30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Friday, September 13, 2013

It's My Turn!

My blog is my sports memorabilia diary.  And twenty-five years from now... when Yasiel Puig is being discussed in baseball circles as being the greatest Dodger to don the uniform... I'll be able to pull up this post and prove that I was part of Puig-mania from the beginning.

Okay... don't mind the extreme exaggeration and the fact that I'm three month's late.  But at least it's still during his rookie season.

Introducing... my very first Puig:

I know... it's nothing special.

It wasn't pulled from a pack.  There's no massive game worn patch.  It's not autographed.  Heck... it's not even an official rookie card.

But it's mine and I love it.  Actually it gets better.  The Sports Illustrated for Kids issue this uncut sheet came out of features this awesome cover of the best quarterback in the game:

Exaggeration is so underrated.  You should try it every now and then.

Happy Friday and sayonara!


  1. Cool! I've seen Puig play twice in person this year - once at Yankee Stadium and once in LA. He hit HRs in both.

  2. I have to give my attention not to Puig but to Russell Willson. I hope he has a even better season this year! And I wish I can have one day one of his baseball cards.
    Puig still has to ring any bell to me (I know..it's probably a blasphemy eheh)