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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

The Metric System and Puckered Lips

Eighteen hours into 2022... I made my first card purchase of the year when I stumbled across this card on eBay:

1994-95 Collector's Choice French #23

I pretty much avoided looking for new Michael Jordans in 2021, because prices were ridiculousDealers at card shows I attended were asking $3 to $5 for Junk Wax Era base cards.  My reaction was to chuckle and walk away.

Ironically... I spent close to that on this single ($2.39 + $0.27 tax + free shipping).   The reason I dove deep into my pockets to pick this card up is because I've never seen one before.  Okay.  I've seen this card, but I've never owned a copy (of the French version).

At first glance the English and French versions look identical:

1994-95 Collector's Choice English #23 (Left)
1994-95 Collector's Choice French #23 (Right)

However on the back, the French version features the text in English and French and the measurements use the metric system:

While the English version is only written in English and features the U.S. Customary system of measurement:

Luckily... both card backs feature Michael's backswing and puckered lips.  By the way... just to clarify... this is a basketball card that features him playing baseball and golf.  Even if I didn't collect Jordan, I'd still want to add this quirky card to the collection.

As for future purchases... there's a card show coming up in eleven days.  I'm sure I'll find something to buy.  As for eBay... not sure I'll be making another purchase anytime soon.  I'm watching a complete set of 2021 Archives, but doubt I'll get around to placing a bid.  Even though sports card prices have started to settle, I'm going to be patient and wait for them to fall a little further.  And if they don't, then they don't.

I'll still keep my eyes posted for cheap, cool cards like this Jordan and his puckered lips.

Happy Tuesday and sayonara!


Sean said...

As a Canadian I've never understood why you Americans insist on sticking to that archaic system of measuring things you still have. Metric is just so much easier to use.

Angus said...

That being said, this Canadian still prefers imperial measurements for height and weight.

Nick said...

Didn't even know a French version of this one existed! I think it's technically part of an NBA set, but I consider it a baseball card all the same.

Jimetal7212 said...

From an American it's because Americans are stubborn and fools thinking that the way we do things is the only proper way. Or just want to stubbornly maintain our own identity against what the majority of the world does.

Fuji said...

sean - i think my students would totally agree with you. we actually teach kids to memorize and convert both units of measurement (at least we did when i taught 5th grade).

jimetal7212 - lol. no argument with you there. sometimes we get brainwashed into believe our way is the right way.

angus - interesting. i wonder what percentage of canadians think like you compared to sean. from a south of the border point of view, i'm used to feet, inches, and pounds.

nick - yeah, it's a basketball set. there's also a spanish version... and possibly a german version too.

Jimetal7212 said...

1994-95 Collector's Choice
1994-95 Collector's Choice French
1994-95 Collector's Choice German
1994-95 Collector's Choice Japanese
1994-95 Collector's Choice Japanese II
1994-95 Collector's Choice Spanish
1994-95 Collector's Choice Spanish II

The Japanese sets are more like S1 and S2 where the numbering is continuous between the 2. For the Spanish sets, not too sure. It's almost like S1 and S2, but the card numbers reset to 1 for Spanish II.


The Lost Collector said...

I've always loved this card, and how Jordan was #23 in most UD sets. His pose on the front waiting for a flyaball is great. The golf shot on the back I was never a big fan, but still enjoy the card very much.

GCA said...

I only collect Jordan baseball cards. I have one of the English ones. Looking for the rest. Will probably be a while before I find any of his baseball cards for reasonable prices.
I did put together the 1998-99 UD #230 a thru w subset for a friend.

Fuji said...

jimetal7212 - thanks for the list. i just picked up the german and spanish copies on comc. now i just need to track down the japanese version.

the lost collector - i dropped the ball on not commenting on that pose on the front. definitely a great looking shot.

gca - that 23 card subset is cool. i'll have to see how many different ones i own. back in the day i bought and opened up several boxes of series 2 basketball (b/c each box came with a pack of spx). i'm sure most of the cards i originally pulled are long gone, but i might have kept some of the jordans.

SumoMenkoMan said...

That is such a great card….and I love the variety!

Nick Vossbrink said...

Oh wow as a collector of non-english-language US-released cards this is very much up my alley.

Also regarding the metic system. I hate it (especially with length). Totally fine using it. I just find that the idea of having base-10 numbering with base-10 units is overly redundant. Being able to divide things exactly into thirds or sixths through units because the decimal numbering can't is super useful. (I love that time is base 12 and base 60.) I also like that the units are attuned to human usage instead of being arbitrarily based around powers of 10.

Jon said...

As a kid/teen I hated the CC foreign releases. They used to always be in the Toys "R" Us repacks, and since they couldn't be used for my American sets, they would inevitably just end up in a box, never to be seen again. I love them as an adult though, they look really good in with player collections (unofficial rainbows?).

Steve at 1975BaseballCards.com said...

I think I've seen card that but not the back, it's fantastic. I've seen many common cards that were under a back and now are 10x the price. Funny thing is some of them are worth it.

Fuji said...

sumomenkoman - three sports and two languages on one card. it's all over the place.

nick vossbrink - there are a bunch of different versions of this card. hoping to complete the rainbow soon. i'm used to the way we do unit conversions, so it doesn't bother me. but the metric system is 10x easier to teach to kids

jon - oh man... i'd love to stumble across some of those tru repacks and find a japanese pack. just need the japanese jordan to complete the "rainbow".

steve at 1975baseballcards.com - the hobby went wild for awhile. glad things are startng to settle down