30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, January 8, 2011

So far... so good...

This weekend has been crazy! I've gone to the GT Sports Marketing Card Show twice... three hours last night... and spent another two hours today... before rushing home to watch the Seahawks/Saints wildcard game.

I was able to stick to my New Year's Resolution, by not breaking the bank... but I'll get into that in tomorrow's post. The big news is the Hawks did it... they beat the defending Super Bowl Champions!

I'll be completely honest... I didn't think it was possible. And after watching the Saints first three possessions... it didn't look good... Drew Brees had the Saints up 17 to 7. But the momentum quickly shifted after Matt Hasselbeck led them back into the game with 17 unanswered points. Hasselbeck had one of the best games I've ever seen him play in. Some of the passes he completed were perfectly timed and a thing of beauty. And just in case you're wondering about the interception he three... it was one of those... in and out of the receiver's hands plays.

Halfway through the 3rd quarter... and the Hawks were up by 14... with the ball in field goal range... and looking to start adding some insurance points on the board. But a costly delay of game penalty put them out of field goal range and forced them to punt. You can probably guess what happened next.

Brees led the Saints right back into the game. Former Seahawk, Julius Jones rushed for a touchdown and Hartley added another 3 to make the score 34 to 30.

Just a personal note... at this point... I'm starting to think... it's all good. At least they put up a fight. The offense did their job... and the defense played their hearts out. It's not easy to contain Drew Brees.

Both teams were forced to punt on their next possessions and Seattle got the ball back with a little over 4 minutes to go. I was hoping they'd be able to run out the clock and pull off a miracle. Then... former Cal standout... Justin Forsett... I mean Marshawn Lynch broke loose for a 67 yard touchdown run... that was a thing of beauty. The play was the epitome of team effort... and the proof was in the endzone... where by the time Lynch hopped up from his dive... there were at least six other Hawks celebrating with him.

Brees and the Saints scored another touchdown, but failed on the 2pt. conversion... then failed their onside kick attempt... and finally... they failed to beat the 7-9 Seattle Seahawks. It was just another example of David vs. Goliath... where very few people out there believed the Hawks could pull it of... even myself. Actually... after watching Hasselbeck's response after the game... I kind of wonder if they were shocked by the win.

Either way... it's just one win. Next week... they won't have home field advantage anymore... but that's okay... because so far... so good.

Tomorrow... my other favorite team... the Green Bay Packers will face the Philadelphia Eagles in Philly. This should be an amazing game... with both Vick and Rodgers lighting up the league.

Saturday's question of the day is...

Who do you have in the Eagles/Packers game?

It's obvious who I'm pulling for... however it's going to be close. If I had to go with my gut instinct... I'm saying the Packers win 34 to 27. But that's another story... another post.

G'nite everyone... time to get back to the Colts/Jets game.


  1. No doubt... I thought you'd appreciate Mr. Lynch... I loved what one of the announcers said before the game. The Seahawks are playing with the house's money. Nobody expects them to win... so it's a no lose situation. Even if they lose next week... the exceeded 99.9% of peoples' expectations.

    Now... the Packers... they're a different story. I picked them to go to the SB... we'll just have to wait and see.

  2. I pick Pack.

    And wow did that Lynch run impress me. The whole game I was telling my buddy that we just needed some vintage beast mode and then he pulled it out for that play, especially when he tossed one defender to the ground. Unbelievable. I was cheering Hawks the whole way (I own a Lawyer Milloy jsy from his Pats days so I was rooting for him at first).

  3. What are you going to do if the Pack have to play Seattle? But that was a nice win.

  4. SpastikMooss - I hope you're right... and the Packers win. As for that run... it was definitely the highlight of the year for the Hawks... let's hope Lynch can maintain his "Beast Mode" for a few more weeks.

    G - If the stars are aligned and the Packers can beat the Eagles & the Falcons... while the Hawks take down the Bears... then I'll be the happiest football fan in the world. And to answer your question... I'd probably pull for the Packers. Not b/c I like them more... but b/c they have a better all-around team...and a better chance to take down the AFC team.

    But... don't get me wrong... if the Hawks go to the big game... I'll be just as happy.