30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Monday, August 5, 2019

The Shoebox Collection

A few weeks ago, I purchased a pair of shoeboxes filled with cards for five bucks.  I'll be honest, there wasn't anything too exciting sitting on top.  However for the price... I determined it was worth the risk.

Well I finally got around to sifting through both of these and I ended up pulling out about 400 cards.

Half of them were these 2017 Bowman Draft Chrome cards:

I'm still not sure what to call most of these.  They're like wannabe rookie cards, I guess.  I recognized a few names and figured I'll set them aside.  Maybe one or two of them will become stars.

The other half consisted of a few smalls stacks of Topps Chrome and Topps Heritage base cards from the past five years that I took out for care packages.  There were also twenty-seven singles I pulled out for fellow bloggers.

And then there were The Final Four:

1985 Topps Traded #24T
1986 Topps #370

1983 Topps #49
1985 Topps #23

Outside of the Bowman Chrome cards, these are the only four cards I kept for myself.  You know how much I love my 80's rookie cards.  All three of these guys spent time on Beckett's Hot List at one point or another.  These days they're quarter cards at best.  Ultimately there weren't any big dollar cards to be found.  However it was fun sorting through these two shoeboxes and the entertainment value has to be worth the five bucks I spend on them.

Well that's it for today.  Have a fantastic week!

Happy Monday and sayonara!


  1. Word of advice, keep the Bowmans with the "1st Bowman Chrome" cards apart from the ones without it. Those might go on to be even more special than the repeaters.

  2. Definitely for entertainment purposes and no doubt you got your monies worth with that respect.

  3. I love 80s rookie cards too. I remember buying that 1985 Topps Saberhagen rookie at a show for $6 right after he won his second Cy Young award in 1989 and thinking it was such a bargain.....

  4. Probably better than a couple of packs of Ginter. I see a Kopech. He was a top prospect. We'll see if he still is after recovery from Tommy John surgery.

  5. I love pickups like these! They are always fun to go through.

  6. I would've bought those in a heartbeat too. The fun of digging is worth five bucks alone.

  7. Yeah, five bucks doesn't go far these days, so I would agree that you at least got your entertainment value out of it.

  8. For five bucks it's always worth the risk

  9. zippy zappy - yeah, took me a few years, but i figured that part out. i like the term "repeaters" for those guys who get multiple bowman cards before their actual rookie cards.

    johnnys trading spot - it was definitely fun to sit down and sift through. although i was a little bummed that there wasn't at least one hidden treasure

    sean - buying saberhagen for six bucks isn't too bad. i bought more than a few 88F Sam Horns for probably a buck each.

    hackenbush - no doubt on the ginter thing. even if i could trade these for two packs of stadium club (my favorite product of 2019, so far), i don't think i would.

    the lost collector & nick - me too. i just went through the sports locker... and only found a handful of cards i wanted to keep. but it was still fun. the cards were so worn, it looks like i stumbled across a little kid's collection

    jeremy - just bought a venti guava white tea lemonade for $4.35. totally agree... five bucks doesn't go very far

    sport card collectors - plus it's the gift that keeps on giving. some of the cards will be included in care packages... and the rest is headed to a fellow blogger who has volunteered to take them off my hands, so i don't need to drop them off at goodwill