30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, May 26, 2018

New and Unique

It took over a week, but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel in regards to that huge collection I purchased off my friend.  Hopefully by tonight, I will have all twenty-something thousand trading cards sorted into four categories:  cards for my collection, cards for care packages, cards to be taken to my classroom (or donated to Goodwill), and cards to be dumped.

This morning I decided to take a break and open up a care package that Rod from Padrographs sent me last weekend.

He sent me an email a while back stating that some things came into the store where he worked that he though I'd be interested in.  He was 100% correct.  

Let's get things started with Rod's custom card:

I'm a big fan of personalized trading cards.  Either he's playing off Mister Fantastic's real name... or he knows that I've been struggling to read everyone's blogs lately, because he took the time to remind me to "read" which is excellent advice.  This card will go right between my Junior Junkie and JBF rookie cards.

He also threw in this really cool oddball issue of Tony Clark:

2008 Disabled American Veterans

I'm not 100% sure if this is my first DAV card... but I'm really happy to add it to my Padres PC.  I tried researching other Padres in this set, but could only find San Francisco Giants, St. Louis Cardinals, Milwaukee Brewers, and Tampa Bay Rays cards online.  Any idea how these were distributed?  And if cards were made for all MLB teams?

Rounding out the team bag were these six trading cards:

I don't watch WWE anymore... but Asuka might just be the reason I give it another shot.

Okay... it's time to get into the heart of Rod's care package and show off some of the most unique and oversized Japanese PC items I've seen.

Don't believe me... see for yourself:

Yup.  That's a vintage Japan Airlines safety card.  I wasn't able to find a date, but it looks like something from the 70's.  I've flown a lot over the years and have never seen anything like it.  It's laminated in plastic and folds in half like a book.

There was also this JAL safety card as well:

Now this is what I'm more accustomed to.  Although I'm guessing it's at least two decades old, since it says you're allowed to smoke as much as you want except during take-offs and landings:

The third and final piece of JAL memorabilia was this traveler's handbook that included a foldout time table:

As with the two safety cards, I wasn't able to find a date.  However there was lot's of cool information included in this handbook like money conversion, national holidays, and weather information.

If you had asked me about collecting airline memorabilia a week ago, I probably would have said I wasn't interested.  However I'm seriously thinking about buying this JAL barf bag from the 80's that's on eBay to round out this really cool collection that Rod sent me.

Wait... there's more.  He also sent me two sets of Japanese postcards:

I've been going back and forth about starting a postcard collection.  I guess these are the sign I was looking for.

And last but certainly not least, Rod sent three me three complete magazines.  The first two are SI for Kids issues... which happens to currently be my second favorite magazine subscription next to Baseball Digest:

Both issues were complete with cards and posters.  I've already ripped out this Steph Curry which I'll hang up in my classroom on Tuesday:

And the final item is this Japanese magazine from the 70's:

Unfortunately, I'm not able to read any of the text.  But I enjoyed looking at all of the advertisements and photographs.

My two favorite advertisements were the Technics and Honda N360 full page ads.  Growing up... my family had a really nice Technics stereo system that I never really appreciated until I was a little older and my friends drooled over it.

As for the car ad... I've been a Honda guy since I purchased my very first "new" car in 2000.  I had never heard of the N360, but it looks like a really cool car.

As for articles, I was hoping to find a nice full page photo of Sadaharu Oh.  Instead, I found this:

I'm not able to give you any information on this wrestler... but if you're lucky maybe SumoMenkoMan will help us out in the comment section below.

Well that's it for today.  I've got to get back to sorting that collection.  I'm tired of it taking up my entire office.

Thank you Rod for this very unique and generous care package!  It helped inspire me to start a JAL PC... as well as gave me a break from sorting cards.

I've picked up a few extra Padres autographs that I'll be sending your way this summer.  But in the meantime...

Happy Saturday and sayonara!


  1. That's a pretty cool package.

    Asuka has been MIA in WWE recently but I definitely recommend checking in her match against Charlotte Flair from WrestleMania. Shinsuke Nakamura is a great bad guy on Smackdown. If you're bored on a Tuesday night over the summer when there's no school, give Smackdown on USA a shot, it's not bad.

  2. I have a DAV Rays card of Jose Cruz, Jr., although I’m not quite sure where I got it. I had a friend who collected Rays in the early 2000’s, so it could’ve been from him, or perhaps a stadium giveaway. I I love the custom that Rod made.

  3. 八百長 プロ野球よ お前もか

    Gambling Et tu, Professional Baseball?
    Looks like that issue was going into gambling in organized baseball...

    1. The Black Mist baseball scandal news story had just broke a few weeks earlier so the magazine was reporting on the latest info they had on it I imagine.


  4. I believe the DAV cards are stadium giveaways so not every team has a set. The earliest one I have seen is the 1977 Kurt Russell that I picked up a year or two ago.

  5. That's a unique all around package for sure

  6. Awesome Japanese goodness for sure on this post....especially the airline memorabilia. I love to browse through old Japanese magazines for the ads.

    That magazine is called "Sunday Daily" and has been in weekly print since 1922. It is a variety magazine covering a lot of the interesting news of the day....kind of like Newsweek. That particular copy is from October 26, 1969. With respect to the sumo page you posted, I don't know the main wrestler at the center of the ring. I doubt he is a real wrestler, but possibly a celebrity "practicing". I couldn't read his name in the text below. He looks older and his hair is short and not put up in the traditional style. However, the famous and great Yokozuna Taiho is sitting on the ground behind him with his arms crossed and grinning.

  7. I don't know where you guys get your custom cards done but I'm jealous. Maybe for my 5th blogging anniversary...

    The mag cover with the hand hovering over the ball field fascinated me as well. Glad that someone had a little information on it. I hope Rod doesn't get in trouble for sending you those SI mags because this publication must remain in the library ;)

  8. Now that's a trade package. I had no idea Tony Clark even played for the Padres, much less had a card with them.

  9. Rod always has kick-ass care packages.

    Wish I could help you with the Padres DAV card. That is the first MLB card I have seen from that set. But, I did get a Tulsa Drillers "set" from a Drillers games I attended that year. For that set, it was more like a Rockies All Time Great Set from players that went through Tulsa. I doubt that helps you out much, though.

  10. I never knew Tony Clark was a Padre. Ever.

  11. adam sanders - thanks for the suggestion. i watched the match. both of those women were super athletic. also liked how asuka congratulated flair at the end.

    jeremya1um - i'd love to learn more about these day cards

    zippy zappy and sumomenkoman - thanks for the translation and info

    corky - appreciate the info. now i know what to search for

    sumomenkoman - i need to hire you and zippy as my personal translators. appreciate the info

    chris - i get mine from topps. they have a pretty good sale around black friday

    nick and scribbled ink - i don't think i knew that he played in sd either

    zman40 - that rockies all time great set sounds really cool.