30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Monday, August 26, 2019

A Bunch of Booty

Okay.  This post doesn't contain any attractive ladies.... and none of these cards were acquired through plundering or pillaging.  But the cards in this post are highly treasured.

I'll kick things off with a card I purchased yesterday at the Niles Antique Faire and Flea Market in nearby Fremont, California.  This was my first time attending this street fair and I was pretty impressed.  Basically they close off a few streets in the Niles Historic District and vendors set up with antiques and other goodies you'd normally find at a street fair.  Plus all of the surrounding neighborhoods host block sales.

There were a few people with sports cards, but nothing at a price point that caught my eye.  However my friends and I found a really cool vintage toy vendor from Sweden who had a few 9-pocket pages of trading cards.

While one of my friends was looking at some 1947 Goudey Indian Gum cards, I noticed this pirate card of John Evans:

1933 World Wide Gum Sea Raider #33

I've seen these cards before, but didn't know much about them.  So I did a quick internet search on my phone and discovered that this is a pretty popular set with high number singles sometimes fetching good money.

I asked my friend how much the guy wanted and she said $4 each.  There weren't any completed listings for this card on eBay, but there are three up for sale ranging from $199.99 to $489.99.

Not exactly sure what the deal is with these cards and why they're priced so high... but $4 seemed like way too good of a deal to pass up.

My other friend found a set of Pyrex bowls that she really liked, so I bought it for her.  By the way, if you have any older Pyrex dishes... you should know that their popularity has really blossomed in recent years.  I've spent way more money on Pyrex this month than I have on trading cards.

Anyways... moving along.  When I came home I opened up a PWE from Peter over at Baseball Every Night that contained this:

2019 Topps NBCD #20

This is one of the National Baseball Card Day trading cards produced by Topps.  

Chapman is one of the bright young stars on my beloved Athletics.  However I haven't quite dove into collecting his cardboard yet... because his stuff often commands top dollar and I'm still having flashbacks of collecting cards of Eric Chavez... who Chapman is often compared to and whose cards can be purchased for pennies on the dollar.

That being said... I assure Peter that I'll treasure this card.

The final item of today is this promotional DVD sent to me by a reader:

2000 Beastie Boys Intergalactic DVD Single Promo

Tom, who has sent me cards in the past, read my post about my fanfare for the Beastie Boys and was kind enough to add this really cool item to my collection.  I was originally going to open it up and watch it... however he mentioned that these might be rare.  So I decided to keep it sealed... but he did inspire me to finally go out and buy the Beastie Boys Video Anthology (The Criterion Collection) after years of adding and deleting it to my Amazon shopping cart.

Thank you Tom for this very unique item for my very small Beastie Boys collection.  It will be treasured.

By the way... if you've never seen the Intergalactic video and you have a few minutes, I'd say give it a shot:

Hopefully... YouTube allows it to play on my blog.  If not, you can watch it over there by clicking here.  It was directed by MCA and reminds me of a Godzilla film or something.  Plus it's a pretty good song.

Okay... let's wrap things up with today's question of the day:

Are there any athletes you enjoy collecting, but you're hesitant on purchasing their cards because they're too expensive or you deem them overpriced?

That's it for today.  Have a great week!  Happy Monday and sayonara!


  1. Hello Nasty is such a good album. I gave it a spin recently after having been away from it for many years and was surprised at how well it holds up. Awesome pirate card too, I'd have snatched that up at $4 all day long!

  2. I have three Pyrex "Amish butterprint" (the turquiose and white ones with the farmers on them) serving dishes that I see now and then in antique shops for like $30 each. I'm sure collectors would be horrified to find out that I use them all the time as my regular leftover storage and clean them in the dishwasher. I'm almost tempted to round out my set, but I cook so seldom that it's not worth the cost.

  3. Thanks for the Beastie Boys ear worm...that'll be in my head all day!

  4. Love the Sea Raider card! Those things are unicorns.

    My 'too expensive to buy' plays are Charles Bender and Jim Brown. There are some terrific E- and W- cards of him that are well out of my price range. Jim Brown's cards are not in that range but I always find other things in the way of buying his better ones.

  5. I love that Sea Raider card and regardless of the "value" the coolness factor alone is worth the $4 price tag. Nice pickup!

    I bowed out of my keeper fantasy league this year after being in it for a very long time (my first pick was Ken Griffey Jr. to put the time in perspective). I had Chapman since his time in the minors and have enjoyed following his career - I hope it exceeds Mr. Chavez's.

  6. I didn't know anything about the 33 Goudy Pirate set though I considered buying some 1948 Leaf Pirates because I love 48 Leaf Baseball/Boxing/Football cards so much.

    There is nobody that I don't collect because they are too expensive now but that is part of the reason I am a Bill Virdon collector. I grew up in a small town in Missouri. It had a few famous residents two of which were MLB players, Bill Virdon and Preacher Roe. (with Porter Wagner and Jan Howard being the other famous former residents) As a kid I had two places to by cards. The Sportscenter, a baseball card shop and Aids Hardware. Both put a serious premium on Preacher Roe and Bill Virdon cards.
    (Yes an Ace Hardware store in my town had baseball cards, sort of. It was a hardware/general store for like 100 years. At some point it became an Ace hardware but the owner still sold whatever he wanted. Upstairs he had a couple of glass cases of baseball cards and boxes of commons all the way back into the 50s. Eventually he dropped the Ace got rid of the hardware and turned it into a consignment antique store.)

    Anyway, this was pre-internet days so they were my only options when trying to buy baseball cards. As a 10-15 year old kid having to choose between a 50s Preacher Roe baseball card with a 100% markup or a manager card of Bill Virdon for 1.00, it was no contest.

    When the internet came about and my available money increased I just kept buying Virdon cards because I already had allot of them, though I have quite a few Preachers also.

  7. Prices have never necessarily steered me away from collecting any certain player, but I will say it can be frustrating chasing rookies I like -- Vlad Jr., Pete Alonso, etc. -- because even their most common cards go for more than I usually want to pay. Often when I open packs now I find myself hoping to pull their cards more than any others because I fear the prices on the secondary market.

    1. This rings true for me as well. Being a Toronto fan and having to worry about prices on newer rookies like Vlad Jr. for the Jays and recently Marner and Matthews for the Leafs - it can be expensive - and that is why I still like the draw of opening some packs here and there.

  8. Wow... what a steal! You seem to luck into some of the craziest finds. I would've loved to have seen what was in the rest of those pages.

  9. It's wise to be cautious as you are with Chapman! No one wants to be Chavezed or Jeffriesed...

  10. That Sea Raider card is awesome. You should have fit Professor Booty from Check Your Head into the post.

  11. Like a pinch on the neck from Mister Spock! Great tune! Lots of late night MTV airplay there.

  12. Man, you've been posting some good tunes on this blog lately. Great pickup of that Sea Raider card, too!

  13. That Sea Raider card is great, I've never seen/heard of that set before.

  14. shoeboxlegends - hello nasty is either my 4th or 5th favorite album... behind check your head, ill communication, and paul's boutique. and depending my mood... hello nasty or licensed to ill would be #4. but in general... i listen to all of their stuff.

    gca - that's the set i bought for her. while walking around, she actually gave me a lesson on how to tell which ones have been in the dishwasher. i'm gonna try and keep her from seeing your comment ;)

    matt - lol. is that a good or bad thing?

    commishbob - i hear ya on bender. i bought that one t206 card and called it a day

    arpsmith - speaking of coolness... i regret not grabbing the goudey indian cards for $4 each. they were really cool too. as for chapman... i hope it exceeds chavez too (assuming he stays in oakland). but the thing is... chavez actually had one heck of a career.

    adame - dude... that ace hardware turned antique store sounds awesome! glad you're main pc guy is affordable. most of mine aren't too bad... but a few like ichiro, rickey, and jackie robinson can get pricey at times

    nick and craziejoe - i hear ya. this year i finally found a padre to collect... and he ends up being one of the hottest rookies.

    jon - the guy sold his baseball cards right before i started looking at his stuff. i can only imagine what he had.

    peter k steinberg - yeah... both of those guys did a number on me and my wallet

    the snorting bull - oh man. great call. love that song

    jafronius - i was surprised that several of my students knew that song when i played it last week.

    gregory - glad to know others out there appreciate music i'm interested in... especially since my students don't seem to be big fans of most of the stuff i play. they just want to listen to mumble rap and drake all day long

    nachos grande - i may have heard about it before... but definitely didn't realize the popularity/scarcity of that set