30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Guilty Pleasure

Pete Rose may not be the most popular guy in baseball, but the past few months, I've been picking up his signatures here and there.

Here's my latest purchase:

1982 Topps #781

My two prerequisites are:

#1:  They're affordable.
#2:  I like the look of the card.

This PSA/DNA slabbed autograph set me back $19.09 (+ $3.78 shipping), which seems like a fair price for the signature of MLB's All-Time Hit King.  As for the card itself, I'm a fan of the 1982 Topps card design and anyone who knows me, knows how much I appreciate a well-cropped action shot.

So I'm okay with people not liking Pete.  I've accepted that he's just one of my hobby's guilty pleasures.

What about you...

Do you have any hobby related guilty pleasures?

Speaking of "guilt"... I instantly felt guilty after recently receiving a package from Mr. Miller over at Johnny's Trading Spot.  Inside he hooked me up with one of the mascot cards I've been looking for:

2011 Topps Opening Day Mascots #M-16

He also included this Swinging Friar sticker:

2016 Topps Stickers #265

Plus a bunch of other 2016 Topps Stickers:

This cool Rick Monday...

1969 Topps Deckle Edge #14

And a few other nice cards for my A's PC:

Why would I feel guilty about receiving such a cool care package from Johnny?  Well... he won a contest on my blog back in February and I never shipped out his prize package... until today.  In addition to his prize package, I also shipped out Wrigley Wax and Royals and Random's prize packages as well.  Don't worry SumoMenkoMan... I haven't forgotten about yours.  I'm still trying put together something special for you, since I owe you a couple of care packages as well.

Well that's it for today.  I apologize for the delay gentleman.  Hopefully you're all understanding and are able to use the cards I sent your way.

Happy Saturday and sayonara!


  1. That's a great looking Charlie Hustle!I guess I feel the same way about collecting Canseco.Seeing as how he pretty much ruined baseball for a whole generation.

  2. No need for guilt. No worries here.

  3. That is a good deal on ol Sneaky Pete!

  4. Cant go wrong with a signature of the hit king for under 20 bills.
    I have such a hard time getting to the post office to ship things out. I got a bunch of packages that need to go out as well.

  5. I am not a Pete Rose apologist, but I am still a fan. What He did was wrong, but I enjoyed watching him play.

  6. My entire life has been a string of guilty pleasures, some of which I was actually found guilty of. ಠ_ಠ

  7. I'm not sure this qualifies as a guilty pleasure but as much as a loathed the San Antonio Spurs (mostly their fan base honestly, because I live in South Texas and knew a bunch of fair weather fans) I always collected Tim Duncan regardless of my "hatred" I even have a Duncan game used jersey. All that "hatred" went away when KD made his move to Golden State, but my friends always gave me a hard time for as much crap as I'd give them, that'd I'd still be willing to spend my hard earned money on the cornerstone of that franchise lol.

  8. Guilty pleasure would have to be football cards. The Cardinals left St. Louis when I was 10, Rams left a few years ago. I rarely watch the NFL, cannot stand the league's management, but I still end up with a bunch of football cards a few times a year.

  9. big tone - nice call on canseco. he's definitely got a few diehard fans that collect his stuff

    johnnys trading spot - lol. thanks for the care package. hope you enjoy those president cards

    brian - love me some sneaky pete... the player and the show

    collecting cutch - i can't stand the post office. i really need to learn how to use a postage scale and start creating shipping labels from home

    zippy zappy - i'm jealous

    gcrl - me too. he messed up and has to accept responsibility for his action. that being said... i loved the way he played the game.

    commishbob - lol. very intriguing

    chris p - i think that's a great example. speaking of duncan... i've actually been trying to buy his chrome rookie card... and i don't even watch basketball anymore

    the snorting bull - the way you view the nfl is the way i view the nba

    parts of my past - thanks. i'm still hunting for more. can't get enough

    1. I made the mistake of wayyyyy overpaying for mine just after he retired. Graded copies go relatively cheap for a guy of his stature. I've seen them range in the $60-$90 range with Mint 9 Copies going for under $50. Definitely a great card to have and affordable of one of the greats

    2. Chris P - If I could find a non-green tint one for $100, I'd buy it right now.

  10. I’m a fan of Pete and am hoping the verdict softens for him over time. We are moving soon, maybe I can swing by and pick up the package in person instead of mailing it. As always, thanks for running a great blog!

    1. Definitely. Let me know when you're coming into the Bay Area. Maybe we can hit up a flea market or something.