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Monday, May 20, 2019

Bright Start to my Week

The past week or so, my mailbox has been flooded with packages.  There were three eBay purchases, a COMC package, a blogger prize package, and three blogger care packages.

I spent several hours Sunday morning opening up packages and sorting and organizing cards.  It felt like my birthday or something.  My original plan was to throw all of the blogger packages together into one post.  But there were honestly so many cool items... it felt like the cards would be better appreciated spread into individual posts.

Today's post covers a contest prize package I won over at Diamond Jesters.  Let's kick things off with three Oakland A's parallels that Matthew sent:

2010 Topps Gold #417
2019 Topps Rainbow Foil #66
2019 Gypsy Queen Green #132

I'll never get tired of receiving parallels of A's players... especially anything green bordered.

Next up was a pack of 2019 Topps Series One:

Who doesn't like opening up packs?  This one didn't have any A's in it, but it did contain a Padre:

2019 Topps #56

Now that's a great looking card.  Here's another well cropped action shot I pulled from this pack:

2019 Topps #114

The final two prizes were a pair of 1990 Donruss cards:

1990 Donruss #311
1990 Donruss #328

Now before you start thinking these are your ordinary, overproduced base cards... you should know that each card came with a very cool bonus:

If you're a regular reader of Diamond Jesters, then you know that his specialty is writing haikus.

Thank you Matthew for this very generous contest prize package!  The Righetti and Parker (plus their poems) will be given a special home in my blogger binder.

Well that's it for today.  I hope you all have a great week.

Happy Monday and sayonara!

Extra Time

2014 Chrome Refractor Auto #13
2014 Chrome Blue Refractor Auto #13
2014 Chrome Gold Refractor Auto #13

On Saturday, Chris Wondolowski of my hometown San Jose Earthquakes scored four goals against the Chicago Fire and became the MLS all-time scoring leaderCongratulations Wondo!


  1. Glad you liked the prize!
    I'm truly honored to make
    your blogger binder!

  2. Former Houston Dynamo legend Chris Wondolowski! Jk, he didn't get that much playing time here in his early days. It's somewhat ironic that he'd start with the team that moved from San Jose and then become a star with the new Earthquakes.

    That Treinen looks great. I love it when a colored border is in harmony with the team's color scheme.

  3. That is a great Dave Parker card!Then again,I've yet to see a bad Dave Parker card.Glad you're off to great start this week.People don't know how priceless that can sometimes be.

  4. Nice mailday! Custom prizes are great and Matt nailed it.

  5. I feel like it's been too long since I sent anything your way. I better get on that.

  6. My original intent to get to the chorus of You're Beautiful has now been cancelled since I feel the joke has run its course.
    I'm with TLC, I should probably get that package out to you soon.

  7. I know a lot of people hate on 1990 Donruss, but the nostalgia factor is so high on those for me. Such good memories collecting that set.

  8. matt - muchas gracias matt... had fun opening the pack... the poems were cool

    bru - its' been fun watching wondo over the years... although i was starting to think he'd never get that record tying goal. i agree. it's awesome when a parallel matches the team's color scheme

    bulldog - yup

    big tone - i'm a big fan of parker. he's definitely one of my favorite hall of very good players

    dennis - the haikus were a nice bonus. wasn't expecting those

    the lost collector & zippy - i've been so far behind in blogger care packages myself. the next two posts i have scheduled are for bloggers who sent packages this week who i already owed packages to.

    zippy #2 - aww. no more blunt? was starting to really, really, really hate that song ;)

    sumomenkoman - i opened up a fair share of 90d myself, but that could be said for most of the products that year. i was still in fully swing in 1990. i worked at a card shop, so i had access to discounted wax.