30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

A Bunch of Dicks

Did you know that the first Sunday of April is National Penis Day in Japan?  See the useless information you learn from reading my blog?

It's a few weeks late, but I wanted to celebrate the unique holiday by showing off one of my favorite Dicks:

1964 Topps #243

Dick Allen seems to be a fan favorite among card bloggers.  That's not a surprise since he was one of the game's best hitters back in the day.  Allen has numerous accolades attached to his name:  1964 NL ROY, 1972 AL MVP, and 7x MLB All-Star.  Plus he led the league in a variety of statistical categories throughout his career.  Hopefully the Veterans Committee will eventually recognize his on-the-field accomplishments.  In the meantime... he'll continue to be one of the greatest Hall of Very Good members around.

The card popped up on one of my eBay searches and I had some eBay Bucks to burn.  I'm not sure why they suggested this listing, since I had never thought about Allen's rookie card.  But I'm sure glad they did.  My out of pocket expenses for this card was $8.04 ($48 - $39.96 eBay Bucks).

Let's wrap things up with a few other dicks sitting in my collection...

What about you?

Who's your favorite or least favorite Dick in baseball?

Well that's enough dicking around...

Happy Tuesday and sayonara!


  1. Dick Pole has to be one of the most famous Dicks around. I have made customs for all of his missing Topps cards, so he’s probably my favorite.
    My least favorites have to be Jeter, Clemens, Nelson “steroid-usin” Cruz, Rougnad Odor (he’s always been a hot-head, Hunter Pence and Justin Turner (both are shaggy-looking guys who I think are over-rated. Throw Bumgardner into that last group as well.

  2. Fave baseball dick is definitely Dick Allen but Dick Stuart and Dick hall are up there as well. Least favorite? Dick Williams I guess. He managed a couple teams who were big rivals of the Orioles.

  3. You left out Arod and David Justice, lol. (My picks for cardboard dicks)

  4. Well, shoot. I don't think I properly celebrated that holiday and now I have to wait a whole year...

    Favorite Dick in sports from name alone: Dick Trickle

  5. Was expecting a herd of Richards, but OK.

    Least favorite wankers = A. J. Pierzynski, Clemens, Bautista, Pedroia at the plate.

  6. Manny Machado. For favorite dick (I am a fan when he’s no being one) Sane with Chris Sale.

    As for a “real” Dick, how about Mr Dickie Noles?
    Fun conversation 🤪

  7. I'd spout off Dick Cummings as my favorite funny-name Dick. Dick Allen as my favorite player. Dick Williams as my favorite manager. Least favorite dick, maybe Ryan Braun. And can't forget about the domestic abusers.

  8. I think Dick Trickle is my favorite dick name in sports. I've always wanted to attend the Shinto Kanamara Matsuri - Festival of the Steel Phallus. It seems like a lot of fun. I am a member of a Facebook group where people show off strange stuff they find in thrift stores, and it is amazing how many items are out there with weiner-inspired designs.

  9. I bought a raw, mid-grade copy of that Allen rookie card at auction on Ebay for 1$ (I was the only bidder) a few years ago and I remember thinking how insanely undervalued (in both dollar and general respect terms) he is. Definitely he belongs in the HOF - especially if they are now enshrining guys like Harold Baines for crying out loud!

  10. jeremya1um - mr. pole is a classic. i actually didn't know much about pence until he arrived in the bay area. but i grew to like his quirkiness while he was a giant. i also like mad bum bc he's a fellow lefty ;)

    zippy zappy - it took some time, but i figured out where you're headed with these comments.

    commishbob - aww man... i'm a big fan of dick williams. he might be the only guy who managed all 3 teams i collect (a's, padres, and expos)

    johnnys trading spot - oh man... i had totally planned on including arod. had a card picked out and everything

    community gum - lol... i was over a month late. dick trickle rules!

    gca - looks like clemens is pulling away as a least favorite...

    sumomenkoman - :)

    baltmoss68 - yeah, machado had that run in with the a's a few years ago, but now that he's with the padres, i've gotta root for him. hopefully it was an immaturity thing

    defgav - totally remember that post. i think we have a winner... ding. ding. ding.

    raz - i think i remember someone sharing that festival with me. i remember watching a show called real sex years ago on hbo and they had an episode on japan and how symbolic the penis is to their country

    sean - i agree. there are three hall of very good members i'd love to see in cooperstown one day. allen is one. the other two will pop up in the near future on this blog