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Monday, January 11, 2021

Another Trip to the Online Dime Box

If you thought 2020 was a great year... than you were definitely in the minority.  However it wasn't completely terrible.  While blaster boxes were drying up and card shows were being canceled left and right... collectors discovered and turned to the online dime box... also known as BASEBALLCARDSTORE.CA.  I made a couple of purchases before the start of summer.  After that... every time I looked for cards there wasn't anything I could really use.  By the time June rolled around, I pretty much stopped browsing their inventory.

Then on Christmas Eve, Crazie Joe mentioned that the people who run the online dime box were starting a blog.  I decided to check it out and ended up spending $17 (+ $4.99 shipping) on five $1 mystery packs (baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and non-sports), 70 dime cards, and a five dollar multi-sport mystery bag.

Today's post is mainly going to focus on a few of the dime cards for my PC's and the $1 baseball mystery pack.  As with most mystery packs that allow the customer to preview what's inside... the key card is right up front and it easily made the purchase worth while:

1959 Topps #466

This card made me regret not picking up four more of these baseball mystery packs instead of grabbing one of each sport and a non-sport pack.

This card is a very nice addition to the vintage binder... especially since I don't own many baseball cards from the 50's.

Here's a look at the rest of the mystery pack:

The Drysdale was the card showing on the other side of the pack.  And even though there was a 1989 Donruss card tossed into the pack, the pack itself wasn't filled with Junk Wax Era commons.


I actually needed the Ichiro and the White Sox mascot card for my collection.  And I'm sure I can find a home for the Drysdale among one of the Dodger bloggers out there.

As for the mystery pack... I'd say it's well worth the buck.  I even have seventeen of these packs sitting in my shopping cart... since with shipping that comes out to approximately the price of a blaster.   However I haven't bought them yet.  Figured I'd sleep on it for a few days.

Now here are few of the more interesting dime cards I purchased...

1990 O-Pee-Chee #774

Going to a Canadian baseball card shop and walking away without at least one O-Pee-Chee card is like going to a bar and not ordering a drink.  Back in 1990... Ben McDonald was one of the key rookies to pull from a pack of cardsThese days?  Not so much.

1994-95 Hoops #297

I'm not sure how I even stumbled across this card, because I wasn't targeting basketball cards... but I sure am glad I found it.  Denzel has starred in some awesome moviesGlory and Remember the Titans are two of my favorites.

Do you have a favorite Denzel Washington movie?

1996 Panini Baseball Stickers #117

I'm always looking to add new Nomo cards to my binder for a dime.  This might be a sticker, but that's okay.  I don't discriminate.

1991 Legends #43

This was the card that made me click the checkout button.  As soon as I stumbled across this magazine card... I knew I was going to place an order.

The rest of the dime cards were mostly football oddball issues and hockey rookie cards.  Neither of these things draw many views... so I probably won't waste any time showing them off.  However...

Is anyone interested in seeing what's inside the four other "non-baseball" mystery packs?

And while I'm showing off one mailday, I might as well show off a pair of PWE's I received recently too.  The first one is from Nachos Grande:

2020 Topps A&G

Chris helped me out by crossing off eight more cards for my set build.  I have a ton of duplicates and some inserts, so if anyone out there has any 2020 Topps Allen & Ginter laying around... here's my wantlist:

And the other PWE was a prize package from Gregory over at Nine Pockets:

He recently celebrated the second anniversary of his blog and generously gave away twenty prize packages.

I chose this one, because I saw the Marcell Ozuna rookie card.  This guy is a beast and I'd love to see the Padres make more waves by signing him.

Thank you Chris for the set help... and Gregory for this generous prize package!

Happy Monday and sayonara!


  1. Glad the prize package arrived, Fuji! And yes, I'd be interested in seeing what's inside those other mystery packs.

  2. Looking at IMDB, I haven't seen as many Denzel movies as I would have thought. But I'd have to go with Philadelphia as my favorite.

  3. Equalizer 1 & 2. Sure show us some mystery cards.

  4. I'm certainly interested in what the other 4 mystery packs have to offer. That first one intrigued me, so I might get one of them sometime.

  5. Definitely curious what the other packs have - very intriguing....

  6. Not a movie but a TV show I enjoyed Denzel on St. Elswhere.Not much for mystery when I buy cards wanna know what i'm getting.

  7. I'll send you the A & G Billy Williams.

    Favorite movie with Denzel - A Soldier's Story.

    Favorite movie that starred Denzel - Ricochet. I still haven't seen a few of his notable ones though.

  8. I was going to pay for university with my 1990 Ben McDonalds, but it didn't quite work out.

  9. Denzel is the G.O.A.T. Love The Book of Eli and Training Day

  10. I'm trying to cut down on extra cards these days, otherwise I'd say those mystery packs look like fun.

    I don't believe I've ever seen a movie with Denzel Washington in it. As I've said often, I'm not much of a movie person.

  11. I still haven’t tried the online dime box site yet, I just can’t get over how clunky their site is. I might try it at some point just to see what all non-baseball stuff I can grab since I get all my baseball singles from Card Barrel.

  12. If I had money I would be there for hours to check out the online dime box

  13. Nice! They actually have a good blog. Is the price in Canadian or US? Denzel Washington. Crimson Tide no doubt.

    His son is a good actor as well. He starred in Ballers with the Rock.

    Nice pickups and care packages.

  14. gregory - i'll be show the non-sports pack off tomorrow. there was a really cool opc card in there

    brett alan - i've heard philadelphia is really good, but i don't think i've seen it. i'll have to see if it's available online

    johnnys trading spot - never heard of equalizer, but i'll look into it. showing off the n/s mystery pack tomorrow

    gtt - these mystery packs are a cheap way to get your pack busting fix. i'll probably toss in a few more in my next order

    craziejoe - i'll post what i found in my non-sport pack tomorrow

    sg488 - i remember the show, but i don't think i watched it. if i did... i don't remember it. i'm usually the same way these days. but i bought some just to mix things up

    elliptical man - never heard of a soldier's story... but i like war movies. i did like ricochet too. good call.

    sean - lol. it took a few decades, but i recently added the upper deck error card of mcdonald to my collection.

    texas surveyor - i loved training day. awesome film. also watched the book of eli recently. it was pretty good too.

    night owl - i know it doesn't look like it... but i'm trying to cut down on extra cards too. most of the extras will be tossed into a box i'll be either flipping on craigslist or donating to goodwill

    adam - they have started to make improvements, but yeah... navigation is still a struggle. these days i mainly type in players and see what pops up

    matt - the good news is the site's cards are cheap ;D

    sumomenkoman - price is us. and good call on crimson tide. never seen ballers with the rock. maybe one day