All Autograph Team series with my Archives Fan Favorites autographs.  Then out of nowhere, the idea for another team popped into my head this past weekend.

However before I reveal my 7th All Autograph Team, I wanna give Kenny (over at Torren' Up Cards) credit for being the inspiration for this post.  Back in April he asked collectors to build a team with different autographs from our collections.

In honor of America's 242nd birthday, I decided to create one consisting of Team USA Baseball alumni.

This particular team will be using the following guidelines:

#1:  All autographs will be on-card, pack pulled autographs.

#2:  None of these autographs have made appearances on any of my other All Autograph Teams.

#3:  This team will consist of the standard starting nine, a designated hitter, a starting pitcher, and a reliever.

Now that we've established the rules, let's get to the cards...

Catcher:  Buster Posey (2004/2017)

2013 Five Star Autographs #FSBA-BP

First Baseman:  Will Clark (1984)

2013 Five Star Autographs #FSBA-WC

Second Baseman:  Paul Molitor (1973)

2013 Five Star Autographs #FSBA-PMO

Shortstop:  Derek Jeter (2006/2009)

1997 Bowman's Best Autograph #82

Third Baseman:  Chipper Jones (2006/2009)

1998 Bowman's Best Autograph #5

Left Fielder:  Giancarlo Stanton (2013/2017)

2013 Five Star Autographs #FSBA-GS

Center Fielder:  Ken Griffey Jr. (2006)

2007 UD Masterpieces 5x7 Box Topper Auto #MP-2

Right Fielder:  Dave Winfield (1973)

2007 UD Sweet Spot Classic Legendary Auto #SPS-DW

Designated Hitter:  Frank Thomas (1987)

2002 UD Sweet Spot Signatures #FT

Starting Pitcher:  Clayton Kershaw (2005)

2009 Topps 206 Framed Mini Auto #FMA-22

Relief Pitcher:  John Smoltz (1985)

2013 Five Star Autographs #FSBA-JS

If you're wondering why almost half of this team is composed of 2013 Five Star autographs... it's because that's one of my favorite sets in recent years.  I've purchased twenty to twenty-five of the signatures from that set and it just so happened that five of them were Team USA alumni.

I realize that I'm missing some big names like Bryce Harper, Kris Bryant, and Mike Trout.  Unfortunately... I either don't own their signatures... or in the case of KB... the autograph I do have isn't on-card.

Well that's it for today.  I hope everyone is enjoying a safe and enjoyable 4th of July with their friends and family.

Happy Wednesday and sayonara!


  1. USA! USA! USA! Your collection is ridiculous and I'm jealous but I love you anyway, Fuji. Great stuff as always.

  2. I agree. Your team(s) blow mine out of the water. Well done!

  3. Quality squad there! Especially love the Winfield.

  4. Some beautiful cards. Wow.

  5. These are the leftovers after doing *6* other teams? Holy crap! My best team might be a little better than this, but not by much. Yeah, I know some of the other teams had other restrictions, but still. Amazing.

  6. The only thing that would make this a better 4th is if the US was in the World Cup. Thanks for sharing some beautiful cards.

  7. Some really impressive autographs here!

  8. Was scrolling slowly and was waiting for them to all be Five Star autos.

    Bonus points for the '07 SS Classic. And yours didn't fade. One of the best sets ever! (Except that the base set is numbered and I can't find them cheap!)

  9. Beautiful cards Fuji! I love that Griffey box topper in particular.

  10. That's a great lineup of cards. I had not seen that 5-star autograph set before - they look fantastic!

  11. This is a great list of players and some great looking cards. The USA Baseball complex is ten minutes from my house, I have seen a lot of great players come through there, I need to make a post with a list like this one week.

  12. Sheesh! Thats an impressive collection there.

  13. Thanks guys! Unless I do a baseball memorabilia post... I have a feeling this is the end of the line. I guess I could put together a basketball team... but since I don't really collect basketball anymore, it's probably not going to happen.

    SumoMenkoMan - I know. Pretty disappointed they weren't in it this year. Pulling for Belgium... since they were the team that knocked out Japan.

    GCA - I wonder if I could put together a 2013 Five Star team. Well... now that I've used up all of the stars on this team, it's not likely.

    shoeboxlegends - it's one of my favorite cards in the collection

    Matt - It's really a great set. Big names. On-card autographs. And the design allows the autographs to stand out.

    Snorting Bull - Do it. If you write it, people will come.

    Collecting Cutch - Coming from a guy with a collection like yours... I'll take that as a huge compliment.

  14. I do love those five star autos. Such a beautiful set.