30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Flea Market Finds #142: Three Days One Post

As I wrapped up my summer vacation, I attempted to hit as many flea markets as I possibly could.  The result was three flea markets within four days.

Normally I'd write three separate posts, but in an effort to streamline things... today I'm going to combine them into one.  And since a box of football cards isn't going to attract readers, this post isn't going to be in chronological order.  It'll be listed in a way that helps the post flow.

Purchase #9Rawlings MLB Baseballs  $4

This was my final purchase... and easily my favorite purchase.  All four of these are of the commemorative variety.  Starting from left to rightBaseball HOF, 1994 World Series, Black and Gold, and Gold Glove Award.  The boxes are a little beat up... and the World Series ball is starting to show age spots, but for a buck each... I'm not going to complain.

Purchase #22019 Topps Chrome #203  $5

I've made it pretty clear that I'm going to chase down as many affordable Tatis rookie cards as I can.  I picked this one up from my buddy Tony... as well as the cards from the next two purchases.

Purchase #3Ramon Laureano Rookie Cards  $1

2019 Topps Chrome #178
2019 Chrome Pink Refractor #178

Found both of these in one of Tony's dollar bins and hooked me with a two for one deal.  By now I'm sure you've seen Laureano's arm.  But back in July he was killing it at the plate too.  Then he suffered a shin injury that has kept him out since then.

Purchase #42019 Bowman Baseball Cards  $15

My final purchase off of Tony were these five boxes of 2019 Bowman.  He had gone through and pulled all of the Tatis and Guerreros... but that's okay.

I was looking for the 1st Bowman and 1st Bowman Chrome cards which will be put away for a few years until these guys develop.

Freebie #1A Rookie Card and a Buyback

2017 Bowman #29
1990 Topps #440

Yuli didn't make his MLB debut until his early 30'sTrammell didn't get the call to the hall until he turned 60, but I can live with that...when both of these cards are freeTony threw these two cards into my Bowman boxes as a friendly bonus.

Purchase #62005 UD Mini Jerseys Lot  $5

When I came back into the hobby in 2008, I remember seeing these and thinking they're pretty cool.  Haven't seen these pop up too many times over the years, but a guy at the Branham High School Flea Market had a box with fifteen to twenty.  Being sealed, it's hard to tell whose jersey is who, so I picked out the four I could identify for sure:  Albert Pujols, Ken Griffey Jr., Ty Cobb, and Ichiro Suzuki.

The vendor is the same guy who sold me the shoebox collection a few weeks ago.  This time around he had another cheap box of cards...

Purchase #7Box of Cards  $3

Yeah, it contains basketball, football, wrestling, and soccer.  But I just can't help digging for treasure... especially when it's only three bucksWorst case scenario, I'll take these in to my classroom or pass them along to SumoMenkoMan.

Okay... my final baseball card purchase...

Purchase #81992 Topps Factory Set  $5

I'm pretty sure I already have one of these, but for five bucks I couldn't pass up the opportunity to add another one.  Unfortunately when I got home, I noticed a puncture mark near Devon White's right arm on the box.  Not exactly sure if it is deep enough to damage the cards in the set.

If I decide to open it up... we'll find out.  If not... I'll let the next owner figure it out.

Okay... are you ready for some football?

Purchase #11991 Stadium Club Football Box  $15

I found this at the Capitol Flea Market for $15 and was stoked.  I remember when packs of this stuff routinely sold for $5 and boxes were selling for over $100.  Collectors were going crazy... hunting for the Favre rookie card.  These days boxes only sell in the $25 to $50 range$15 wasn't as big as a deal as I originally thought, but maybe I'll get lucky and pull a Favre.

Purchase #51961 Street and Smith's Football Yearbook  25¢

I enjoy reading old sports magazines.  I have no idea who Ronnie Bull is... but for a quarter I figured I'd get the chance to find out.

Freebie #21971 Rose Bowl Replay

And I'll wrap things up with another flea market freebie.  This time this item was given to me by a complete stranger.  My buddy and I walked up to this couple who looked like they were cleaning out their garage (my favorite kind of vendor).  They had lots of magazines, books, and other paper goods with the exception of trading cards.

I found this book which recaps the 1971 Rose Bowl.  The lady asked if I knew who Jim Plunkett was and I told her that I enjoy collecting his memorabilia.  She told me that Plunkett personally gave her a case of these books a few years ago.  I guess they had been sitting in his house and he got tired of storing them.  Anyways... she said I could take it since I was a fan.

Well there you have it.  My last flea market haul of the summer.  Now that autumn is just around the corner, I'm not sure when I'll be back out to the Capitol Flea Market.  I usually go there on Sundays... but football season is about to start up.  The De Anza Flea Market is back in two weekends.  I'll probably go out there as long as it isn't too hot and I'll still attend the Branham Flea Market on a monthly basis too.  Both of those flea markets take place on Saturdays.

Here is today's question of the day:

Are you a football fan?  Do you reserve your Sundays for football?  Which team(s) do you root for?

Hope you guys are enjoying your week.  Happy Tuesday and sayonara!


  1. No, not anymore. I do not watch the NFL, but I used to root for the TB Buc's.

  2. The official ball of the 1994 World Series, huh? That's a fascinating and unique item, and the old Football preview is great. $15 for a box of 91 TSC is a steal of a deal! Let us know if you pull a Favre.

    You know which team I cheer for - though it is getting harder to enjoy the sport when so many players are sacrificing their long-term health and years of their life.

    Also, I might need some of those Prizm basketball cards in the box you bought for $3. I'll email you my wantlist.

  3. I used to follow football a little, but I just don’t have time anymore.
    You should totally open the Topps set to find out what Gold cards you received. I hope you pull a few Favre’s from the Stadium Club box.

  4. Mild football fan these days. I've previously posted the many reasons why I can't commit more than casually.

  5. Nice finds. Those baseballs are great.

    I root for the Bengals, a truly pathetic franchise.

  6. Hell yeah, UD Mini Jerseys! You cleaned up as usual. Not much of a No Fun League fan anymore, but the Wolverines have always been better than the Lions, so football is a Saturday sport up here.

  7. I caught Flutie Fever when he was with the Bills - interest started gradually waning after the Bill's brain trust decided that they would have a better chance of winning with Rob "the stiff" Johnson (… they didn't). Now I just check scores throughout the game to see how I am doing in the office pool.
    -Anonymous Paul-

  8. I am totally ready for football to start having missed watching games live for two years. Nice haul and some awesome pieces. Heck yeah, I'll take any extra bins of cards you don't want after you search through them. I'll put them to a good cause. Go Redskins!

  9. johnnys trading spot - can't say i'm a big fan of the bucs... but mike alstott is one of my favorite players from the 90's

    chris - yeah, i was stoked to see that ball sitting on a tarp for a buck. at first i thought it was just a standard mlb ball... but then i turned the box upside down and saw the world series sticker. i'm a little nervous about the box... only because older tsc cards have a reputation of sticking together. sounds good. i'll look and see if i have any when i sit down in my office this weekend

    jeremya1um - i thought about opening the set, but i'm pretty sure i can pick up the gold parallels of any player i want for less than a buck. i'd be happy with one favre. two? i'll jump for joy.

    night owl - i feel the same way about basketball

    the lost collector - at least your baseball team is one of the greatest sports franchises in all of sports

    dennis - it'd be cool to see the lions scrimmage the wolverines. my best friend's husband is a huge lion's fan... so i'll root for them from time to time.

    anonymous paul - oh i remember the flutie/johnson issue back in the day

    sumomenkoman - they're yours. and didn't realize you're a redskins fan. maybe i can scrape up some redskins stuff for you.

  10. 1994 WS ball is a steal even though I think it would piss me off every time I saw it. :p

  11. I always answer your questions right after you respond to the crowd. Oh well...

    A buck a shot is cheap as heck for official baseballs, nice job!

    I too, have arguably the toughest fanhood in the league - Washington. Competing with Dallas and New York, and that whole thing with the team name, plus ownership that is more interested in selling tickets than winning the games. We may never bring back the 80's...

  12. nick vossbrink - i was excited to add that ball to my collection.

    gca - no worries... i try and respond to every comment eventually... even after the bulk response. as for your redskins, you can always count on me to be rooting for your team at least twice a year when they face the cowboys.

  13. Nice haul. Broncos are my team, all the way back to the Orange Crush 70s. I’m a bigger football fan than baseball. I certainly know a lot more about the sport and the players. I’ll always watch my Broncos games but living in Baltimore I accept the Ravens. When they win the town seems happier lol.

  14. baltmoss68 - i've seen videos about the orange crush. that defense was awesome! as for the ravens... they weren't too shabby either back in the ray lewis/ed reed era.