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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Flea Market Finds #144: Two Small Collections

Today's post is going to recap my three purchase haul from the Branham High School Flea Market last Saturday.  However before I show off the goodies... I just wanted to document that this particular flea market has really become popular among locals.  With each passing month, it seems like more and more vendors are signing up to sell their stuff.

There were at least five vendors with cards... and two of the regulars weren't even there that day.

One guy I had never seen before had a baseball card collection and a hockey card collection for sale.

Purchase #1Jeter Rookie Cards  $5

The baseball card collection was sorted by player's last name and the gentleman who was selling the collection wanted a dollar per card.  There were tons of cards from the 80's and 90's with plenty of hall of famers and future hall of famers.

These five Jeter rookie cards were the only cards I ended up purchasing.  None of them are in mint condition.  However I figured they were still worth a buck each since he's a lock to make the Baseball Hall of Fame next summer.

Sitting next to the baseball collection was a hockey card collection in plastic bins.  I wasn't really interested in these until my friend pulled out a few cards and asked me if they were worth anything.

Purchase #2Hockey Card Collection  $15

Back in the mid 90's, I really started getting interested in collecting hockey cards.  Part of it had to do with the baseball strike.  The other half of the equation was the arrival of Owen Nolan in San Jose.  It didn't take long for him to become my favorite player and I began chasing down as many of his cards as I could get my hands on.

As luck would have it, there was an Owen Nolan autograph sitting in this bin along with a few other notable Sharks:

But they weren't the reason I bought the collection.  These were:

Here's a closer look at some of the key cards I found sitting in those bins:

1993-94 Stadium Club First Day Issue #352

1994-95 SP #NNO

Back in the day, I opened up a lot of 1994-95 SP hockey trying to pull this card.  According to Beckett, Upper Deck inserted one of these cards per case... which explains why I never pulled it.  It took me twenty-five years, but I finally own a copy.

1997-98 Pacific Crown Collection In the Cage #5

1999-00 Pacific In the Cage #3

1995-96 Select Certified Mirror Gold #1
1996-97 Leaf Limited Gold #85

1995-96 Donruss Elite Painted Warriors #1

Die-cut, acetate, and beautiful mask art make a beautiful combination.

1996-97 Zenith Champion Salute #11

I was crossing my fingers that this would be the diamond parallel, which actually contains a real diamond embedded in the bottom lefthand corner... but it wasn't.  It's still a really cool insert though.

1996-97 UD Ice Stanley Cup Foundation #S5

This card is my favorite card in the collection, but it's not the rarest.  That title belongs to this card:

1996-97 Fleer Metal Cool Steel Super Power #9

This card was inserted into 1:480 packs.  It's not worth that much these days, but back in the 90's this card would have sold for triple digits.

In addition to these awesome 90's inserts, there were also these oversized cards thrown into the bins:

And for those of you who enjoy Stadium Club Master Photos, these were included as well:

I'll probably write highlight a few of these at some point.  If I'm not mistaken, they were box toppers and part of a redemption program back in the day.

Well that wraps up the hockey card collection.  I was pretty stoked when the guy said he only wanted $15 for it.  I didn't even bother trying to haggle.  There are a few cards in this bin that are worth that price alone.

Purchase #3Shoebox Collection  $13

Compared to the hockey card collection, this purchase is pretty bland.  Another dealer I had never seen before had this box of cards sitting on his table.  Inside  were a bunch of stars and hall of famers for my vintage football card binder:

One of them was a rookie card of my favorite football player of all-time:

1977 Topps #177

The condition of the Largent gives you an idea of what the other cards in the box looked like.  Rounded corners and off-centered cards were the norm.

Plus there were a bunch of Star Wars cards mixed in:

And a few other non-sports singles:

Like the football cards... these cards were well-loved by some kid back in the 70's and 80's.  He wanted $15.  I wanted to pay $10.  We settled on $13.

So what's your favorite/least favorite flavor?  90's Baseball Rookie Cards, 90's Hockey Inserts and Parallels, 90's Stadium Club Master Photos, 70's Football Cards, or 70's and 80's Non-Sports Cards?

Well that wraps up my recent trip to the flea market.   My next trip won't take place until Saturday, November 2nd when I hit up the De Anza Flea Market.  While the Branham High School Flea Market continues to grow... I feel like the De Anza Flea Market is headed in the opposite direction.  But it's pretty big... and that means I'll at least get my steps in.

Happy Thursday and sayonara!


  1. Cool hockey stuff! I dislike a number of those guys due to rivalries with the Wings, but those cards are awesome.

  2. Great haul for those prices!
    Always love getting 70's football, though I'm getting to the end of the set run, so I hardly need any these days.
    Could trade you for some of those Star Wars stickers too.

  3. Great finds! I hope someday I'll cone across a good flea market card seller. I'm especially impressed with the star power of your 70s football pickup.

  4. Good stuff, especially that '77 Largent, I'm resigned to having that be one of the last cards I need to complete that set.

    I also consider the '90s My NHL Decade and it's also because my disillusionment with baseball at the time. That Hasek card is fantastic.

    So favorites: the '77 football/the Star Wars cards/the Hasek diecut.
    Least favorites: Stadium Club master photos. Big Yawn for Big Boring cards.

  5. 70's & 80's non sports cards works for me.

  6. The hockey card collection is an outstanding purchase.
    I gotta admit that I am a bit jealous.
    -Anonymous Paul-

  7. Wow, jackpot! The price is worth the sorting alone with some great memories!

  8. dennis - dude... i couldn't stand those 90's red wings. but i loved pulling them. 90's red wings inserts were so hot back in the day. it always seemed like yzerman commanded more value than gretzky.

    gca - shoot me an email with your address. i'll pwe those star wars stickers to you.

    trevor p - yeah... one of my favorites outside of the largent was the bradshaw/staubach passing leaders card

    night owl - i have a copy, so i'll send you this one as a thank you present for giving me your signature. that reminds me... i need to send that out to you when i finally can catch my breath

    johnnys trading spot - i was so stoked to see those star wars cards. almost as much as the largent

    anonymous paul - i was super excited about it too. so many cool cards from the 90's

    sumomenkoman - it was really fun. sometimes it's easy to forget the entertainment value of sorting

    the lost collector - well... they aren't exactly gem mint. but yeah... i couldn't pass them up for that price.

  9. Man, your question is tough to answer. Years ago I would have never given '90s hockey inserts a thought, but now that a couple of decades have gone by, I'd say they do have their charm, you know? I might go with '70s and '80s nonsport cards, just because I'm in that kind of mood today. Hah.

  10. Jeter rookies for that price are an absolutely steal. Who cares about the condition when they're $1 each?

  11. You always find the goods. Wished I had flea markets around.

  12. Love those two Pacific hockey cards of Roy and Hasek. Great stuff, miss that company.

    Owen Nolan was a really under appreciated hockey player. I don't remember the exact year, but my Blues played San Jose one year in the first round of the playoffs. The Blues won the President's Trophy that year, but Owen Nolan completely took them off their games and the Sharks won the series. Impressive performance.

  13. I don't really collect hockey, but I wouldn't have been able to pass up that lot either.

  14. That's awesome for only $15. I love the old Net Fusion cards from Pacific. The Roy Cool Steel would be my favorite.

  15. gregory - when it comes to collecting... i find my interest sway with my daily mood as well.

    henry blanchette - that was pretty much my philosophy when i pulled them from those boxes

    sport card collectors - not always. i went a year or two without any major finds. even this haul doesn't compare to my finds from 7 to 10 years ago. way more competition these days

    the snorting bull - san jose fans loved him. i stopped collecting him because of an encounter i had with him at a sharks fanfest. he was kind of a jerk. but time heals all wounds

    jon - yeah, a good deal is hard to pass up. i don't really collect basketball anymore, but i'll still buy basketball cards if they're cheap enough

    paul - yeah that roy sold upwards of $200 back in the day. crazy times

  16. Master Photos! Just learned about those recently and they're awesome!

    1. adam - they really are cool. i'd say the only downside is their size which will cause some collectors to freak out over storage issues.