30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Wrapping Things Up

Watching the Oakland A's season come to an end last night hurt.  I wasn't surprised.  The Tampa Bay Rays have been playing well and Charlie Morton had pitched well against them this season.  But the entire day leading up to the game... I kept telling myself that the A's would find a way to win the game.

Oh well.  Maybe next year.  Until then, let's check out the second half of my card show haul from last weekend...

Purchase #42019 Topps Chrome $1

After digging through possibly the greatest dime boxes I've ever encountered... I moved on down to the next vendor who had a display case filled with high end autographs and rookie cards.  The dealer asked if I was looking for anything in particular and I ask if he had any 2019 Topps Chrome base cards.

He did.  The guy bent over and pulled out a 3,500ct. box with two rows worth of 2019 Topps Chrome.  I immediately asked him how much he was looking to get... and he said anywhere from 5 to 10¢ each.  That's a price I could live with... and the digging began.

After about twenty minutes, I ended up pulling out 35 cards and the guy ended up hooking me up with a one dollar price tag.

Purchase #5A Very Cool Tatis Rookie Card $20

2019 Topps Chrome Negative Refractor #203

After paying for the singles, I asked to see his Tatis rookies and one of the cards was a sepia refractor.  He originally had a $25 price tag, but I told him Tatis sepia refractors were selling in the $15 to $18 range.  I offered him $20, since he hooked me up with the great deal on the base cards and he accepted.

When I got home, I looked at the card a little closer and didn't see the typical brown tint that sepia refractors have.  After a little research, I figured out that this is a reverse negative refractor which is a little tougher to pull.

After I left the Chrome guy's table, I headed back to the guy with the awesome dime boxes.  My buddy Ben was still hanging out at his booth and the crowd had died down a little.  I decided to look at his graded cards.

Purchase #6Barry Bonds Rookie Card $4

It's hard to believe that this card sold once sold for close to $50 ungraded.  I realize that prices on this card have collapsed over the past decade or so, but $4 seemed like a fair price... especially since I'll be throwing it into my sports card time capsule and forgetting about it for a year or two.

Purchase #7Quarter Bin Packs and Sets  $2

The dime box guy also had two boxes filled with quarter packs and sets.  I grabbed out these 8 items that I'll probably write about in a future post.  By the way... the white pack labeled "super premium" contained a bunch of Upper Deck Looney Tunes holograms from the early 90's.  Honestly those singles were worth the two bucks by themselves.

Purchase #8Dollar Autographs  $3

The final purchase of the day came as I was about to leave the show.  My buddy who I drove up with was talking to his friend, so I started digging through this dealer's dollar box.  I just couldn't pass up these three cards for a buck a piece.

Adam Eaton isn't a perennial all-star, but he's a solid hitter for the Washington Nationals.  And if you collected cards in the early 90's, then you're familiar with Juan Guzman.  And the last card is one of those cut signature monstrosities created by TriStar.  However it's numbered #1/5, so it's an affordable addition to my Prime # PC.

Well that wraps up another Oakland A's baseball season... and another card show haul.  On the bright side, there's only one more day until the weekend and the De Anza Flea Market.

Until then...

Happy Thursday and sayonara!


  1. Dang, Adam Eaton chrome rookie for $1 is a steal, if you ask me. Great haul!

  2. Great pick-ups! The Woolworths and KayBee sets are fun to flip through.

  3. Box sets are always a thrill, especially when you can get em that cheap.

  4. I could hardly ever find 1987 Fleer growing up. Any of them that I got were coveted. Love the quarter boxes.

  5. Wow, how far the 1987 Fleer has fallen! I remember around 1991 I was able to get a factory set of that in a trade at a card show. I can't remember exactly what I gave up, it was a mix of cash and cards, but it was a lot.

    Obtaining that was a huge collecting coup at the time, all my friends were super jealous (at least my card collecting friends) since it was still one of the hottest sets out there. Will Clark and Bo Jackson were considered the key rookies in the set rather than Bonds when I got it but we all know how that turned out.

    Well, apparently it turned out that even a graded copy of the Bonds is only worth 4$ So much for my retirement plans, I still have that set at my parent's place somewhere.

    Great pick up!

  6. I'd be pissed if I discovered my sepia refractor was an ugly negative refractor. Those are the worst refractors created in the last 5 years. I actually have a note on my want list NOT to send me those cards.

  7. Wow, a whole pack of nothing but Looney Tunes holograms! How come I can't ever find things like that?

  8. I can't wait to read your post on those store brand mini-sets you got! There's just something about those that speaks to my childhood!


  10. I don't know how I'm only seeing this now, but that Tatis Jr negative is one of the better cards I've seen in a long time.

  11. the bucs stop here - yeah, i was happy to find that in the box. it's a refractor too.

    base card hero - the goal is to one day open them up. although i'm pretty sure the woolworth set is damaged by the gum inside of the box.

    nick - i totally agree. i hope to one day review a few of these sets

    sumomenkoman - i had access to 1987 fleer, but after it became popular... it became way too expensive for my budget

    sean - this is gonna sound crazy (and stupid), but i once traded my 1952 topps andy pafko for a 1987 fleer tin set and some random singles. outside of me trading for a fake hank aaron autograph, it's probably my worst trade ever

    night owl - lol. if anyone send you any, i'll gladly take them off of your hands.

    jon - dude, you find some pretty awesome deals yourself. it's actually helping me wrap up my looney toons sets.

    matt - yeah. i've already looked them up on comc. now i just gotta find the time to open them up and scan them

    sport card collectors - one of these days i'll open it up and hopefully write a review on aptbnl

    henry blanchette - don't say that to night owl ;) but i agree

  12. The wild card games are heartbreaking. The 2015 Pirates won 98 games and were eliminated because of Jake Arrieta being on an unstoppable run in the second half of 2015. Always next year...

    1. Lol. Unless your team is the wild card team surprising the world.