30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Monday, September 16, 2013

Domo Arigato: Clyde's Stale Cards

Back in 2011, I started collecting unopened packs of Japanese baseball cards.  And over the course of two years, I was able to acquire forty-eight different packs.  But thanks to Clyde's Stale Cards, I now have fifty different unopened packs.

1991 BBM Baseball

He actually sent me three packs of 1991 BBM baseball.  If you're not familiar with this product, it has several early cards of Hideo Nomo.

What am I planning to do with the packs?

Well... one of them is reserved for the unopened wax pack collection.  The second pack is going into the binder that contains my 1991 BBM baseball set.  As for the third... I'm not sure yet.  I might keep it sealed.  Or I might bust one open for A Pack To Be Named Later.  We'll have to see.


The second pack is a complete mystery.  I have no idea what year this pack is from, but it feels old.  Whatever it is... it's easily the coolest pack in my collection.  If anyone has any information on this pack, please let me know.

Thanks Clyde's Stale Cards!  Your generosity is much appreciated.  I'll definitely keep my eyes peeled for some Hensley Muelens, Tuffy Rhodes, Dave Henderson, Dave Winfield, and Roberto Kelly cards.

Although.... after looking at your wantlist... you have almost everything ever created for these guys.

Happy Monday and sayonara!


  1. The mystery pack would be 1978 NST Yomiuri Giants. NPBCardGuy did a post about the NST sets last year:


    That was another of those questionable eBay purchases I made where I threw out a minimum bid and got it. Since I don't have an unopened pack collection, and I'd more than likely end up opening it, I thought it should have a better home. Hope you enjoy them!

    1. Two mysteries solved.

      #1 - Jason Presley = Clyde's Stale Cards
      #2 - 1978 NST pack question.

      Thanks again so much for the generosity. I guarantee I'll give those packs a very good home.

  2. I bought some of Clyde's Stale Cards a few months back, and I dig 'em.

  3. Strange to see the Japanese teams using the same names or the same letters design from the US teams. What's your favourite Japanese team? I have to get to see some games on youtube.

    1. As crazy as it sounds... I've never thought about picking a favorite Japanese team. I guess I have a new homework assignment. I'll have to see where my dad's grandparents came from. I think they lived on farms outside of Hiroshima... so maybe the Carp will be my favorite team.