30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Monday, January 17, 2022

For Entertainment Purposes Only

Nine days ago, I shared a fifty card mystery box purchased from the online dime store.  Some of you commented that they would be interested if they offered single sport boxes.  Well... I don't remember seeing them on their site, but they did have single sport fifteen card mystery packs.

I picked up a bunch of them in a variety of sports since they were cheap ($1 each)... which translates to less than per card.  Obviously I'm not expecting too much in regards to card value, but I thought it'd be cool to see if they could predict this year's Super Bowl winner.  

Unfortunately... the one sport I didn't purchase was footballDang it.

Guess I'll have to improvise and use these junk wax football packs that were part of that shoe box purchase I made back in November.  

The premise is simple.  I'll open up the four Fleer packs first and every time I find a card representing a current playoff team, they'll receive a point.  The team will only receive a point if the player is depicted wearing a uniform or if the team's name is printed on the front of the card.  

I realize this prediction isn't very scientific especially since certain teams like the 49ers and Bills will likely have an unfair advantage since both of these teams were popular in the early 90's and probably had more cards in these sets.  But this post and prediction is for entertainment purposes only.   I won't be putting any money down in Vegas based on this post's outcome... and I wouldn't recommend you doing it either.

By the way... the Titans will be represented by the Houston Oilers.  And in the event of a tie, I'll open up another pack and hopefully reveal a winner.  You'll notice that I've included both the Rams and the Cardinals.  That's because I'm writing and publishing this on Monday morning and they don't play until this evening.

Okay, here goes nothing...

Pack #11991 Fleer Football

Buffalo Bills1 point
Kansas City Chiefs1 point
Cincinnati Bengals:
Tennessee Titans1 point
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
San Francisco 49ers1 point
Green Bay Packers
Arizona Cardinals2 points
St. Louis Rams:

Right out of the pack, the Cardinals are in front.  Let's see if they can hold onto it.

By the way, I pulled a checklist out of the pack and made the executive decision to exclude them from the prediction because it features multiple teams.

Pack #21991 Fleer (Disqualified)

You won't believe it, but Pack #2 contained the exact same cards as Pack #1:

What are the odds?  Anyways... I decided to toss the results from this pack out of the prediction pickIs it tampering?  Sure.  But I've gotta give my Green Bay Packers at least a shot... and they're already two cards behind with only two packs to go.

Pack #31991 Fleer

Thankfully... zero duplicates in this pack.  

Buffalo Bills1 point
Kansas City Chiefs1 point
Cincinnati Bengals2 points
Tennessee Titans2 points
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
San Francisco 49ers1 point
Green Bay Packers1 point
Arizona Cardinals2 points
St. Louis Rams1 point

Things are getting interesting.  The Bengals, Titans, and Cardinals are currently in a three-way tie... and the Buccaneers are the only team without a point.

Pack #41990 Fleer

Well based on the wax pack predictions... the Arizona Cardinals are destined to win Super Bowl LVI.

Buffalo Bills1 point
Kansas City Chiefs1 point
Cincinnati Bengals2 points
Tennessee Titans: 2 points
Tampa Bay Buccaneers1 point
San Francisco 49ers1 point
Green Bay Packers2 points
Arizona Cardinals3 points
St. Louis Rams2 points

Congratulations Cardinals fans!

But just in case you guys lose tonight, here's the last pack to help determine an alternate winner...

Pack #51990 Pro Set Series 2

Buffalo Bills: 2 points
Kansas City Chiefs: 2 points
Cincinnati Bengals: 2 points
Tennessee Titans: 3 points
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 1 point
San Francisco 49ers: 2 points
Green Bay Packers: 4 points
Arizona Cardinals: 3 points
St. Louis Rams: 2 points

Well... I guess I'm pulling for Los Angeles tonight (not really), because if the Cardinals lose... then the junk wax packs predict another Lombardi Trophy for Green Bay.

Speaking of LA... two of my favorite cards pulled from these packs feature representatives from the city:

1990 Pro Set #786

I wasn't the biggest fan of Al Davis, but his legacy will forever be remembered by Bay Area football fans for taking the Raiders down to Los Angeles in the early 80's.

He'd return the team back to Oakland in the mid 90's... only to have the city see them leave again (this time to Las Vegas) in 2020.

The other LA card I love is this Bo:

1990 Fleer #256

Bo was the man.  

And I'll never complain about pulling one of his cards from a pack.

If you're wondering what I consider to be the best card from this lot of packs, it's easily this one:

1990 Pro Set MVP Collectible #1

Bart Starr will always be a fixture in my collection, because he was the guy leading the Green Bay Packers when my parents were fans of the team.

This card is especially cool, because it honors Starr for winning the MVP Award at Super Bowl I... which is a game my parents attended.

Well that's it for today.  Hope you were entertained as much as I was with this wax pack prediction.  It may or may not be accurate... but it was fun.

Anyone have any Super Bowl LVI predictions?

It sucks to predict your own favorite team (only to see them lose), but I do feel like the Green Bay Packers have a good shot at winning it.  If they do, I predict it'll be because of Aaron Rodgers who will take home the MVP Award.

Happy Monday and sayonara!


Elliptical Man said...

I had a Bo Jackson t-shirt back in the day. There was a series of images on the front. The first image in the series was him playing baseball and he gradually morphed into a football player by the end of the series.

I think the Packers are the safe bet. Maybe the Bucs have a shot, but that's it in the NFC. The AFC is wide open. Both my favorite and my least favorite team got bounced in the WC round.

The Lost Collector said...

Really hoping it ends up with the Bengals from the AFC. My heart says Bengals/Packers, but my brain says Chiefs/Packers.

Johnnys Trading Spot said...

Let's go Brady

The Snorting Bull said...

Super Bowl? Fuji, we are in the middle of conference play in ACC basketball.

Seriously, the NFL has taken my team away from me twice (Cardinals and Rams), so I am not giving them any more of my time or money. Go Bengals.

sg488 said...


Matt said...

I am just looking forward 2022 and nfl offseason lol. Would love a Mahomes win though but think Bills Packers is the obvious pick

Matt said...

Let's go Buffalo! I'm tempted to buy a few of the baseball mystery packs since repacks have disappeared from my local area and I'm going to need some fresh content for my Repack Haiku series soon!

Fuji said...

elliptical man - sounds like a very cool shirt. i vaguely remember a cool nike shirt featuring bo doing a bunch of different sports... like mountain biking. as for the packers... they've been the safe bet before and lost. that's what i'm worried about.

the lost collector - i'd have no problem with the bengals reaching the super bowl. just as long as the packers are there to play them.

johnnys trading spot - as much as i admire brady, i won't be rooting for him this year

the snorting bull - i'll pay attention to college hoops in march. oakland raiders fans know your pain.

sg488 - that's what i'm seeing a lot of people say. the bills are hot right now.

matt - people keep talking about russell wilson with the giants. i sure hope he stays in seattle.

matt - lots of buffalo love in the blogosphere. i'm okay with them or cincinnati. best of luck with finding those mystery packs. they were out of stock last time i checked

SumoMenkoMan said...

Classic football packs. Love them even though they were overproduced.

Fuji said...

sumomenkoman - if you want anything from these packs, just say the word.

Adam Kaningher said...

Wow, that is some really bad collation in 1991 Fleer.