30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sports Card Trifecta #8: Devin Setoguchi

Devin Setoguchi combines two of the most important things in my life: my culture & the San Jose Sharks.

The Gooch was drafted by the Sharks in the first round of the 2005 NHL Draft. In his first NHL game, he scored two goals against the Dallas Stars. A few weeks later he went on a four game scoring spree in which he scored 5 goals in 4 games. This quickly caught the attention of a lot of Sharks' fans... including myself.

Soon after that, I learned about his Japanese heritage and that officially sealed the deal. He's been my favorite player ever since. One of the things I find most interesting is his family's history. During World War II, his grandparents on his father's side were sent to internment camps. He credits their experience and life lessons as helping him pave the road to his success.

Due to injuries... Setoguchi's point total has been subpar this season. However, I'm optimistic and believe he'll bounce back sooner than later. In fact... two days ago he scored the only goal in San Jose's 1 to 0 win over the Los Angeles Kings on Saturday.

Hopefully... his presence will be just what the Sharks need to get back into the playoff picture. Until then... please enjoy my 8th Sports Card Trifecta:

Rookie Card: 2003/04 Saskatoon Blades #22

Autographed Card: 2008/09 UD Black "Game Night Ticket" #GNDS (#'d 01/25)

Memorabilia Card: 2009/10 Artifacts "Treasured Swatches" #TSSE (#'d 33/35)

Tuesday night's question of the day is:

Do you collect hockey cards? If so... any specific players?

Have a good evening... and I hope all of you have a great week. Sayonara!


  1. The question is a good one and I will get to it in a sec, but first, I have to give props to that UD Black 1/25 Auto ticket. Those are so cool. I really want one either of a hockey or basketball player.

    I do collect Buffalo Sabres hockey cards. I'm always looking for auto'd or jersey cards of players like R. Miller, T. Vanek, T. Myers, T. Ennis, D. Stafford and D. Hasek or Sabres prospect.

  2. I don't do hockey cards like I used to. I always love to get my hands on cards of Sharks that played for the Seattle Thunderbirds. My two favorites would be Dody Wood, and Patrick Marleau.

  3. Just two players - Terry Virtue and Stephane Roy. Both have very few cards and both are because they were my local team growing up (Worcester Ice Cats, St. Louis Blues AHL affiliate at the time).

    I'm actually posting a super cool piece of memorabilia that I own involving them in a few days!

  4. charles - thanks... that's my favorite autograph of his and i was excited to get the first card in the print run. there's another #1 on eBay right now of mark messier and it's reasonably priced... i just don't want to blow my month's allowance on one card.

    i used to collect hasek in the 90's... and i've been a huge miller fan since the olympics.

    mariner1 - marleau is my second favorite player... hopefully he plays his whole career with the sharks. as for wood... that's a name i haven't heard of in years. i remember him from the mid 90's. sure is a blast from the past.

    spastikmooss - unfortunately, i've never heard of either of those guys... but i'm looking forward to checking out your post on these guys!

  5. I have two hockey cards that I can think of. One is a Mark Recchi second year (I think?) and the other is an Eric Lindros insert card where he is in a tux. Perhaps I should do a post on these soon.

  6. I don't collect hockey cards, but thought this would be a good place to post this. Your Japanese players PC inspired me to start casually collecting players of Filipino ancestry in 2011. Just like your experience with Setoguchi, Benny Agbayani became one of my favorites since he played with my favorite team, the Mets, and was also half-Filipino like myself. So he'll be the focus of my Filipino PC. Thanks for the idea, Fuji!

  7. ThingsareFunnerHere - Definitely... show those bad boys off... this hobby needs a little more hockey love. I remember Arena put out a draft pick set with players pictured in tuxedos in the early 90's... lol... those were interesting.

    Steve D - Benny Agbayani rocks! I totally remember him... because he's from Hawaii. You're smart to collect him... because he has a manageable amount of cards... not too many, but just enough to make it interesting. Best of luck!

  8. I collect the Washington Capitals,
    John Carlson, Karl Alzner, and all the guys that are the prospects. I live 25 minutes from the Hershey Bears so I see half the games every year, have met all the guys, etc. So, the Caps prospects are my cup of tea haha

  9. astrosfreakcam - that's awesome! reminds me of when i used to get sharks autos. i've never been to a minor league game... but hopefully one of these days i'll attend a worchestor sharks game.