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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thank you Desean Jackson...

When the New York Giants took the field on December 19th at New Meadowlands Stadium... they were in the driver's seat for the final Wild Card spot. In fact... if they beat the Eagles that day... they'd be in first place in the NFC East.

With just over 8 minutes left in the 4th quarter, the Giants took a 31 to 10 lead over the Eagles. Most people would have thought it over... but then something happened. Vick and Co. did the impossible... they scored three straight touchdowns and the Eagles defense shut the Giants' offense down... which forced them to punt on the last play of the game. Anyone who watched one of the best games this season knows what happened next...

This clip inspired me to write today's post... because it got me thinking. What if Jackson doesn't return this punt for a touchdown? What if the Giants win the coin flip in overtime and win the game?

Well... one thing's for sure... if the Giants win the game (& still beat Washington in week 17)... they're in the last Wild Card spot... and the Packers' season is over.

So... thank goodness... Jackson did what he did. Don't get me wrong... I'm not a fan of "what ifs". It is... what it is. The Packers are in the Super Bowl because they've persevered and won 5 games in a row. I'm not taking anything away from them.

I just want Mr. Jackson to know... that I appreciate what you did on this incredible play... which definitely left a mark on football fans (especially me) this season. I was a huge fan of yours when you went to CAL... but I'm a bigger fan now... after realizing the role you played in the Packers reaching the Super Bowl.

By the way... Jackson's showboating nearly cost them that touchdown. While he was running parallel to the goal line... several Eagles players and coaches began running onto the field before the play was officially over. But the officials missed this call... and it is what it is... and in less than two weeks... the Green Bay Packers will be playing for the chance to bring the Lombardi Trophy back to Title Town.

Tonight's question of the day is...

What was your favorite game this season?


What was your favorite play this season?

Domo arigato Mr. Jackson... and to all... a good night!


  1. BOOOOOOOO on Jackson! (ya know I'm only saying that cuz I'm a giants fan...lol) IF the Giants defense would've decided to play in the fourth quarter and not go out into the parking lot looking for food they might've won that game.

  2. That game was my favorite, as an Eagles fan it didn't get any better to see the look on Tom Coughlin's face when he realized they lost. Priceless!