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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

A PC of a Guy I Don't Actively Collect

People who read this blog generally know my favorite teams and the players I actively collect.  But there are plenty of athletes in my personal collection that I fail to mention on this blog.

Hank Aaron is one of those guys.

It's probably because I don't actively seek his cards.  But that doesn't mean I haven't purchased some really cool collectibles featuring him over the years.  The bottom line is he's a legend.  When I started collecting cards back in 1981, I was also becoming a really big fan of the game of baseball too.  A big part of both of those things had to do with my love for numbers... which is why I've been fascinated by baseball statistics since the very beginning.

1974 Topps #1

How does this relate to Henry Louis Aaron?  Well even though I've had a deeper appreciation for high average hitters over home run hitters for as long as I can remember... what nine year old baseball fan doesn't appreciate the all-time home run king?  That's why I've slowly tucked away his cards (and collectibles) as I've encountered them over the years.

And as news of his death quickly spread over our blogosphere, I decided to pull out my boxes and scan some of my personal favorites.  It wasn't an easy task, but I even created a Top 10 list.

But before we get to those... here are a bunch of honorable mentions...

2001 Upper Deck Hall of Famers Bat #B-HA

1964 Topps #9
1968 Topps #3
1972 Topps #87

1968 Topps Game #4

1969 Topps #100

1970 Milton Bradley #NNO

1973 Topps #100

1975 Topps #660

2006 Kellogg's All-Star Autographs #NNO

1989 Kenner SLU Baseball Greats #NNO
2000 Hasbro SLU All Century Team #NNO

1991 UD Heroes of Baseball Hologram #HH1
1996 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament #HK2
2017 Bowman's Best 1997 Best Cuts #97BC-HA

Alright... now that we've gotten those out of the way.  Let's check out my
ten favorite Hank Aaron collectibles...

#102001 UD Decade 1970's Game-Used Jersey #J-HA

Yeah... I know memorabilia cards aren't for everyone.  But I enjoy collecting them and if you've followed this blog long enough, you know how much I love this product.

#91967 Topps Posters #15

This is the first of two oddball issues from the 60's on this list.  I really like the simple design and the fact that it's printed on newspaper stock.  It definitely has a vintage feel to it.  I also think it's cool that he has his jersey number written on the knob of his bat.

#81966 Topps #215

Do I really need to explain why this card is so awesome?  Two words: three legends.

#71967 Topps #250

Back in the early 90's, I purchased a few Hank Aaron cards from the card shop I worked at.  One of them was the 1973 Topps card featured in the honorable mentions.  This was another one of those cards.  At the time this was one of the oldest and most valuable cards in the collection.  However it wasn't my favorite.  That honor belonged to the #6 card on this list.

#61972 Topps #299

This was one of the other vintage cards I purchased from the card shop I worked at.  I can't remember ever writing about this card before... which is a shame, because it's so darn beautiful.  Plus the 1972 Topps baseball card set will always hold a special place in my collection since it's my birth year set.

#52015 Topps Museum Collection Premium Prints #PP-HA

This is one of the most valuable baseball cards in my collection.  For the longest time, I wanted to add a pack pulled on-card autograph of Aaron to the collection, so in 2017 I purchased this card for $125 on eBay.

#41983 Perez-Steel Hall of Fame Art Postcards #177

I realize slabbed signatures and oversized items are not popular among many bloggers... but I love this collectible.  It's not my favorite Hank Aaron autograph... but it's pretty darn close.

#31964 Topps Giants #49

This is the 2nd oldest Aaron collectible in my collection and it comes from my favorite oddball issue from the 60's.  It's such a great looking card.

#2715th Home Run 16" x 20" Signed Photo (Steiner Certified)

Thanks to an awesome gift card offer, I was able to purchased this photo off of the Steiner website nine years ago for only $117.55 (+ $9.99 shipping).  One day I'd like to have it professionally framed and hang it up in my office.  That won't happen until I move and buy a larger place... which may or may not ever happen.  Until then... I get to look at this photo of my photo.

#11956 Topps #31

If I have a copy of a player's 1956 Topps card... chances are it's going to be my favorite card of his.  This card actually features two legends... since the player sliding into home isn't Hammerin' Hank.  It's actually the Say Hey Kid.

Well that wraps up my Hank Aaron PC.  Like I mentioned at the start of this post... I'm not actively looking to add any new cards of his to this collection.  But that doesn't mean I won't.  Maybe one day I'll stumble across an affordable graded vintage card from his playing days or a cool looking memorabilia card from the late 90's/early 2000's.  If that ever happens... I'll try to remember to share it on this blog.

Until then...

Do you have a favorite Hank Aaron collectible?

Happy Tuesday and sayonara!


  1. Great cards of Hank Aaron. Great to see Starting Lineup cards and Kellogg's cards. That's a nice collection. 1956 Topps are one of my favorites too.

  2. You most certainly have some high end Hank's. Hank's that I could only dream of owning. Well done.

  3. Great cards and great non-PC guy to collect. My favorites are that '69 Topps and the oversized signed cards. I have a signed Donruss puzzle of his I need to show off. Good stuff.

  4. Not sure how many times this makes, but here's another instance of me being jealous of your collection. Very cool Aarons! RIP to a legend.

  5. Seems to me that it'd be hard to collect baseball cards without accumulating a few Aarons along the way. Your Top 10 is fantastic! I've always liked his '73 and '76 Topps cards, mainly because those were the first two Aarons I ever owned. My favorite has gotta be that '74 Topps "Home Run King" card, though.

  6. That's a great collection! My favorite aaron in my collection is my 2004 topps original autograph, although his 74 topps #1 Is close behind.

  7. I have two not so gently used 1976 Hostess cards which I quite like.

  8. You’re honorable mentions are first class. You’re top 10 collections are elite. That’s a beautiful non-collection you have there!
    My fav Aaron is his Topps ‘57 rev neg.
    Great post.

  9. My two oldest cards of Aaron happen to be the same as yours...a 1956 Topps (from my uncle's childhood collection) and a 1964 Topps Giant. My 1956 certainly isn't graded, and certainly wouldn't score so high if it were. I think I'd have to pick the Giant as my favorite though. It's such a beautiful set. I've got about 20 of them including some of the big names, so I guess if I ever set out to complete a really older set, that would be the one.

    Would sure like to own an auto of him someday.

  10. My well-loved 1961 MVP card was a highlight of my childhood collection and it's still a nice one today.

  11. I don’t own any Aaron cards but that Hallmark card has to be the most unique one in my opinion. R.I.P.!

  12. Those are some high-roller Aarons for someone who doesn't even collector Aaron!

    My favorite Aaron cards are your common, everyday base cards. I do have an autographed, certified photo like you. I have no idea if it's real.

  13. Great collection! I really like his Hammerin' Hank poster card from this year's Archives. Cool card.

  14. You could make a fantastic top-10 list from your runner-ups. I feel very fortunate to have a '56 Aaron.

  15. Very impressive Aaron collection!

  16. Wowsers. You have a really nice looking Aaron collection. I'm really envious.

  17. Impressive! I think you need to collect more of him!

  18. runforekelloggs - shame there aren't any 70's kellogg's cards of aaron (or if there are, i don't own any).

    johnnys trading spot - coming from a braves fan that's quite the compliment. thank you john

    bulldog - oh man... that signed puzzle sounds awesome. can't wait to read about it

    dennis - thanks dennis. i've seen plenty of cards on your blog that i'm jealous of as well

    nick - i really regret not chasing a nicer copy of the home run king card a few years ago. i kept saying i was gonna do it, but it never happened. now it's too expensive

    gcrl - his home run king card is a classic for sure. and you can never go wrong with an aaron autograph

    swing and a pop up - i love hostess cards. i'll have to see about adding one of those to my collection

    cincicusebill - i'd love to own a 57 at some point, but honestly... that'll only happen if i stumble across someone looking to sell it for a really good price. sadly that's how all of his vintage cards will be for me moving forward

    bret alan - both of those are classics and two of my favorite sets. the 64 giants set is the perfect one to chase, since they're reasonably priced. the snorting bull is currently building that set and it's been fun to follow his progress

    nick vossbrink - i had to look up the 61t mvp card. it's awesome.

    sumomenkoman - you're in luck, bc hallmark made a nolan ryan card too. i picked up both in a dime box two years ago right after the trip down to southern california

    night owl - well... the autographs were something i chased, because he's a legend and i love autos. but the vintage (outside of the 56) were mostly card shop pickups from when they were much more affordable

    the lost collector - had to look up that poster card. you're right, it is pretty cool

    bo - i'm so grateful to own one... and happy to see so many other bloggers own one as well

    gtt - thank you sir

    peter k steinberg - thanks. it's taken four decades to build. and to think... i didn't actively chase the majority of these cards (except the 56t, the autos, and the relics)

    matt - if i find them at the right price, i'll grab them. but other than picking up one of his hostess cards, i probably won't chase his cards.