30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Mind = Blown

Woke up this morning thinking I might head out to the flea market... but my phone was reporting rain... and wouldn't you know it... it's raining.  Oh well... at least I got a free lunch at my summer school training.

I was hoping to summarize a few care packages I received, but I'm running a little short on time and I desperately need to take a nap.  Instead I'm going to share two mind blowing eBay sales that I've been tracking.

The first one involved a 1981 Granny Goose A's Dave Revering.  I've written about this set a few times, but I'll go ahead and summarize my interest in this card.  Back in 1981 Granny Goose put trading cards into their bags of potato chips... kinda like the Utz cards that are currently receiving a lot of interest.

There were 15 different cards to collect, but Granny Goose pulled the Revering from production after he was traded to the New York Yankees.  They're pretty rare and don't pop up very often.  Back in 2013, I picked up a copy for my set, but it's not exactly in the best condition.  See for yourself:

1981 Granny Goose A's #13

Anyways... I've been looking for an upgrade ever since and a reasonably nice copy popped up last week.  The opening bid was $20, which is pretty insane for an oddball issue of a guy most people have never heard of.  That didn't scare me away though.  I ended up going out to dinner last night and completely missed the end of the auction.  I was a little bummed, but when I saw what the card sold for... I was blown away:

I'm happy to report that I had no plans on bidding more than $21 + $4 shipping, so it didn't matter that I missed out on bidding.  It's just crazy that someone is willing to pay that much.  I guess I'm not the only one looking for this card.  

Here's another eBay listing that I had been following.  This one is for a Tim Duncan autograph I pulled from a box twenty years ago:

1999-00 Topps Gallery Autographs #TD

I've had a couple of guys throwing ridiculous offers my way ever since I wrote about this card a while back.  When I say "ridiculous", I'm not talking about low-balling.  One guy offered me $500.  Another made multiple offers... with his final one being four figures.  I honestly figured they were joking around... and possibly trying to scam me.

Then last month, someone listed their copy on eBay as an auction.  I watched it closely... but was once again blown away by what it sold for:

I'm not sure if the buyer ever paid for this card or if this was even a legit sale.  But regardless... I was definitely blown away by what I saw.

Well my head feels like it's gonna explode.  Time to go lay down for a quick nap.  I hope all of you are enjoying your Saturday afternoons.

Happy Saturday and sayonara!


  1. The GG Revering is a very hard card to find in decent condition due to potato chip grease,so I think $60 for a clean copy is a reasonable price.

  2. i'd be parting with my Duncan for anything close to 4 digits but then that's me. I would also take a nap, and do at least once over the weekend!

  3. Yep, Duncan would be gone for me too, unless there is sentimental value.

  4. With those prices I will never see a duncan auto lol

  5. Whoa. That Duncan is pretty awesome.

  6. Summer school training?
    You're a better man than I. I need that downtime to recharge my battery.

  7. eBay sales can sometimes be very entertaining, not always in a funny way.

    btw...Your copy of the Revering looks fine.

  8. Duncan doesn't sign anymore, I don't even remember the last product he signed for, it had to be the early 2000's. The only way Duncan's come down in price is if he ever signed with Panini, but from what I've read and heard, he's just not interested in signing

  9. I am a big fan of Tim Duncan's, that being said, I would sell that card in a heartbeat! Of course, I'm not really big fan of owning super expensive cards anymore, so...

  10. Those were crazy! You never know what folks want/are willing to pay. Thanks for sharing.

  11. zippy zappy - you're beautiful too, buddy.

    sg488 - i'll bide my time. hoping to add one in the $25 area.

    acrackedbat, johnnys trading spot, and jon - i'm sure i'll move it eventually. i just haven't sold cards in a long, long time.

    sport card collectors - i think he has some draft cards on comc for around $100. not sure how legit they are though.

    the lost collector - it's pretty much the crown jewel of my collection in terms of value

    p-town tom - this might be my last year. then again... i'm pretty sure i said the same thing last year

    commishbob - lol. it looks better in the scan. in person, the stains are pretty bad

    chris p - lol. that would suck really bad if he started signing for panini.

    bulldog - yeah. crazy how the whole supply vs. demand thing works. i can understand demand for the duncan autograph. but who the heck cares about revering?