30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Cardboard Day Trip

There's nothing like a cardboard day trip to help you relax and take your mind off of things.

Earlier today, Ryan (aka SumoMenkoMan) flew into town for the day.  If things went as planned, we made the 100+ mile drive due east into Sactown for a hotel card show (Mr. Haverkamp is planning on being there too) and a few card shop visits.  And right about now we should either be back in the Bay Area or heading back there so Ryan can hop on his flight back home.

I'll definitely recap our cardboard day trip to the state's capitol sometime this week.  In the meantime, here's a card of Sacramento's own... Rowland Office:

1976 Topps #256

While digging through my box of 70's baseball cards... I only found two cards of Office.  This one and his 1975 Topps rookie card.  I decided to go with this one, because of his awesome facial expression.  If I had pulled this card as a kid, it would have been a favorite for sure.

Here's my evidence that Office is a Sacramento native:

I'm looking forward to writing up a summary of today's adventure.  In the meantime...

Have you ever been to Sacramento?  If so, what was the occasion?

I've only been there a handful of times.  One of my good buddies lives there, so I've gone to visit him a few times.  Plus I went to the same card show back in 2016 with another buddy of mine.  When I was a kid, my fourth grade class went there on a field trip.  Outside of those times... I've driven through Sacramento tons of times on my way up to Lake Tahoe.

Well that's it for today.  Happy Saturday and sayonara!


  1. I watched the USA Track and Field Olympic trials there. To keep my son happy we went to an amusement park and it was quite small. It was too hot so we went back to Lake Tahoe.

  2. I've been a few times, and passed thrpugh sevwral others. I was there most recently for a wedding.

  3. I’ve only driven through there but didn’t hang out. Sounds like you guys had a recipe for fun, look forward to reading about it.

  4. Shoutout to John "Dummy" Taylor for his incredible run back in the day.

    I've driven through Sacramento during trips between San Diego and Portland, but never had the chance to spend any quality time there.

  5. Sacramento, Sacramento where you at?
    Throw it up, y'all! Throw it up, throw it up!
    I can't see ya

    I have never been to Sacramento, although one of my good high school friends moved there a few years back. He seems to really enjoy the city, so maybe it should go on my list of places to go. If it's good enough for 2Pac and Dre, it's good enough for me.

  6. Well,our family moved to Sacramento(County) in 1972,and I have lived here ever since then.

  7. I moved to the Sacramento area (lived in Orangevale) when I was 4 years old and lived there until I left for college at 18. I moved back after college and worked there for a few years before moving south (to Fresno, then OC). My mom still lives there and a bunch of friends. I was back this summer for a work conference and stayed a few extra days to visit. Hope you had a great trip.

  8. I stopped there in 2015 to take in a Rivercats game. They got mauled by Fresno, but Adam Duvall had a three home run game for the home team.

  9. runforekelloggs - did you live in lake tahoe? we'd go up there several times each year to ski. tahoe is one of my favorite places i've ever been to.

    gcrl - hope it wasn't during the summer. the central valley during the summer is brutal

    steve at 1975baseballcards.com - should have the post up tomorrow or wednesday. we had a great time hanging out

    defgav - if that weren't impressive enough... dummy was also deaf.

    the snorting bull - ryan literally when from oakland to sactown... the bay area and back down. if you hit up sacramento, you might as well head west to the bay area or east to the sierra nevadas as well

    sg488 - do you ever attend the crown plaza hotel card shows? were you there this weekend?

    arpsmith - wow. another northern california guy. if you ever come to the bay area on a vacation, you should let me know. i'll take you to some flea markets.

    zman40 - i wanna go to a rivercats game one day. i messed up and should have went to one of their games when they were the a's aaa team.

  10. Was an awesome trip. I had been to Sacramento once before about 10 years ago for work. This time was much better!

  11. I was in Sacramento a few years ago. The woman I was with at the time went to a food blogging conference there. We checked out some restaurants and the Leland Stanford mansion. I also saw the River Cats beat the Salt Lake Bees and even did a post about it http://infieldflyrulecards.blogspot.com/2016/08/how-many-dingers-are-there-anyway.html

  12. sumomenkoman - it truly was. thanks again for flying up here and hanging out

    adam kaningher - i really need to go to a river cats game at some point in my lifetime. pretty cool that ishikawa played in the game you attended. i would have been rooting for him if i was there.