30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Out of the Ordinary

Halloween was always one of my favorite holidays of the year when I was in elementary school.  If you know me, then you know that 90% of it was the candy.  Man I enjoy my sweets... and I was way worse when I was a little kid.  I'd pretty much eat everything except for the candy corn and peanut butter taffy that came in the brown and orange wrappers.

Then there was the part of showing off your costume at school.  My mom would always want to make me a costume, but I insisted on buying the cheap plastic, store bought ones.  Damn.  I was such a fool.  Oh well.  It still allowed me to wear something out of the ordinary for one day without being judged or ridiculed.

I figured in the spirit of Halloween, I'd show off some memorabilia cards that feature players wearing costumes.  I mean... wearing uniforms of teams they aren't typically remembered for.  Well... not by me at least.  For example, Rickey reppin' the Red Sox...

2003 Topps Bazooka Blasts Bats #BB-RH

It's one thing to see Rickey wearing Yankee PinstripesThat's scary.  But it's not every day you see him wearing a Red Sox jersey.

It's probably even rarer to see him donning a Mariners jersey...

2001 Pacific Private Stock Game-Used Gear #158

Here's another speedy ballplayer wearing a costume...

2002 Topps Traded Tools of the Trade #TTRR-TR

It's also kind of weird to see the Tools of the Trade moniker being used on a Topps card instead of a Playoff card.

Moving along, here are a few more...

2005 Bowman #135

I just started to notice a pattern here.  These cards are all game-used bat cards.  I guess there probably aren't a lot of Sosa Baltimore Orioles game-used jerseys floating around out there.

Okay... here's an obligatory jersey card for you...

2005 Donruss Throwback Threads Throwback Collection #TC-22

And here's even a manufactured relic for all of you as well...

2010 Topps WS Commemorative Patch

I might have remembered seeing Sosa with the Orioles or Raines with the Marlins... but I honestly had no idea Mathews played for the Tigers.  He actually played two seasons in Detroit.  Then again... I wasn't even born yet.  That's why seeing Mathews without a Braves jersey is a little out of the ordinary for me.

What about you?

What are some players and teams you'll never get used to seeing together?

Happy Halloween and sayonara!

Extra Innings

2010 Topps Chrome #212

Congratulations Washington Nationals fans!  What an awesome World Series.  One of the best I ever listened to.


  1. Surprised you didn't congratulate Kurt Suzuki on his first ever championship.

  2. Good post idea. Had no idea Raines was on the Marlins.

  3. Seeing Kruk and Bip in something other than a Padres uniform is weird.

  4. Way too many players that just will never look right in some uniforms, like the Lofton I posted yesterday.

  5. Those are some cool cards. I have the first Henderson you showed. I think Harmon Killebrew as a Royal, John Smoltz as a Cardinal, Frank Thomas as a Blue Jay, Ken Griffey, Jr. as a White Sock, Nomar Garciaparra as an Athletic, Mike Piazza as an Athletic, and Dale Murphy as a Rockie are some players and teams I will never be used to. Some players are legends and should've never left their 'home' team.

  6. Martin Brodeur in Blues jersey will always be wrong

  7. The one that always jumps into my mind is Reggie Jackson on the Orioles. It looks like something from an alternate universe.

  8. It's been 30-something years, but I'm still not used to Dwight Evans in an Orioles jersey.

  9. The correct answer is Johnny Unitas in Chargers gear. Yeesh.

    Seeing those Henderson cards reminded me that I've wondered about which Hall of Famer has played with the most clubs. I've always assumed it was him but it turned out to be easy enough to google it:

    The following members of the Hall of Fame played with at least seven teams during their major league careers.

    Alomar, Roberto – 7
    Brouthers, Dan – 11
    Gossage, Goose – 9
    Grimes, Burleigh – 7
    Henderson, Rickey – 9
    Hoyt, Waite – 7
    Kelly, King – 7
    O’Rourke, Jim – 8
    Perry, Gaylord – 8
    Simmons, Al – 7
    Smith, Lee – 8
    White, Deacon – 9
    Wilhelm, Hoyt – 9

    And now I know!

  10. I did a series of posts similar to this about players in forgotten places. It is quite interesting to see players in uniforms on cards anyways you don't always get to see. For me seeing Kurt Warner in a Giants uniform com3es to mind. I think I only have two cards with him in it.

  11. My short list:

    Steve Carlton on the Giants and Twins
    Griffey Jr. on the White Sox
    Dave Winfield on the Indians
    Manny on the Rays
    Darren Daulton on the Marlins.

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