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Saturday, October 5, 2019

It's Not Over Yet

The Oakland Athletics' season is over, but that doesn't mean I've completely checked out.  There's still plenty of baseball for me to get excited about.

Today I'll break down the teams and players I'll be rooting for... and the only team I'll be rooting against this postseason.  Let's start off with my favorites...

#1Washington Nationals

2017 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP180 

Kurt Suzuki is my boy.  And guys like Scherzer, Soto, and Rendon are fun to root for as well.  Plus there are only two teams in this year's playoffs who are still looking to bring a World Series Championship home to their fans.  I'm not sure I like their chances with the Dodgers standing in their way, but I've never been shy about cheering for an underdog.  Go Nats!

#2Houston Astros

2011 Topps Update #US132

My second favorite player in the 2019 MLB Postseason is Jose Altuve, which puts the Astros ahead of teams like the Braves and Rays.  Plus with their talented lineup and solid rotation, I feel confident they'll give the Evil Empire a run for their money should the meet in the ALCS.

#3Atlanta Braves

2007 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks and Prospects #BDPP12

If I were to break these rankings down into tiers, this would be the last of my top tier teams.  Ever since the 90's when I'd watch them on TBS, I've had a soft spot for the Braves.

With each passing year, I've grown to admire and respect Freddie Freeman.  And even though he's been caught watching the ball fly off his bat twice, instead of hustling on the base paths... I still look forward to watching Acuna step into the batter's box.

The next four teams are my mid-tier teams.  I won't necessarily root for them unless they're playing the New York Yankees.

#4Tampa Bay Rays

2016 Five Star Autographs #FSA-BSN

As much as I admire small market teams like the Rays... they're still the team that eliminated the A's a few days ago.  Right now I'm pulling for the Astros.  However, I'd cheer for them if they end up facing the Yankees in the next round.

Favorite RayBlake Snell

#5Los Angeles Dodgers

2014 Topps Allen and Ginter Autographs #AGA-CKR

The Dodgers are stacked and scaryThis summer I took a trip down to Southern California and had the opportunity to see just how impressive this lineup and starting rotation is.  I realize there are many Southern Californians who don't want to be associated with Northern Californians, but the feelings aren't mutual (at least with me).  I have no problem cheering for the Dodgers, since they're the lone team representing the state I've lived my entire life in.

Favorite DodgerClayton Kershaw

#6St. Louis Cardinals

2019 Topps Chrome Refractors #51

Although I never claimed to be a fan, I loved tracking Willie McGee, Ozzie Smith, and Vince Coleman in the San Jose Mercury News every morning when I was a kid.  I cheered for them back in the 1987 when they played the Minnesota Twins in the World Series.  If they meet them again this year, I'll cheer for them again.

Favorite CardinalYadier Molina

#7Minnesota Twins

2019 Topps Chrome Refractors #51 147

I'm not a big Twins fan.  It seems like they always got the best of the A's whenever I watched them play back in the 80's.  And after Mauer retired at the end of last season, I haven't paid much attention to them.  I think I can name five, or maybe six guys on their roster... but I'd be lying if I said I took the time to check their statistics.

I'm rooting for them right now to take down the Yankees.  After that, I don't really see any other scenario where I'd be pulling for them.

#8New York Yankees

2013 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP160

Sure I don't mind supporting some of their players like Masahiro Tanaka, Gleyber Torres, and Miguel Andujar (when he's healthy)... but I honestly can't picture any scenario where I'll ever root for the New York Yankees in the postseason.

So there you have it.  My postseason rankings in regards to current fanfareWhat about you?

When your team's season is over, do you still continue to watch the playoffs?

Which teams are you rooting for this October?

Happy Saturday and sayonara!

Extra Innings

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  1. I don't root for players, I root for teams. So if my team is not involved, I find another team that I like. But I like them probably because of their history not because of who they have on the team (however, if they have particularly annoying players on their team that will cause me to root against them).

  2. I still watch, but I don't go out of my way, and if there's something else on (like, right at this moment, Rangers hockey) that may take priority. There are a couple teams besides my Mets I'll root for when the Mets are out, but they didn't make it this year. Mostly I'm rooting against the Yankees, which isn't going so well at the moment!

  3. I’ll watch games if they are on and I am flipping channels. I don’t have a team to root for at is point. I would like to see the Dodgers finally win after the last 2 seasons ended as a bummer.

  4. I watch NFL mainly now but when I watched more Yankees when they got out I wouldn't watch the playoffs unless it involved me rooting the Red Sox out. Same goes for the NFL. When Giants are eliminate, it's all about hating the Patriots lol

  5. I'd like to see the Nats win one series... Seems like they can't get over that hump. They certainly have the pitching to go deep.

  6. Go Braves (without question). If they're not in it, then I root for ONLY the NL teams in the WS. As far as the DS, then I probably don't care too much other than the fact that 1 of those may have taken my Braves out.

  7. In my early years, if the dodgers were eliminated, I would root for the nl representative no matter what. That changed in 1985 when I wanted the cardinals to lose. Then i started to consider individual players (usually former dodgers) when deciding who to root for. Now I tend to root for the underdog mostly.

  8. Nice cards, as per usual. I'm rooting for the Nats, Rays, and I guess the Astros. The rest of the teams, meh...

  9. Well, ARod seemed to think that the Twins and Rays were already eliminated when he asked Gerrit Cole about facing the Yankees in the ALCS - So I guess I would root for the Astros in the ALCS.
    On the NL side, I like the Cardinals this year (I usually don't, but this year I find Old Man Molina to be more charming than irritating), and the Dodgers/Nats series could go either way and I would still be happy for the winner.

  10. The Pirates season is typically over when Steelers training camp breaks. That being said I love postseason baseball.

    My top teams
    Rays: Charlie Morton is my homeboy. Tyler Glasnow and Austin Meadows will remind Pirates fans what could have been.

    Astros: Gerrit Cole is on another level since teaming up with JV.

    Nationals: How ironic would it be,for the Nats to win AFTER "the phenom" leaves town?

    Twins: Beat NY! Beat NY! Beat NY!

    Braves: Acuna=Fun TV

    Dodgers: Because someone has to stand above the Yankees and Cardinals

    Yankees: I have NY Yankees friends so I'm sure they wouldnt mind winning a 28th championship. Plus its CCs last year so why not?

    Cardinals: They ruined the Pirates 3 greatest years by being slightly better than the Pirates.

  11. Thanks for plugging the new MusiCards blog!

  12. zippy zappy - congratulations. it looks like they're 3 outs away from moving on to the next round.

    night owl - i'm more likely to root against a team because of their annoying fans than their annoying players ;)

    brett alan - based on the comments, we're not alone in rooting against the yankees

    sumomenkoman - looks like it'll be up to strasburg in game 5. let's go nats!

    corky - i wish i could watch baseball on tv. i rely on the internet and even then, it's mostly recaps. as for the dodgers... i won't be pulling for them until the next round... and that's only if they face the cardinals

    sport card collectors - your red sox and patriots are my yankees and cowboys.

    p-town tom - yeah... and they're lineup can be scary at times too. but i feel like it might be a pitchers' duel in game 5

    johnnys trading spot - i have no problem with rooting for the braves if they make it to the world series. heck... i hope acuna wins the ws mvp award.

    gcrl - i remember rooting for the cardinals in 1985... and 1987.

    peter k steinberg - i could live with any of those three teams winning it all

    brian - if arod jinxed the astros... i'm gonna be annoyed

    collecting cutch -morton is the man! much respect to that guy. i loved how composed he pitched against the a's. and he handled the astros earlier today.

    defgav - no problemo. love the new blog.