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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Flea Market Finds #128: Binder Full of Vintage

It's that time of the year when flowers are blossoming, the sun starts staying out a little longer, and collectors like myself, Dime Box Nick, and Mark from Battlin' Bucs start venturing out to our local flea markets.

I'll be honest, I'm not enthusiastic about flea markets as I used to be.  The number of hidden treasures I've discovered has decreased dramatically the past two or three years.  In fact, I have lowered my expectations to the point where I'm just happy to get some low impact exercise and hang out with some fellow collectors.

Up until last Saturday, I hadn't walked around the flea market more than once or twice this year.  But a few weeks ago, I circled the date on my calendar and made it a priority to walk around the De Anza Flea Market.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were tons of vendors set up, including five or six guys with baseball cards.

Purchase #1:  Baseball Card Binder  $6

As soon as I saw this binder, I was as giddy as a teenage girl meeting Justin Bieber for the first time.  My heart rate shot up and I couldn't wait to see what was inside the binder.

Was it worth the six bucks?  Well... I bought it, so that says something.

However... it wasn't exactly filled with Mantles, Mays, or Aarons.

See for yourself:

The first five pages contained one lone 1957 Topps card, a small stack of 58's, three 61's, fifteen 62's, and a 9 pocket page of 66's.

Not quite enough to allow me to retire early, but at least it'll help me fill some care packages.  The only cards I plan on keeping are these early 70's Fleer cards:

I love the artwork on these vintage oddballs.  They're so colorful.

Purchase #2:  Dime Box Cards  $3

Technically these thirty cards were purchased from two different vendors, but since they were friends I combined them.  Just like the vintage binder, there's nothing too special to write home about.  A few of the singles will find a home in my insert binders.  The rest will be sent out as part of care packages.

Purchase #3: 2017 Topps New York Yankees Team Set $7

I've been trying to cut back on these types of purchases, but I really wanted the Jeter and Tanaka for my binders and this oddball rookie card of Judge:

This card completes my trifecta of his rookie cards:

Regular Base Rookie Card

Complete Set Rookie Card

Neither of these rookie cards were purchased at the flea market.  They were part of a complete set I purchased earlier in the year with Target gift cards.

Purchase #4:  Teacher Resource Books $2

Ten months out of the year, I spend a high percentage of my time standing in front of middle school kids.  But every summer, I switch things up and teach math to incoming 5th graders.  I don't consider myself a "Ditto King", but teachers can never have enough resource books... especially when they're only $1 each.

Well that wraps up my first spring trip to the flea market.  It wasn't as exciting as Nick's haul, but it was nice to get back out there and breathe in some fresh air.  I don't plan on going out again this weekend, but there's a small flea market held at a local high school that's happening on the 19th

The date has been circled on my calendar.

Until then...

Happy Thursday and sayonara!


  1. I've hit the same wall with diminishing flea market returns. Of course it might be for the best, because I'm largely running out of space to display any new pickups. I really like the Topps team sets, but they're a pain to track down sometimes.

  2. Six? not Sixty? Fantastic find. If those checklists are unclaimed or discards, I'd love to trade for them.

  3. That's a nice little haul of vintage for $6. Well-loved, sure. But the price is right.

    I've never sought out flea markets (or estate sales) for sports card finds, but every time I read posts like yours and Nick's I feel like I'm missing out. Even if you dont find anything it's good to get some fresh air and spend an hour or two walking around and browsing with a friend.

  4. I recently moved next door to my favorite flea market and I cannot wait to make the season's first trip. Cards are usually in short supply there though, so I doubt I'll have the luck that you and Nick have had recently.

  5. Damn, you people have some great flea markets. The ones around just have tacky clothes, bad jewelry and food that'll destroy your stomach.

    1. And don't forget the ones that had to be closed down and bulldozed over because they became a great place to deal drugs, that's the flea markets that I know.

  6. Congrats! I would have snagged the binder for $6 as well!

  7. Now that's what you call dime boxing it. Vintage 50's 60's for pennies plus a binder and pages.

  8. Looks like ya did alright at the DA. We plan on visiting sometime or another-probably August? Love those colorful oddballs and i didn't know that the Complete Set issue were distinct

  9. Great finds! I love those '70s Fleer cartoons.

  10. Among those vintage are several green tint variation 1962s and a short print 1958 in Geiger.

  11. That binder was well worth the $6!

  12. Ohhhhh the sweet sweet vintage!!!

  13. Just wished I had a flea market to visit. Best I have are garage sales but haven't found any deals in a long time

  14. That binder for $6 looks like a blast!

  15. Overall a nice haul. And exercise never hurts as well.

  16. Weird that Jeter was i included in that topps set. Great Laughlins though!

  17. mark - i agree on the whole "space" issue. the number of bobbles and kenner slus purchases have exponentially decreased for that reason alone

    the angels in order - no trade needed. if you don't mind a pwe, they're yours. i'll ship them asap. if you can just send me an email reminder, i'll get them out to you next week.

    chris - you should give it a shot if you enjoy walking around. it's a good way to meet other collectors too. i spend at least 30 minutes hanging out with some of the dealers just chatting it up.

    tony burbs - nick's purchases remind me of my own a few years ago. they're insane. i don't find anything like he does these days. best of luck at your flea market. you never know when some guy is going to be cleaning out their old collection. trust me... it happens from time to time.

    zippy zappy - one of my favorite things to buy at the de anza flea market is their churro. they're amazing.

    night owl - we have that flea market too. it's the one i usually go to on sundays (capitol flea market). that's where you find used underwear, headless barbies, and the occasional fist fight.

    sumomenkoman - yeah... love the fleer cards. the rest will be passed on to fellow collectors. let me know if you see anything you can use.

    john miller - lol. well like chris mentioned... they're well loved. but that's okay. who doesn't appreciate vintage cards with character.

    b man - let me know if you're going and maybe we can meet up. yeah... those team sets have special numbering and different photos (well... at least the judge does).

    nick - those fleer are my favorite purchase for sure

    eric c. loy - thanks for the heads up. forgot about those green tints.

    matt - yeah... i couldn't pass that up.

    forestrydave - wasn't one of my biggest finds... but i was pretty happy with it.

    sport card collectors - haven't really done the garage sale thing... but i bet it's better than the flea market. these days collectors in my area head out really early and grab all of the good stuff.

    jafronius - oh man... i've gained 8 pounds since january. yeah... i need the exercise. hitting the golf course on tuesday though to play 9. that should burn a few calories

    gcrl - i know... but i'm not complaining. i hate the yankees. but love jeter.

    collecting cutch - yeah, i was pretty stoked about that binder.

  18. I have only one flea market nearby, open on Sundays. Dealers line up at 4am for tables. Unfortunately, heavy morning dew in the country isn't card seller friendly. I can only dream about $6 binders full of vintage and classic Fleer! CRAZY!! Good for you Fuji!