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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Domo Arigato: Ryan & Colin @ Sports Card Radio

About a year after I re-entered the hobby for the ump-teenth time... I strolled across the Sports Card Radio Podcast on iTunes. Two and a half years later, it's the only podcast that I listen to on a regular basis.

I'm not going to carry on too much about Colin and Ryan's podcast too much, since I've already done it in one of my Hobby Hero posts. Nope... today I'm writing to thank them for their generosity and hard work on their other creation: Sports Card Radio Forum.

If you're not a member... then get over there right now and sign up. It's a great place to meet other collectors, trade, talk sports, and win free cards. I promise you that you'll have no regrets.

This past Thursday, I received a huge padded envelope with four stacks of cards. The cards were prizes and random cards from various group breaks... FREE GROUP BREAKS. It's insane the amount of stuff they give away over there. Here's just a sampling of some of the cards included in the package:

Okay... the Falcons have just scored. Gotta cut this post short and focus on the game. Go Pack Go!

Colin & Ryan... if you're reading this... Thanks a lot for the cards. You guys are awesome... but... you made a huge mistake. You gave me your address. Now... I can finally send you these Bengals cards that I've been holding on to. Ryan... don't worry... there are a couple of cards in there for you too.

Everyone else... make sure to stay safe on this special holiday weekend. Sayonara!

Wait... almost forgot Saturday's question of the day:

Are you a member of the Sports Card Radio Forum? If so, what's your screen name? If not... what are you waiting for?


  1. StealSecond

    Greatest forum on Earth

  2. TMCD. I use the same user name on all the forums that I use. SCR is the only one that I actively use as I like it the most.

  3. I signed up a while ago for the forum but they never approved my membership. After trying to login it said "contact the forum administrator" but there is no contact info for the admins on the forums (unless you login of course, which is obviously the one thing I cannot do).

    Anyway, I may get around to trying again one of these days but I'm in no rush as my first encounter with them was not a good one

  4. I am a member. I use Hoopography an all the forums.